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Stranded in Nepal


(November 20th, 2014 – December 22nd, 2014)

For the first time in Stranded history, the game saw three second chance players return to face off against a cast of new players. The new players were fielded from an unusually large group of applicants resulting in yet another fantastic group of new players to go up against three second-chance veterans in Chris, Papa Bear and Hayden. The Ambassador twist was introduced giving one player from each tribe the ability to talk to every single player in the game. In addition, they would put up one member of their tribe for sacrifice enabling any of the other ambassadors to claim them for their tribe. The game began with the decimation of Rai as the tribe lost challenge after challenge. Right off the bat Ramona and Richard took control of the tribe which saw the early eliminations of BB, Jenna. On Madhesi, Jeff Varner had begun to orchestrate the tribe via his tight alliance with Kimmi. The two worked in tandem and formed an alliance with Tina and Mad Dog. It wasn’t until the 4th sacrifice ritual when Ramona sacrificed Stacy who was then swapped with Artis. As Artis became Immune, the tight alliance had to vote off one of their own and Sean became the third person voted off. Papa Bear immediately was up to his old tricks as he lied about being paralyzed from the hips down after an accident. When Lisa was chosen as Ambassador she immediately began telling Jeff on Madhesi not to trust Papa Bear and attempted to organize his ousting from afar. The players turned on Papa Bear when the Madhesi lost their first Immunity. After Papa Bears elimination, the tribes were divided into two and Mad Dog was voted out for being the biggest threat. But after losing Papa Bear, there was still one person left in the game to cause chaos… Stacey was getting on everyone’s nerves. When the new Kirati tribe lost Immunity, Jeff found the Hidden Immunity Idol after Richard slipped and gave him the password before trying it himself. Jeff, already weary of Lisa, who was in everyones ear; decided to blindside the second big threat in a row and voted Lisa out of the game.

On Madhesi, the former Kirati members were all at war when Artis decided to organize a blindside of Angie. Chris and Carter disagreed with the plan to attack their own and inform Angie. When Tina and Kimmi want to boot the annoying Stacey, Chris decides to go along with it. The vote ends up tying with Chris, Kimmi and Tina voting for Stacey while Angie, Carter and Stacey vote for Artis and Artis being the only one voting for Angie. Because the vote ties, the ambassador of Kirati, Hayden, casts the deciding vote and saves his former Rai tribe member, voting Artis out of the game. With the other tribe going to the second of the dual Tribal Councils, Denise was set to go home until Keith was removed from the game for inactivity. Both Stacey and Denise escaped narrow eliminations. In the merge, the former Kirati and Madhesi were initially at odds until the members came together to vote out Stacey who had become a liability for her unpredictability. With Ramona knowing she was the former leader of the Rai tribe and staunch Stacey advocate, she immediately began scrambling to save herself. She started by getting into a huge fight with the man behind the curtain, Jeff. This only accelerated her demise as she was quickly eliminated from the game.

After eliminating Ramona, the Madhesi and Kirati alliance broke down as the former Madhesi’s wanted to use the two remaining Rai members to blindside Angie (a Kirati member). When the alliance decided to split the votes between Richard and Hayden, Madhesi made their move. Unfortunately for Madhesi, the first of many blindside blocks occured when Tina decided she didn’t want to blindside Kirati. Richard decides to save himself by flipping to Kirati and spilling the beans on the ‘blindside Angie’ plan. Assuming that Madhesi was not going to go through with their plan to vote out Angie, Richard went along with Tina and voted out his ally Hayden. With Kimmi, Jeff and Debb being on the wrong end of the blindside, they are on the outs. Fortunately they are able to win back Tina who was against the blindside to begin with. With Denise pulling in Richard and orchestrating Hayden’s boot, Chris felt uncomfortable with her power and swapped to Madhesi blindsiding Denise out of the game.

With Carter and Angie being the two players on the outs against Chris, Richard and the Madhesi 4, it looked like an uphill battle. But the ever-loveable Angie managed to eek by and Madhesi decided to take out Richard who had proven to be disloyal. With Carter and Angie surviving the vote, the odds still looked stacked against them, that is until Angie found the Hidden Immunity Idol. However, after being lied to repeatedly and still being on the bottom, she had lost her will to continue in the game. She gave her Hidden Immunity Idol to Carter and was voted out. While Angie’s underdog story had come to an end, another was just beginning in the unlikely place of the quiet Carter. He now had a Hidden Immunity Idol and as luck should have it, won Individual Immunity. with Only Chris, Tina, Debb, Jeff and Kimmi vulnerable, things did not look good for Chris. Despite Kimmi’s growing suspicion of Varner, one of the former Kirati’s had to go. When Tina flipped on her tribemates, the vote became 3 votes for Debb and 3 votes for Chris. Having won Individual Immunity, Carter gave the idol he received from Angie to Chris. Jeff and Kimmi also played their idols making the only two people vulnerable Debb and Tina. With Debb receiving only 3 votes, she was voted out. With his back against the wall and no idol, the obvious underdog Carter wins his second individual Immunity in a row. Although Chris and Carter attempt to move the vote to Kimmi by painting her as the biggest jury threat, Chris receives the most votes. With a final four of Carter, Jeff, Kimmi and Tina, it is imperative that Carter does not win the final Immunity Challenge. After a hard fought battle, Jeff steps up to the plate and wins the Final Immunity Challenge making Carter the final member of the jury. Going into the final 3, the obvious frontrunner had been Kimmi who was painted as the largest social threat and leader of the Madhesi alliance. Tina had frustrated plenty of the jurors by teasing them with potentially flipping throughout the game only to vote them off. While being the one to actually call the shots throughout the game, Jeff had convinced the players of the game he wasn’t a threat and as such was not in the running going into Tribal Council. However, after explaining to the jury his position and how hard he fought throughout the game with some help from his close ally Debb on the jury, Jeff was able to turn the vote in his favor. Jeff ended up winning the game 5-3-1 against Tina and Kimmi.




1st Place


Green Monster

2nd Place


Gerbil George

3rd Place



4th Place


justin corporated

5th Place



6th Place



7th Place


rematch 287

8th Place



9th Place



10th Place



11th Place


Alex (rachel)



Nasal Jack

13th Place



14th Place



15th Place

Mad Dog


16th Place

Papa Bear


17th Place


Rocky LXIX

18th Place



19th Place


Lemmy Lime

19th Place



20th Place

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Voting history

Contestants Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15 Ep 15 Ep 15
Jeff Stacey Ramona Angie Denise Richard Angie Chris Chris Carter Winner
Tina Stacey Ramona Hayden Denise Hatch Angie Debb Chris Carter Runner Up
Kimmi Stacey Ramona Angie Denise Angie Angie Chris Chris Carter 3rd Place
Carter Stacey Ramona Hayden Kimmi Richard Kimmi Debb Kimmi Kimmi Jeff
Chris Stacey —- Richard Denise Angie Angie Debb Kimmi Tina
Debb Stacey Ramona Angie Denise Angie Angie Chris Jeff
Angie Stacey Ramona Hayden Kimmi Richard Kimmi Jeff
Richard Tina Ramona Hayden Kimmi Kimmi Jeff
Denise Stacey Ramona Hayden Kimmi Jeff
Hayden Tina Ramona Angie Tina
Ramona Tina Hayden Kimmi
Stacey Tina Tina
Immunity Angie Carter Carter Chris Jeff Chris Carter Carter Jeff

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