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Stranded in Aruba

Season 2

(January 12, 2008 – February 7th, 2008)

Stranded in Aruba is the second season and building off the first it features 18 contestants split into two tribes. Arawak in yellow and Caquetios on blue. Unlike the first season, each and every member in the game was active and offered a significant story to the season. The first twist of the game came after the second tribal council where tribes voted members off onto the opposing tribe. Cindy and Bob Dawg quickly thrived from the swap. On both tribes the game rocketed into action as the triad of Terry, Shane and Danielle bonded over their hatred of Misty and Courtney. As a social pariah, Misty became the third person voted off. Fortunately, when Cindy was ejected from the game for inactivity, she was given the chance to return as the outcasts voted her back into the game. Shortly thereafter she was given the opportunity to pick the new tribes and she and Courtney finally had a break in the game.

Danielle and Shane ended up with all new tribe members where they were able to further wreak havoc by getting Aras booted due to his indecision. Judd and Jamie formed bonds with Shane and Daniel, and Shane’s outbursts became the stuff of Stranded Legend. From his “shit bitch list” which eventually included almost every member in the game (Probst included), to his public callouts of members of the other tribe, Shane made up a large portion of the premerge discussion. Eventually, Shane’s attitude grew on everyone and he went on to become the fan favorite. Misty and Courtney worked their friendship until the bitter end as they, with Melinda, made the finals. Not without their hiccups along the way. Villain, Judd and his crony Jamie were particularly venomous as they went after Rafe, who became known as the gay cockroach. He escaped numerous early-merge boots somewhat by miracle. In the end, Courtney’s underdog story afforded her the win, but only after a tie breaker with her opposition, Melinda. 


Ravu Rules



2nd Place


3rd Place

Dr Will Hatch 2.0

4th Place

Captain Honkey

5th Place

Torrah Roxyboard

6th Place


7th Place

Palua Tiga

8th Place

Luv Ashlee

9th Place


10th Place


11th Place

Big Bruhvuh

12th Place


13th Place


14th Place


15th Place


16th Place

Charge Back

17th Place


18th Place


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Episode 202.1 - "Out-casted" (Part 1)
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Episode 204 - "Misty is a Whore"
Episode 205 - "Cause and Eject"
Episode 206 - "You Get What You Give, Mon Ami!"
Episode 207 - "I Hate You All, Just So You Know"
Episode 208 - "Owls and Their Prey"
Episode 209 - "Betrayed, Furious and All Alone"
Episode 210 - "A Gay Cockroach, the Worst Kind"
Episode 211 - "Anything Can Happen"
Episode 212 - "The Swing Vote"
Episode 213 - "The Underdogs"