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Stranded in the Andes

Season 42

(June 8, 2023 – July 10, 2023)

The 42nd season of Stranded in the Andes saw 16 new players return to the game in a back-to-basics format. From the early game’s complex tribal dynamics and trust issues to the mid-season’s shifting alliances and the late-season’s surprising betrayals, the season kept everyone engaged and invested in the journey of the contestants. The bonds formed and the lessons learned transcended the game, leaving a lasting impact on both the players and the audience. 

The season began with the contestants grappling with the challenges of survival, shifting alliances, and the looming threat of elimination. Tensions escalated as trust issues surfaced, and players voiced their frustrations and distrust towards fellow contestants. The pre-merge was marked with Ancha’s domination, sending Kallpa to 4 out of 5 Tribal Councils. The one and only Ancha elimination came in the form of a challenge forfeit and removal of the inactive Danny. 

Leslie and Jaime’s friendship on early Ancha proved to be a force to be reckoned with as they overcame great odds by breaking apart the men’s alliance. The ‘Stoner Alliance’ of Evvie, Xander and Abraham (later Deshawn) was running the show on Ancha. 

The merge saw Kallpa on the run as Jaime and Erik became the first members of the jury. However, Jean-Robert and Leslie overcame great odds to break apart the Ancha alliance. One-by-one the Anchas turned on one another. Sara was the first casualty, followed immediately by Heather and Shan. The Ancha ladies did not go out quietly as they got into numerous Tribal Council screaming matches on their way out.

With the outsiders on Ancha gone, it seemed like Jean-Robert’s or Leslie’s fate would finally be sealed. In an unlikely move, the Stoners turned on one of their own when Deshawn was blindsided at final 6. Abraham had been seen as the leader of the Stoners, and winning back-to-back immunities only added to his threat. When Evvie won Individual Immunity giving an opening for the players to blindside Abraham, Evvie and Xander remained loyal to Abe, voting out Jean-Robert. 

With Jean-Robert and Leslie going out back to back, it left the final 3 of all Stoners. Unsurprisingly, Abraham won the Final Immunity Challenge forcing him to blindside either Evvie or Xander. Determining that Xander was the least threatening, Abraham voted out a stunned Evvie who became the final member of the jury.

After a hard-fought and emotional Final Tribal Council, the vote was a close 4-4 tally. However, hours before the votes were due, Evvie, who Abe betrayed, decided to give him the win.  The season concluded with a mixture of disbelief and excitement, and the bonds of friendship remained strong, reminding everyone that real connections were formed beyond the game.

Overall, the 42nd season of Stranded in the Andes was marked by intense gameplay, shifting alliances, and betrayals that kept both the contestants and the audience on the edge of their seats.





2nd place


3rd place

Erika L.

4th place


5th place


6th place

Sunshine Again

7th place

Artemis Blanco

8th Place

Nathan Fielder

9th place


10th place

Sophia Rae

13th place


14th place






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16th Place

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Episode Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14
Vote Count 5-4-1 8-1-1 5-3-1 7-1 4-3 5-1 3-2 3-1 1-0 5 – 3
Abraham Jaime Erik Sara Heather Shan Deshawn Jean-Robert Leslie Evvie WINNER
Xander Penalty Erik Leslie Heather Shan Deshawn Jean-Robert Leslie Runner-Up
Evvie Jaime Erik Sara Heather Shan Deshawn Jean-Robert Leslie Abraham
Leslie Heather Erik Sara Heather Deshawn Deshawn Abraham Evvie Abraham
Jean-Robert Heather Erik Abraham Heather Deshawn Deshawn Abraham Abraham
Deshawn Leslie Erik Sara Heather Shan Jean-Robert Xander
Shan Jaime Xander Sara Heather Deshawn Abraham
Heather Jaime Erik Abraham Leslie Xander
Sara Jaime Erik Abraham Xander
Erik Heather Heather
Jaime Heather Abraham
Immunity Abraham Deshawn Jean-Robert Shan Abraham Abraham Evvie Abraham Abraham

Episode 4201 – Premiere


Day 1:
The game started with eight members in two tribes: Tribe Ancha (Shan, Heather, Danny, Evvie, Xander, Abraham, Deshawn, Sara) and Tribe Kallpa (Frosti, Aaron, Erik, Sherea, Jaime, Denise, Leslie, Jean-Robert). Each tribe began to establish their dynamics, with members exploring potential alliances and discussing game strategy.

Day 2:
During the challenge, Tribe Ancha excelled, particularly Abraham, while Tribe Kallpa struggled. Inside Tribe Ancha, alliances started to form, including the ‘Stoner Alliance’ between Abraham, Evvie, and Xander. The tension arose within Tribe Kallpa, with Aaron and JR clashing. There were concerns about Danny’s lack of participation, and Shan emerged as a powerful player.

Day 3:
Tribe Ancha continued to flourish, winning the second challenge, mainly due to Shan and Evvie’s efforts. Inside the tribe, alliances started to solidify. On the other hand, Tribe Kallpa was in disarray due to JR’s aggressive gameplay. Concerns arose about Sara’s gameplay within Tribe Ancha. Sherea emerged as a potential target within Tribe Kallpa.

Day 4:
Shan’s impressive puzzle-solving skills led Tribe Ancha to win the immunity challenge. Abraham continued alliance-building efforts within the tribe, forming alliances with Evvie and Xander, and planning a final four with Deshawn. Sara’s aggressive gameplay raised eyebrows and made her a potential target. In Tribe Kallpa, Sherea became the unanimous decision
for elimination due to her lack of connections and abrasive behavior.

Day 5:
As Tribal Council loomed, alliances and game strategies became more important. Inside Tribe Ancha, discussions about targeting Heather and Sara took place. Deshawn and Abraham solidified their bond and began planning to flip the vote against Sara. In Tribe Kallpa, Leslie and Jaime kept their alliance a secret. Sherea was eliminated in the tribal council.The dynamics of both tribes evolved over the first five days, with alliances forming and targets shifting. Shan, Evvie, Abraham, and Jaime emerged as key players. The tensions and strategies varied, with Tribe Ancha focused on internal politics and Tribe Kallpa struggling with challenge performance and cohesion.

Episode 4202


On Day 6, both tribes, Kallpa and Ancha, had significant developments in their gameplay and strategic discussions. In Kallpa, there was a growing awareness of Aaron’s attempts to control the game and his close alliance with Frosti. Leslie and Jaime formed an alliance with Jean-Robert, discussing potential plans to flip the game and target Aaron or Frosti. They aimed to navigate the tribe dynamics while building trust with other players. Denise felt confident in her position within the majority alliance and aimed to maintain good social bonds while orchestrating votes.

 In Ancha, Shan showcased her strategic awareness by leading the tribe to victory in the immunity challenge. She aimed to solidify her position and build alliances while being cautious about her number one ally. The gameplay and thoughts of other Ancha tribe members, such as Deshawn, Abraham, Heather, Sara, and Xander, were not explicitly highlighted in the provided chat logs.

Overall, both tribes were focused on their positioning within the game, building alliances, and making strategic moves to advance further. The dynamics within the tribes were starting to shift, and players were considering various targets for future votes. The next Immunity Challenge was crucial for both tribes, as losing would lead to a tribal council where they would have to decide on elimination.

In the aftermath of Sherea’s elimination, opinions varied among the tribe members. Jean-Robert saw her elimination as a good move that didn’t ruffle any feathers, while Leslie believed it wasn’t the best choice due to Sherea’s strengths in challenges. Denise, on the other hand, viewed it as the right move that solidified her position in the majority alliance. Erik was satisfied with the vote, as Sherea had voted for him.

 The tribe members discussed their desired player types and how they perceived themselves. Leslie aimed to play under the radar and build strong alliances, while Jaime wanted to align with certain players to create a strong group. Denise focused on being funny and trustworthy, while Erik aimed to provide value in strategy, challenges, and creating a fun vibe.

They also shared their thoughts on their Survivor reps. Leslie appreciated being cast as herself, while Jaime found her rep as someone a bit crazy beneficial for not being seen as a pair with Leslie. Denise thought her Survivor rep as a lunch lady sparked conversations, and Erik liked his rep as the virgin who married Jaime, although he hoped to be more strategic.

The upcoming challenge and potential tribal council were sources of anxiety and strategy. Some hoped to win the challenge to avoid tribal council, while others contemplated potential targets if they lost. The importance of physical players in challenges was discussed, with Aaron valuing them and Erik believing it depended on the situation.

There were discussions about forming alliances and navigating relationships within the tribe. Jaime and Leslie considered aligning with Jean-Robert, but decided against it to avoid being seen as a pair. Leslie aimed to downplay her connections to make Jaime think she knew more than she did. Trust dynamics were examined, with Frosti emphasizing the importance of trust over challenge performance.

The tribe members discussed their perceptions of one another. Jaime and Leslie believed they were in a good position, while Denise suspected that others perceived her as stupid. Erik had mixed perceptions of his tribemates, but trusted Jaime the most.

In anticipation of future events, the tribe members expressed their hopes and concerns. Winning challenges and maintaining a strong position in the tribe were key goals. Jaime and Leslie hoped to stay in the middle without being perceived as having strong connections, while Jean-Robert aimed to prevent the other tribe from gaining a majority at the merge.


Episode 4203


The Ancha tribe focused on building bonds and strategizing, with Heather being a common target in conversations. She was considered to be a potential threat due to her strong challenge performances. There were also concerns about the tribe’s overall physical strength and the need for an immunity idol. In the Kallpa tribe, the members strategized around their upcoming tribal council vote, with Denise becoming a potential target. Many members showed a sense of camaraderie and shared personal stories, despite the looming tribal council. The day was filled with shared concerns about the challenges, discussions about hidden idols, and strategizing for the next tribal council.

The next day, Ancha tribe was dominated by discussions about eliminating Heather and the importance of winning challenges. There was a strong emphasis on building alliances and maintaining a positive attitude. In the Kallpa tribe, anxiety regarding the upcoming tribal council was palpable. The members speculated a unanimous vote, with Denise’s conspicuous absence sparking concern. Talk about winning challenges, finding hidden immunity idols, and maintaining a positive spirit also pervaded the conversations. Confessionals revealed personal anxieties, feelings of defeat, and steadfast loyalty to alliances. Ancha won the Immunity Challenge nearly beating Kallpa, who missed their opportunity to correct Ancha’s public mistake.In both tribes, the looming tribal council and the need for immunity were common themes.

Conversations heavily revolved around strategizing for the tribal council, assessing potential targets, and the need for alliances and immunity idols. Despite the competitive environment, both tribes also showed signs of camaraderie and bonding. Heather in the Ancha tribe and Denise in the Kallpa tribe were the most talked-about potential targets.

The climax of these events came during the Tribal Council, where Denise from the Kallpa tribe was voted out in a 6 to 1 vote.

Episode 4204


Day 9 saw the Ancha tribe members contemplating potential alliances and the balance of power within their tribe. Xander put forth the idea of targeting Heather, suspecting she could pose a threat to their alliance. Shan, however, defended Heather, suggesting they target another player instead. Amidst these discussions, Deshawn expressed his fear of being at the bottom of the tribe and stressed the importance of trust and loyalty. On the other hand, Sara voiced her discomfort with the dynamics within the tribe, feeling left out from the established alliances.

At the Kallpa tribe, Leslie spilled the beans about Erik’s intention to form an alliance with a target set on Aaron and Frosti. This news stirred unease in the tribe, particularly between Jaime and Leslie, who discussed the possibility of protecting Aaron and Frosti, their close allies. The tribe found itself in heated discussions around potential targets, alliances, and the anxiety surrounding the upcoming tribal council.

As the emotions ran high, the tribe members confided their feelings and strategies in their confessionals. Aaron, unbeknownst of what was coming, discussed his alliance with Frosti and Leslie, and his satisfaction with Denise’s previous elimination. Jaime expressed pride in orchestrating Denise’s elimination and grappled with her options for the upcoming vote. Leslie, while confirming her alliances, shared her concerns about Erik’s close ties with Aaron and Frosti. Frosti revealed personal struggles and the dynamics of his alliances, while Jean-Robert exuded confidence in his gameplay despite reconsidering his next moves after Frosti’s outburst.

Back in the Ancha tribe, Abraham dealt with feelings of betrayal as Xander had shared information about their alliance with Shan. However, Xander was more worried about how this incident impacted his reputation in the game.

Day 10 saw Jaime and Leslie from the Kallpa tribe discussing the inability to change passwords and the importance of strategizing cautiously to protect themselves from potential alliances within their tribe. They also began planning to persuade Jean-Robert to vote out Erik. Jean-Robert, in the meantime, had a casual conversation with Aaron, and Erik expressed his nervousness to Jean-Robert.

On the other hand, in the Ancha tribe, Evvie and Deshawn discussed having a balanced tribe. Heather engaged in small talk with Deshawn and Xander about casual life events and their day’s activities.

Day 11 brought a significant twist in the game. The Ancha tribe won the immunity challenge, pushing the Kallpa tribe into tribal council. It was here that the tensions escalated. Leslie, Jaime, and Jean-Robert, united in their mistrust for Erik, pulled off an unexpected move. Instead of voting for Erik, they blindsided Aaron, who ironically had voted for Erik. Erik, on the other hand, voted for Frosti. Frosti did not show up or vote at the tribal council. This series of events led to a surprising elimination of Aaron, completely shifting the dynamics of the Kallpa tribe.

Over these three days, the Survivor island saw dramatic shifts in alliances, strategies, and power dynamics. With the surprise elimination of Aaron, the game continues to be wide open as the survivors navigate their way through shifting alliances, increasing suspicion, and the looming threat of elimination.

Episode 4205


The Survivor game saw a major shake-up with Frosti’s unexpected departure on Day 12. His sudden quitting reverberated through the tribes, creating a new landscape for the remaining players to navigate.

On the Ancha Tribe, the aftermath of the tribal swap combined with Frosti’s exit fueled uncertainty and speculation. The arrival of Jean-Robert, a temporary member from Kallpa Tribe, introduced an additional layer of complexity to the dynamics. As the tribe tried to find its footing, a screenshot incident involving Xander created further turbulence. His rule-breaking action of sharing a screenshot was seen as a breach of trust by some, while others, like Abraham, were more forgiving. All of this occurred alongside a concern about Evvie’s struggle in the challenges, leading to fears about the tribe’s overall strength.

Simultaneously, the Ancha Tribe was also engaging in serious discussions about perceived biases and double standards in the game. Sara and Xander were particularly vocal in this regard. Despite the underlying tensions, members like Abraham and Shan attempted to maintain high spirits, advocating unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Across the divide, the Kallpa Tribe was wrestling with its own set of challenges. The tribe swap had not settled well with some members, particularly Leslie and Jaime. Their frustration became more palpable with the days, hinting at a looming vote to evict someone from their ranks.

On Day 13, the emotional pendulum in both tribes continued to swing. The Ancha Tribe saw members like Evvie and Jean-Robert voicing their frustrations, whereas Sara and Xander continued their dialogue about unfair treatment. Abraham strove to balance the morale by discouraging paranoia, while Shan seemed apprehensive about an early merge.

Meanwhile, the tribe was also coping with Evvie’s personal circumstances, as news of her grandmother’s illness suggested a possible decrease in her activity. A sense of unease hovered over Xander’s lost vote and the possible outcomes in the forthcoming challenges.

In the Kallpa Tribe, a surge of anger marked the day, especially from Leslie and Jaime. Though the cause was unclear, it indicated a brewing storm within the tribe. Amid the tension, they prepared for the upcoming challenge, hoping it would bring a much-needed shift in their situation.

In their individual confessionals, the survivors shared their perspectives and strategies. Jaime and Jean-Robert were pondering their options after the tribe swap, Deshawn was eager for the merge, and Xander, still dealing with the consequences of the screenshot incident, was strategizing his way forward.

These two days, marked by Frosti’s departure, saw the tribes navigating through a tumultuous sea of shifting dynamics, uncertainty, and intense competition as they braced themselves for the imminent challenges and potential tribal council.

Episode 4206 – The Merge


On Day 13 of the Survivor game, the two tribes, Ancha and Kallpa, merged into one new tribe, the Pachamama Tribe. To kickstart the merge, Xander and Abraham won Individual Immunity, ensuring their safety for the next Tribal Council. Despite this promising start, the tensions from the old tribe dynamics carried over into the new merged tribe, resulting in a complex web of strategic conversations, shifting alliances, and palpable uncertainty.

Sarah and Jean-Robert (JR) consolidated their alliance, planning to rope in Erik for future endeavors. They also shared their frustrations with an unnamed person, who they felt was trying to control the game. Sarah and Leslie, on the other hand, found themselves bewildered by a revelation that someone might be voting against Sarah. They decided to consult Heather for insights on this matter. Amid these intricate strategic discussions, the bond of friendship remained strong between Abraham and Sarah, as well as Abraham and Xander, with Sarah and Abraham even considering a pre-vote against Jaime.

Moving into Day 14, the tribe members were engaged in a flurry of communications, each trying to decipher the others’ intentions and align their strategies accordingly. Some of the crucial exchanges included Shan suggesting Jaime as a potential target to Leslie, Sara reassuring Evvie about her neutrality, and Deshawn informing Erik and Jean-Robert about the majority’s inclination to vote out Jaime.

This hectic day was also marked by the participants’ anxiety and anticipation regarding the upcoming Tribal Council. However, this Council carried an unforeseen setback for Xander, who lost his vote due to a screenshot penalty incurred earlier. When the votes were finally cast, Jaime was sent home with six votes against her, followed by Heather with four votes and Leslie with one vote.

In their confessionals, each Survivor laid bare their thoughts and strategies, revealing their hopes, doubts, and plans for navigating the game. From Erik’s openness to forming new alliances to Jaime’s doubts about Jean-Robert’s strategies, Xander’s decision to align with Abe but uncertain about Evvie, and Shan’s contemplation of joining forces with the opposing tribe, each confession painted a vivid picture of the game’s dynamics.

Sara, Leslie, Jean-Robert, Heather, Evvie, Deshawn, and Abraham also shared their strategies, ranging from Sara’s reliance on social connections and the Ancha tribe, Leslie’s hopes pinned on Jaime, Jean-Robert’s potential alliance with Sara against Heather, Heather’s reliance on Abraham, Evvie’s decision to stick with her original tribe, Deshawn’s intention to find hidden idols and target real threats, to Abraham’s commitment to his original plan and emphasis on a strong social game.

These two days of the merge were riddled with tension, strategic maneuvering, and evolving alliances. As the Survivors grappled to navigate the game and protect their positions, the unexpected twists and turns hinted at the dramatic episodes to unfold in this high-stakes game of Survivor.

Episode 4207


In the world of strategic gameplay and shifting alliances, four crucial days of intense conversations, strategic planning, and nervous anticipation unfolded, marking a key turning point in the journey of the contestants.

Day 15 started off with the jubilation of Deshawn’s victory in the Numbers Immunity Challenge, with him securing a much-needed respite from the looming elimination. The day was rife with a blend of casual chit-chat and crucial game-related discussions. In one of the pivotal moments, Deshawn admitted to being the lone vote against Leslie in the previous council. The revelation sparked a ripple of conversations about trust and alliance. It led Deshawn and Abraham, two of the stronger players in the game, to discuss the formation of a final four alliance with Evvie and Xander. This move was intended to solidify their standings and lay down a strong foundation for their journey forward.

On Day 16, the winds of uncertainty blew stronger. Conversations were dominated by concerns over Shan’s growing influence in the game. Abraham and Deshawn strategized over the possibility of reining in Shan into their alliance, a move intended to dilute her control over the game. In a significant development, Jean-Robert consented to join forces with Deshawn. The day ended with Deshawn and Abraham meticulously crafting a strategy for the Final 4, underscoring the gravity of the threats posed by potential alliance flips and the timing of their maneuvers.

A tranquil Day 17 served as the calm before the storm. Casual conversations revolved around the players’ day-to-day lives and future plans. Yet, the underlying tension was palpable. Abraham and Leslie found common ground in their discussions about the prohibitive cost of living and traveling, hinting at the stark reality outside the confines of the game.
Day 18 marked a day filled with trepidation and strategic maneuvering as the Tribal Council loomed. The day began with whispers of Erik being the potential target. As discussions gained momentum, the majority seemed to concur on the plan, albeit with a few reservations about possible repercussions. The players, in an attempt to safeguard their standings, engaged in deliberations over various voting strategies and potential alliances. Amidst the last-minute frenzy, Erik and Leslie agreed to go with the majority vote, even though it was Erik who was in the crosshairs. By the end of the day, the contestants had cast their votes, leaving their fates to be revealed at the Tribal Council.

As the contestants congregated for the Tribal Council, a wave of apprehension swept over them. The votes were revealed one by one, and it soon became clear that the whispers had materialized into reality. Erik, with 9 votes against him, was declared the 2nd member of the jury. Heather and Xander received one vote each, narrowly escaping elimination.

Meanwhile, the confessionals during these days provided a window into the contestants’ psyche, reflecting their concerns about survival, their views on jury management, and their evolving strategies. Trust issues surfaced repeatedly, with several players voicing their frustrations and distrust towards their fellow contestants. While all players were strategizing on their next move and potential alliances, a shared sentiment was the desire to align with the majority or influential players to better their positions.

Thus, these four days painted a vivid picture of the high-stakes game. Tensions escalated as contestants grappled with the challenges of survival, shifting alliances, and the looming threat of elimination. As Erik bid goodbye to his fellow contestants, the game’s reality became starker – the journey ahead was fraught with uncertainty and risk. It was survival of the fittest in its truest form.

Episode 4208

The 19th day on the island was filled with strife, suspicions, and strategy. The tribe had just endured a brutal vote-out, and whispers about who had flipped were rampant. Many of the castaways, like Abraham, Xander, and Deshawn, were trying to uncover the identity of the flipper, their conversations muddled with confusion and speculations.

Evvie was caught in the whirlwind of conversations, trying to navigate the undercurrents of alliances and trust. She found solace in Leslie, Heather, and Abraham. But the mystery of the flipper hung like a specter over their dialogues, overshadowing the light-hearted chats about personal activities and anime shows, and the sharing of memes.

Sara found herself feeling nervous and uncertain. She tried to gain ground by aligning herself with various members of the tribe, even as her name was being thrown around as a potential target. She shared conversations with Xander, Jean-Robert, and Abraham, trying to foster trust, but her faith in Jean-Robert seemed to falter when he seemed to spread information about her.

Jean-Robert, on the other hand, was busy strategizing, discussing potential targets with various players, but his game plan came under scrutiny when Evvie, Deshawn, and Abraham grew wary of his actions. His inconsistent information was causing chaos, leading Abraham to express his frustration and desire to vote him out.

The tribe, in general, was abuzz with whispers of voting plans, alliances, betrayals, and potential targets. Shan and Heather found themselves under scrutiny, their names being thrown around in potential voting strategies. While Heather remained confused and tried to rally support, Shan seemed willing to trust Abraham and agreed to vote against Sara.

As the day wound down, the fatigue and tension from the day’s activities began to wear the tribe down. Players like Heather and Deshawn decided to take a break from the chaos, while others like Abraham and Sara found themselves discussing the possibility of being voted out. Jean-Robert remained steadfast in his strategy, continuing to approach others to form alliances, even as his actions came under criticism.

The Immunity challenge, “In-Crowd,” revealed the tribe’s opinions, and Jean-Robert emerged as the victor, winning the challenge handedly.

The 20th day was a stormy one, and the tribe awoke to another day of strategizing and forming alliances. The air was heavy with talks of voting strategies, alliances, potential betrayals, and whispers of uncertainty.

Evvie was once again pulled into the vortex of confusion and strategy. She found herself discussing Shan’s behavior with Abraham and potential voting dynamics with Xander. Abraham emerged as a firm ally, as they weighed the possibilities of voting out Deshawn and working closely with Shan. Jean-Robert, despite facing criticism from various tribe members, expressed interest in aligning with Evvie and Abraham.

As the day wore on, alliances began to shift and crack under the pressure of upcoming votes. Shan and Jean-Robert began planning to target Abraham and Deshawn, while Sara found herself caught in the middle of trust issues and potential vote targets. Jean-Robert’s behavior was increasingly drawing the ire of the tribe members, leading to a consensus amongst some to vote for Sara.

Shan and Leslie found common ground, discussing plans and their willingness to work together. As the day progressed, the focus began to drift towards the upcoming tribal council. Abraham, Evvie, and Shan found themselves managing their alliance amidst light-hearted banter and serious discussions. Sara, who was increasingly nervous, reached out to Abraham and Evvie, trying to ensure her safety.

With uncertainty still hanging in the air, Abraham, Deshawn, and Evvie were discussing the possibility of targeting Jean-Robert. Meanwhile, Jean-Robert was scheming to vote out Abraham, seeking an alliance with Sara. Heather, who had been keeping a low profile, expressed her distrust of Xander.

The tribe was fraught with discussions about trust, alliances, and voting plans, leaving everyone on edge. Even as the day drew to a close, the group was considering the possibility of voting out Leslie or Shan, discussing the importance of numbers, and joking about the length of the tribal council.

In the end, everyone agreed that the tribal council was going to be chaotic, with decisions possibly hinging on Heather’s vote. As the tribe prepared for the night, whispers about the voting plan echoed in the camp, leaving everyone in anticipation of what the next day would bring. Sara had found herself uncertain about her best move for the upcoming round and questioned the trustworthiness of Jean-Robert. She had reflected on her surprising relationships in her first season and expressed belief that the jury would respect her game once the pagonging stopped.

Sara was voted out at Tribal Council, with 5 votes to Abraham’s 3 and Leslie’s 1. Her exit was fiery and passionate: “Everyone can kiss my dick, gonna be a real pain having to vote for a winner out of this bunch. Hope to see some of you sooner rather than later. Deuces bitches.”

Episode 4209


The Day began with a serene moment as Abraham and Shan shared biblical wisdom, drawing parallels to their current predicaments on the Stranded island. However, tranquility soon gave way to intrigue as the tribe navigated the web of whispers and subtle gestures that hinted at alliances and betrayals. Heather revealed to Xander that she had informed Sara about her impending vote-off, a piece of news that soon made its way through the tribe, adding an extra layer of uncertainty. Abraham sought answers from Deshawn, curious and a bit concerned about his role in Sara’s foreknowledge.

As the day progressed, speculation arose about the lone vote against Leslie during the previous Tribal Council. Sara, Jean-Robert, and Heather’s names came up repeatedly, with no clear consensus emerging. Amidst the turmoil, Heather aired her frustrations about the ever-changing dynamics of the game. The tribe’s dynamics resembled a Rubik’s cube that Abraham couldn’t seem to solve, making him feel targeted and unnerved.

Xander revealed his own vote was a tightrope walk between alliances, sparking a spirited debate between him and Abraham. Leslie added her suspicions into the mix, speculating that either Xander or Heather was responsible for the stray vote against her. While this happened, Shan was taken aback by Heather and Jean-Robert’s claims of secure alliances, adding to the mystery and tension. In a surprising reveal, Deshawn admitted he was the one who had voted for Leslie during the Jaime vote, leading to even more intrigue and speculation.

Despite Heather’s reassurances, Abraham felt isolated and targeted as the day concluded. Discussions about previous voting patterns and alliances continued into the night, with the tribe trying to decode the chaos of their situation. Shan and Abraham identified Sara as a sketchy player, her influence still echoing in the tribe’s dynamics, even after her departure.

Shan and Deshawn joked about idol clues. However, as the day progressed, strategic talks about allegiances and alliances crept back into the conversations. Abraham questioned Deshawn’s loyalty, especially after his revelation about voting for Leslie. Leslie herself sought to understand the significance of the missing quote that had caused quite a stir within the tribe. The day had moments of lightness as Shan and Leslie exchanged playful banter, but these moments were fleeting as game strategies dominated most conversations. Xander confided in Abraham that Shan had been pressuring him to vote Abraham off, introducing a new twist to their game.

Heather’s skepticism of Abraham persisted, and she warned Shan against trusting him. Echoing Heather’s sentiments, Evvie added to the tension by voicing her suspicions. The tribe acknowledged that the mystery vote for Leslie had significantly shaken their dynamics and could impact future decisions.

As the day wound down, Leslie shared her concerns about Abraham and Xander’s growing influence in the game. She expressed her interest in aligning with Evvie and Shan, seeing Abraham’s strategic prowess as a potential threat. Jean-Robert, too, acknowledged his precarious position in the game and stressed the need for a shift in the tribe’s focus.

After the day’s strategic conversations and alliance shuffling, the tribe was left with more questions than answers. But despite the uncertainty, one thing was clear: the game was in full swing, and the island’s complex web of alliances and betrayals was just beginning to unravel.

As day turned to dusk, the camp’s atmosphere grew tenser. Jean-Robert was painfully aware of his unstable position within the tribe and expressed his intentions to cause a shift in the game’s focus, desperate to dodge the chopping block.

Day 21 dawned with more humor, lightening the mood, as the tribe engaged in a spirited challenge called “The In Crowd.” This challenge was an assessment of how well the contestants knew each other. It was a shocker for many as players perceived as threats were highlighted and those seen as goats were revealed. Not surprisingly, Jean-Robert was singled out as a threat, while Heather was labeled a goat, a reality that didn’t sit well with either of them.

However, the tribe didn’t let the challenge’s revelations dampen their spirits, and they made the most of their day. Conversations still revolved around the challenge and its results, but they also discussed the game, their alliances, and their strategies. Despite the stressful circumstances, the tribe managed to find moments of peace and camaraderie, reminding them why they were there in the first place.

Then came the moment of truth: the Immunity Challenge. Tensions soared as each contestant fought for their survival in the game. When the dust settled, it was Shan who emerged victorious, securing her safety at the upcoming Tribal Council. This development shifted the dynamics once more, and conversations steered towards the next vote-off.

The tribe headed into the Tribal Council with mixed feelings. Some were secure in their alliances, while others felt the uncertainty of their position within the tribe. Despite the alliances and betrayals, the council’s result was quite clear-cut. Heather, labeled as a goat during “The In Crowd” challenge, was voted off in a 7-1 vote, with Leslie receiving the one stray vote. Heather did not leave quietly, calling out her tribe on her way to the jury.

After a tumultuous few days, the tribe returned to their camp, physically exhausted but mentally alert, with their game’s next steps already being planned. Heather’s elimination, while expected, still sent ripples through the tribe, reminding everyone that no one is safe in this game. Every decision, every whisper, every alliance was part of the larger game, and only the savviest would survive.

Episode 4210


Day 22 of Survivor commenced with an air of cautious optimism. The recent tribal council vote had resulted in Heather’s surprising elimination. Her exit, dramatic as it was, gave the remaining contestants – Jean-Robert, Evvie, Abraham, Shan, Xander, Deshawn, and Leslie – a moment of unified disbelief and excitement. Over morning discussions, they speculated about future votes and potential drama brewing within their ranks.
 The talk of the camp was Heather’s unexpected departure and the subsequent reactions. Leslie expressed particular frustration with Heather’s behavior, considering it deceptive. Likewise, Evvie pondered the source of the information Heather used to antagonize them.
 As the day progressed, casual chatter shifted towards strategic discussion. Abraham and Evvie spent time dissecting their gameplay, particularly their past interactions with Sara, who was long gone but still influenced the tribe’s dynamics. Meanwhile, Shan, who had managed to dodge the previous night’s vote, expressed relief and shared her suspicion that someone might have tried to vote her out.
 Abraham managed to divert the spotlight from himself to the upcoming challenge. The tribe rallied around their jovial contestant as he won the Immunity challenge, much to everyone’s delight. His quick thinking and problem-solving skills were evident, and even Shan, usually reserved, could not help but admire Abraham’s prowess.
 Abraham’s victory, however, turned the tide of the game. While the tribe reveled in the aftermath of the challenge, the strategic wheels were once again set in motion. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, whispers of the next potential vote began to circulate. Abraham, now safe from elimination, became the center of various conversations. Many wanted to align with him, while others saw him as a rising threat that needed to be subdued in the future. Deshawn in particular questioned Xander’s intentions, wondering if he might become the next target.
 The time between the Immunity challenge and the Tribal Council was tense. As the day drew to a close, the tribe seemed divided. Discussions flared, alliances were tested, and plans were devised and then overturned. Jean-Robert suggested that Deshawn be voted out, while Shan and Abraham thought it was best to vote against Jean-Robert. The tension was palpable – everyone seemed unsure of where they stood.
 As night fell, it was time for the Tribal Council. The tribe convened around the blazing fire, their faces a mixture of determination, apprehension, and anticipation. Shan, feeling particularly targeted, confronted Xander about hearing his name and warned him that he might be next if he didn’t watch his back.
 The council was heated, emotions ran high, and when the votes were finally counted, it was Shan who fell victim to the tribe’s majority decision. In a close 4 to 3 vote, she was asked to leave. Shan’s departure was as fiery as her gameplay. On her way out, she confronted Xander, expressing her frustration and warning him once again that his actions might lead him down the same path.
 Day 22 ended with a tense Tribal Council and a tribe that was more fractured than before. The day had begun with a sense of unity, but by the end, it was clear that the road to victory would be paved with deceit, tension, and endless strategizing.

Episode 4211

The episode of Stranded begins with the aftermath of the previous tribal council where Shan was voted out. The contestants are seen discussing the implications of Shan’s departure and strategizing for the upcoming Immunity Challenge and tribal council.

Abraham wins the Immunity Challenge with an impressive score of100 bricks, securing his position in the game. This win sparks various conversations among the contestants about potential voting scenarios and alliances.

In the conversations, Abraham and Evvie discuss the challenges and how people’s perceptions of each other reveal a lot. They mention that Jean-Robert won a challenge based on tribal dynamics and Deshawn was close to winning another challenge. They contemplate whether to involve Leslie and Jean-Robert in their plan or keep them in the dark. Abraham suggests that Leslie and Jean-Robert will target JR regardless, so there’s no need to tell them anything. Evvie expresses concern about the potential fallout if they don’t maintain a strong relationship with Leslie and Jean-Robert in the jury.

Abraham and Jean-Robert discuss the challenge instructions and express confusion about the order of colors. They debate whether to follow Jeff’s words or the example given, fearing that the rules might be changed to create drama. Abraham expresses frustration with the lack of clarity and worries about his performance being affected by rule changes.

Abraham and Deshawn joke about Leslie’s attempts to sway their opinions and mention the Bible verses being thrown at them by players. They discuss their favorite Survivor players and seasons. Abraham talks about his and his wife’s professions, mentioning that she is a lawyer. They joke about the players left in the game, and Abraham talks about the expenses of their vacations.

Leslie chats with Jean-Robert and shares updates about Abraham’s statements and his preference to lose rather than vote out one of them. They discuss the need to target Evvie since Abraham and Deshawn are unlikely to turn on each other.

In the confessionals, the contestants reveal their true feelings about the game and their strategies. Deshawn reflects on Shan’s departure and admits to being worried about Evvie’s potential to win. He believes his personal relationships and jury management give him a winning game, particularly if he reaches the end with Abe and Xander. Evvie, on the other hand, contemplates their approach for the remaining week, wanting to prioritize playing for themselves and defining their endgame. They express disappointment in having to vote out Shan but feel it was necessary to secure their allies and align with Xander.

The episode concludes with a tribal council where Deshawn is blindsided with a 5 to 1 vote. The council is filled with whispers and intense gameplay. Leslie mentions that she didn’t have as much time to strategize due to being sick but hopes their efforts were enough. Deshawn acknowledges the uncertainty of the vote and believes his decision is best for his game. Xander confirms he voted as planned, despite Jean-Robert’s wild statements. Abraham expresses concern about potential challenge threats and acknowledges Jean-Robert’s competitiveness. Evvie considers moves that could earn jury appreciation but is focused on reaching the end. The votes are cast, and the jury members respond with emojis. The votes are read, revealing a surprising outcome. Heather and Shan post puzzled and disappointed emojis, while Jaime applauds the move. Leslie remarks on the active gameplay, and Deshawn congratulates the others on a well-played move.

Episode 4212

After the unanimous vote that led to the departure of Deshawn, the participants were left to discuss their future strategy. There was a mixture of satisfaction and relief in the air, a sense of optimism as each player considered their chance of making it to the final three.

In the midst of all this, Jean-Robert was making his own plans. He tried to convince Evvie and Xander to vote against Abraham, but Evvie expressed doubt about the plan. This was a pivotal moment. Jean-Robert questioned Evvie’s trust, wondering if he had ever misled her in the game. However, despite his pleas, Evvie seemed unswayed.

The conversations then turned to the dynamics of the game, the importance of staying loyal, and the potential impact of revealing alliances to Jean-Robert. Leslie expressed her concern about being targeted as a duo with Jean-Robert, emphasizing their need to secure immunity. The participants also speculated about the upcoming immunity challenge, acknowledging their individual chances and joking about Abraham’s superior performance.

Abraham, meanwhile, was navigating a sea of uncertainty and strategy. In his confessional, he acknowledged being under the influence and expressed his willingness to make a video showcasing his gameplay if voted out or reaching the Final Tribal Council. He discussed his nerves about Jean-Robert potentially winning the challenge and influencing Evvie’s vote. However, Abraham also emphasized the need to win immunity or rely on Xander going to rocks with him at the Final 4.

Evvie also had her worries. In her confessional, she expressed concern about her allies potentially turning on her, especially with Abraham revealing their alliance to Jean-Robert. She was also worried about how Deshawn’s presence in the jury might impact the winner’s decision.

As the immunity challenge approached, the group continued their discussions, joking about Abraham’s skills and speculating about the nature of the challenge. During the competition, Abraham’s practice seemed to pay off as he emerged victorious, securing his immunity. This win meant Jean-Robert’s fate hung in the balance.

With the immunity challenge concluded, the participants turned their focus to the upcoming vote. Jean-Robert and Leslie shared their hopes of reaching the final five, while Abraham expressed his eagerness to eliminate Jean-Robert and reach the final three. All the while, Xander and Abraham shared humorous reactions and discussed their plan for the next vote.

When the moment came, Evvie, who had been expressing mutual appreciation with Jean-Robert throughout their conversations, held her ground. The vote was close, 3 to 2, but in the end, Jean-Robert was sent home. Despite his attempts to convince the others, his strategic mastermind gameplay could not save him.

After Jean-Robert’s departure, Evvie, Leslie, and Xander expressed relief and celebrated their accomplishments. The vote had gone according to plan, and they were one step closer to the end. Abraham and Evvie also discussed the success of the vote and the need to eliminate the remaining players.

The departure of Jean-Robert marked a turning point in the game, leaving the remaining players to reconsider their strategies and alliances. In the confessionals that followed, each participant reflected on their performance, their game strategy, and their chances of winning. The stage was now set for the final part of the game, the climax of a journey that tested their strategic, social, and survival skills.

Episode 4213 – The Finale

Planning for the final tribal council (FTC) emerged as a recurring topic, with the players contemplating potential question-and-answer scenarios. Speculation ran high as they pondered if the final showdown would include two or three players. Abraham felt confident it would be an FTC of three. The speculation about the finale’s timing even incorporated Abraham’s personal life, with him revealing plans for a Vegas vacation, including attending a UFC event.

As the game drew closer to its climax, the contestants reflected on their journey. Abraham, Xander, and Evvie engaged in deep discussions about the remaining players and their gameplay. They weighed the odds of winning or losing against different rivals, with Abraham assuring Xander that he wasn’t viewing him as a threat.

A point of contention arose as they felt targeted and criticized by others. Particularly, Xander and Evvie voiced their concerns about Jeff Probst’s preference for big moves and how it influenced his behavior towards the contestants.

However, with the game nearing its conclusion, conversations started to gravitate more towards gameplay strategies and voting scenarios. Xander and Evvie debated the possibility of Evvie flipping her vote to Leslie, raising anxiety levels. Abraham, in response to these concerns, clarified that he would stick to their alliance and not flip on Abraham, expressing satisfaction with the current game status.

One twist in the tale came when Leslie and Evvie discussed their trust issues and the dynamics of the game. Meanwhile, Abraham and Evvie also explored their feelings after the vote and the looming end of the game.

As the game intensified, Abraham won immunity, putting him in a strong position. This victory was celebrated enthusiastically by Abraham and Xander, who took the time to discuss the game’s conclusion and the jury’s perception of them. They speculated on potential jury votes and considered strategies to increase their chances of winning.

Despite Abraham’s immunity, Xander and Evvie expressed worries about Abraham’s potential performance in front of the jury, speculating on his behavior and possible game conspiracies. Yet, Abraham, Evvie, and Xander maintained a hopeful outlook towards the upcoming challenge, showing their determination to give their best.

In this reflective mood, Evvie and Abraham acknowledged their ability to remain under the radar throughout the game.

Leslie’s elimination brought up mixed feelings. While she accepted her fate and expressed respect for Evvie’s efforts, she also suggested that Evvie and Xander differentiate their games from Abraham’s to increase their chances of winning.

However, the game was far from over. Evvie and Xander found themselves discussing the potential of a tiebreaker challenge, with the anxiety of the situation being palpable. Yet, even amidst these tense moments, they maintained their friendship and camaraderie, promising to remain friends regardless of the game’s outcome.

Abraham shared his thoughts and anxiety about the upcoming challenge, a sentiment echoed by Evvie.

In the end, Leslie’s departure was seen as inevitable, a casualty of the intense gameplay and strategic moves that had shaped the season. The remaining players found themselves in disbelief and excitement, looking forward to the game’s conclusion while reflecting on the journey that brought them there. Throughout it all, the bonds of friendship remained strong, reminding everyone involved that beyond the game, real connections were formed.