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Stranded in Zambia

Season 10

(January 3rd, 2010 – February 3rd, 2010)

Stranded in Zambia marks the tenth season of Stranded. Before the season began it was predetermined that there would be an outcast twist. As such, the season called for a more rigorous casting process than ever before to ensure that all sixteen contestants were worthy of two chances in the game and that there would be no inactives. What resulted was nothing short of legendary. It began with two tribes, Luvale in Green and Ngoni in Red. From the beginning the larger-than-life characters shined threw setting the stage for an amazing season of Stranded. In the beginning stages, Corinne stepped up as tribe leader, although no one asked her to, and immediately formed an alliance of herself, Paloma and Michelle. Sugar and Matty both showed up late and despite there over the top likability, were not included in the alliance. Despite being the tribe leader and insisting on leading in every challenge, Corinne failed time and time again resulting in her tribe going to a majority of the pre-merge Tribal Councils. Meanwhile they constantly picked fights with Sugar and slowly began to open up to Matty. On Ngoni, Taj became the mother figure of the tribe and quickly formed a bond with Sierra. Sierra was “edgic” obsessed and constantly tried to remain true to what she perceived to be the winning formula for editing. This meant that Taj was constantly talking Sierra off the ledge and mothering her by coaxing her into alliances and out of quitting. JT began by being closely aligned with Taj, but over time his volatile actions made their friendship into that of frienemies.

His partner in crime Tyson didn’t help matters when he constantly fought with Sierra, who was emotionally unstable at the time. Erinn and JT’s relationship bordered on showmance as they waltzed their way into the merge. Meanwhile on Luvale, Sugar was fighting for her life when Paloma decided it was a good time to blindside Michelle with the idol in her back pocket. In the merge, the outcast twist came to fruition and both Ace and Michelle were chosen to return to the game. They both hit the ground running and quickly found their way into alliances. Everything seemed to go very well for them, so well that Ace gave up individual immunity and was promptly voted off. In the final eleven, Michelle found her second idol in the game, and it wasn’t long before she was blindsided with it in her pocket for a second time. Eventually, the Luvale ladies were down in numbers and Taj and Sierra found solace in them as Coach, Tyson, JT, and Erinn formed their solid foursome. Despite having the numbers, Matty’s gullibility ended up costing his new alliance the lead as he continually trusted his new buddy Coach. Coach would then inform JT, who found multiple idols, who the former Luvale members were voting for and he would successfully idol players out of the game. JT bullied the contestants, played as aggressively as anyone else had and found idols left and right. To say he was the Russell Hantz of the season was an understatement. He and Taj’s feud was the stuff of legends before he finally got his comeuppance. In the finals, Coach went to the end against Erinn and won the game securing Matty’s vote despite betraying him a majority of the game.


Taylor Street


midnight problay

2nd Place


2nd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place

Swine Forkbeard

11th Place

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12th Place


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16th Place


Contestant Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14 Ep. 14 Ep. 14
Coach Michelle Sugar JT Sugar Sierra JT Paloma Corinne Corinne Winner
Erinn Michelle Sugar Taj Sugar Corinne Corinne Paloma Matty Corinne 2nd Place
Tyson Michelle Sugar Taj Sugar Sierra JT Paloma Matty Corinne 3rd Place
Corinne Ace Ace Erinn Erinn Sierra JT Tyson Tyson Erinn Erinn
Matty Ace Ace Erinn Erinn Sierra JT Tyson Corinne Coach
Paloma Ace Ace Erinn Erinn Corinne JT Tyson Coach
JT Michelle Sugar Taj Sugar Corinne Carinne Erinn
Sierra Michelle Ace Erinn Erinn Erinn Tyson
Sugar Ace Ace Erinn Erinn Coach
Taj Michelle Ace Erinn Coach
Ace Paloma
Michelle Ace

Contestant Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Outcast Council
Coach Tyson Sierra
Erinn Tyson Sierra
Tyson Sandy Brendan
Corinne Ace Randy GC Michelle
Matty Ace Randy GC Michelle
Paloma Ace Randy GC Michelle
JT Sandy Sierra
Sierra Sandy Brendan
Sugar Ace Matty GC Matty
Taj Tyson Brendan
Ace Matty Randy Michelle
Michelle Ace Matty GC Matty Ace GC
Brendan Sandy Taj
Sandy Sierra Randy Michelle
GC Ace Randy Sugar Ace Michelle
Randy Ace Sugar Sandy Michelle