Stranded in Sri Lanka

The first season into the new decade of Stranded welcomes a diverse cast of new players! Celebrate 10 years of Stranded with us by applying and being apart of the greatest adventure online.

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Survivor in the
Comfort of Your Home

Every Survivor fan Monday morning quarterback’s the show, but what is it REALLY like to play? Well now you have the chance to find out. With the most realistic online experience possible, you can finally answer that burning question… How would I do?

Stranded combines months of preparation, years of experience and an ever-growing family of Alumni all to give you the expearience of a lifetime. You will compete on custom-made forums where live challenges, scheming and Tribal Councils will take place. The game runs from Sunday to Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays off. Events are held from 8pm US Central time and typically last for 2 hours. The game lasts on average 4 weeks.

Why Stranded?

We select contestants from far and wide to ensure the most diverse cast possible and the fairest game possible.

We go the extra mile to ensure that each and every contestant feels as though they are apart of the real show and have an amazing story to tell after the season.

Stranded players become apart of a unique and amazing community of alumni who can share their experiences with one another.


Congratulations Cassandra!

CAssandra has been crowned the winner of the 10th Anniversary season of Stranded, Stranded for Revenge. In a season full of the most legendary characters, Cassandra managed to outlast them all. Most notably, she was able to beat her competition with her stellar social game and some clutch Immunities at the end.