By Carter Young
Hello Everyone, I know I am not technically a survivor yet, someone recommended me this game and I was bored with all other survivor simulating site so I wanted to try something new and have a fresh start. My Name is Carter Young and I am new to this site and this is by far the best-designed survivor site I have seen. I have missed more than 30 seasons of Stranded this is going to be hard to catch up, Considering how many applicants there are already I need to make my application stand out and I am not great at making speeches as you can see by this poorly typed introduction post which you probably didn't read as you don,t want a cocky 15-year-old with no writing skills wasting your time. icon_yawn As that said I am going to make this short I hope to make new friends and enemies considering this is a survivor simulation site. Well, I am going to end this horrible piece of writing and save you all from the mockery I make of something interesting.
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Carter Young

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