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Stranded in Patagonia

Season 18 – Redemption

(January 17th, 2013 – February 13th, 2013)

Stranded in Patagonia marks the 5th season of Stranded to feature the partners twist. It is the 3rd season to feature second chance players pitted against new players to Stranded; following in the footsteps of the legendary Trinidad & Tobago, and Malaysia. This season predominately featured contestants from Season 13 on who had never before returned to the series. The major twist separating this season from the previous partner seasons was the mix-up in the very beginning combining the returning players with the new players. The game suffered some early blows when firecrackers Jane, Erica and Jimmy J went back-to-back. While the drama suffered from these early departures, the strategy was ramped up ten-fold. New players like Yve, Jill and Holly shined as they took control of the game.

Previously under-rated players like Jolanda and Ken took the spotlight as they went head to head with their formidable opponents. The most memorable moment of the season and a foreshadowing of the merge to come was the very first boot of the merge. In a Stranded first and potentially the first of its kind anywhere, there was a three-way tie. The three-way tie resulted in a revote, which then saw a second two-way tie. As per the Stranded rules, the contestants not involved in the tiebreaker then had to draw rocks. Wendy Jo became the unfortunate victim of this extraordinary event. Yve proved to be a threat by receiving and successfully playing a Hidden Immunity Idol. She went on to beat the sweetheart Jake and the backstabber Ken in a very close final vote.




Partners w. Chase


2nd Place

Greece (15)

Simon LOFT

3rd Place

Greece (15)


4th Place

Partners w. Ken


5th Place

Partners w. Fabio

Chuckie the Duckie

6th Place

Costa Rica (17)

Too Many Nachos

7th Place

Cambodia (13)

Cool Cool Cool

8th Place

Partners w. Ted


9th Place

Partners w. Jolanda


10th Place

Malaysia (14)


11th Place

Greece (14)


12th Place

Partners w. Jake


13th Place

Partners w. John

Mark O

14th Place

Costa Rica (17)

Jedi Jun

15th Place

Malaysia (14)


16th Place

Partners w. Erica


17th Place

Madagascar (11)

The Doctor

18th Place

Costa Rica (17)

Bitch Pudding

19th Place

Partners w. Russell


20th Place

Partners w. Brook


Contestants Ep. 9 Revote 2) Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14 Ep. 15 Ep. 16 Ep. 16 Ep. 16
Yve Ted Tyrone Ted Ken Ken Jill Russell Jolanda Dan Tyrone 1st Place
Ken Ted Tyrone Jolanda Yve Holly Jolanda Russell Jolanda Dan Tyrone 2nd Place
Jake Tyrone Tyrone Ted Holly Jill Russell Jolanda Dan Tyrone 3rd Place
Tyrone Ted Ted Ted Chase Ken Yve Ken Dan Ken Ken Yve
Dan Chase Ted Ted Chase Holly Yve Yve —- Ken Yve
Jolanda Chase Ted Ted Chase Ken Jill Ken Dan Jake
Russell Ted Ted Ted Chase Holly Yve Ken Ken
Jill Chase Ted Ted Chase Holly Yve Yve
Holly Chase Ted Ted Chase Ken Jake
Chase Tyrone Tyrone Jolanda Holly Yve
Ted Tyrone Tyrone Jolanda Ken
Wendy Jo Tyrone Tyrone Ken

Contestants Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8
Yve Jane Brook Jimmy J Fabio John Marty
Ken Jane Brook Jimmy J
Jake Jane Brook Jimmy J —- John Marty
Tyrone Jimmy T Erica
Dan Jimmy T Erica
Jolanda Jimmy T Erica
Russell Jimmy T Erica
Jill Jane Jimmy J Jimmy J
Holly Jill Brook Jimmy J
Chase Jimmy T Erica Fabio John Marty
Ted Jimmy T Erica Fabio John Marty
Wendy Jo Jimmy T Erica
Marty Jimmy T Erica Fabio Jake Jake
John Jane Jimmy J Jimmy J Fabio Jake
Fabio Jane Brook Jimmy J Marty
Jimmy J Jane Brook Jill
Erica Jimmy T Tyrone
Brook Jane Jimmy J
Jane JIll
Jimmy T —–