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Stranded in Malaysia

Season 14 – Redemption

(July 8th, 2011 – August 8th 2011)

Stranded in Malaysia is the fourteenth season of Stranded and the second to feature a tribe of returning second chance players against a tribe of completely new players. It is the third season to have the partners twist. It was a season surrounded by controversy. It was the second season hosted by someone other than Jeff Probst (Mypoody). Catalie took the reigns in both casting and hosting. She ended up casting ten of the most dynamic and emotional players Stranded has seen. The returning players were a hodge-podge of strategic, emotional and overall drive. Unlike Trinidad & Tobago, this season featured a tribe swap. Given the tumultuous nature of both tribes, when a mutiny was offered a total of 5 people swapped; 3 from Baru and 2 from Peruang. The controversy was ramped into overdrive as racial slurs were exchanged. Alina and Naonka were very vocal in their rivalry. Frienemies Alina and Shannon were constantly at each other’s throats while in an alliance. When it was discovered after Alina had betrayed Shannon, that she had contacted him outside the game, she was promptly removed. Early in the merge, Taj was running the show for the veterans and was quickly ousted by the powerhouse alliance of the new players: Brenda, Purple Kelly, and Chase.

Mid-Season featured a server crash and subsequent relocating of the cast adding to the odd circumstances surrounding the game. In one of the most controversial moments of the season, the host clashed with series-starter Jeff Probst on a decision at Tribal Council. When Peih Gee was ousted with an idol in her pocket and given only 3 minutes to play it, Probst thought it wasn’t enough time. Ultimately frustrated by the power struggle, Catalie decided to part ways with Stranded and Jeff Probst took over the reigns. Peih Gee decided not to play her idol when given the opportunity and was voted out thinking she was safe and only pretending to want to play the idol. Despite being shrouded in controversy, Malaysia boasts one of the most divided and argumentative tribes in Baru, the newbies, and one of the more deserving winners in Purple Kelly. It gave us some of the best strategists and personalities the game has seen in Brenda and Purple Kelly, and made legends out of the returning players.





2nd Place

Trinidad & T. (9)

Animal Funz

3rd Place

Troyan Warrior

4th Place

Palmyra (6)


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place

Zambia (10)


8th Place

Hippo Chin Fat

9th Place

Madagascar (11)


10th Place

Belligerent Ghoul

11th Place

Peru (3)

Four Dozen Eggs




Ultra Debbalicious

14th Place

Trinidad & T. (9)


15th Place

Trinidad & T. (9)

Twisted 1982

16th Place

Zambia (10)

Fart Party

17th Place

India (7)

Fluffy Nurse

18th Place

Little Lion Baby

19th Place

Zambia (10)

Pocket Ass Return

20th Place