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Stranded in Faroe Islands

Season 25

(August 13th, 2015 – September 14th, 2015)

Stranded in Faroe Islands is the 25th season of Stranded and featured the most amount of new players (with twenty) in Stranded history. The game featured a diverse cast of new players and set the stage for yet another incredibly dramatic season of Stranded. The game began with two tribes of 10. Mykines wearing purple, and Svinoy wearing green. The game began by introducing a new twist to the game, the Public Immunity Idol. The idol was not hidden, but public for everyone to see. The idol went to the first person to claim it; however, you had to claim it publicly. In addition, there was now only one Hidden Immunity Idol in the game (as opposed to one per tribe). Just a few minutes into the game, Yau-Man decided to take the Public Immunity Idol becoming public enemy number one. On Mykines, Jessica was by far the most active member of the tribe, making inroads and cozying up to everyone on the tribe. She formed an early allianced with Cassandra and Liliana. Everyone on the tribe plotted against Yau-Man attempting to get him to play his Public Immunity Idol. On Svinoy, Cecilia made a huge impact making alliances with everyone. Immediately she formed a core alliance with herself, Penner, Candice, and Stephannie, and already had pegged Penner as the person she wanted out from it. Flicka was annoying everyone with her short answers and flippant attitude. Everyone except Candice, who recognized her naivety and decided to help train her on how to play the game. At the first Immunity Challenge, Mykines won sending Svinoy to Council but not before another twist was announced. There would be a Tribal Individual Immunity Challenge, where the tribe going to the council would compete for Individual Immunity. The winner would not be revealed publicly and the necklace could be given away in private, played at the start of Council or saved for future Councils. JP ended up winning the Tribal Individual Immunity. Then Jeff Probst made a rare announcement: Two players were being removed from the game for having unexpected circumstances arise in their real lives. Rita and Ozzy were pulled from the game. Jeff Probst announced that the game would start anew as the eighteen remaining players moved forward… with a tribe swap. 

The swap added a third tribe, Hestur, and it would prove to be the most compelling tribe. The other two tribes went on to win their first Immunity Challenge sealing Hestur’s fate. Candice and Penner, former alliance members on Svinoy, tag teamed the Mykines players and each made solid inroads. Candice became close to Cassandra and Anthony, while Penner became very close with Mookie. The five came together and decided to vote out the likable, but quiet Adam. When Hestur lost their second Immunity in a row, things got stickier. Candice began worrying about Penner’s control over the tribe as he and Mookie became closer and closer. She began to bond with Anthony and liked his quiet and genuine gameplay. When Penner decided to skip the challenge to go partying with his friends, he left Candice infuriated. Candice decided to form an alliance with Cassandra and Anthony and weaken Penner by taking out Mookie. When Penner arrived the next day he realized something was off. He assumed he had become the target and decided to push for the weakest link, Candice, to go home. In an attempt to give themselves an alibi, Cassandra gave Anthony her Individual Immunity Necklace to play and Cassandra, Candice and Anthony all voted out Mookie.

On Svinoy, Rocky lead his tribe to victory challenge after challenge. Stephannie controlled the tribe’s alliances. Flicka has gone from awkward newbie to bonafide threat as she finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. Hestur wins their first Immunity Challenge sending Mykines to Tribal Council for the first time. Cecilia was on the hunt to get Jessica out as she was deemed the most popular on the original tribe. However, due to JP’s inactivity, he became the tribe’s target. The problem came when the tribe learned of his Individual Immunity. The tribe decided to target the next least active member Papa Smurf. In a last ditch effort to switch the votes and save Papa Smurf, Stacy attempted to get Nate out. Her attempts fell short when Papa Smurf became the fifth person to leave the game. In a shocking revelation, Yau-Man became the third person to quit the game and the sixth person to leave. Things were about to become even more shocking as Jeff Probst asked the fourteen remaining players in the game to drop their buffs.

The swap proved to be one of the most insane in the series’s history. Things started with a bang as Jeff Probst announced a Prisoner’s Dilemma. Take Immunity Individual and send your tribe to Tribal Council, or no one receives Immunity and both tribes go to Council. Stephannie decided to take Individual Immunity and send the new Svinoy tribe to Tribal Council. Jessica, as usual, was in everyone’s ear and began to push for Flicka to leave. Stephannie, used to being in control, was not happy with someone else calling the shots. Flicka confided in her ally, Stephannie, that she had a Hidden Immunity Idol. Stephannie, in turn, informed Flicka that Jessica was pushing to have her booted. They both agreed to boot Jessica and secured the votes to do so. When Tribal Council began, Stephannie played her Individual Immunity Necklace. Flicka then tried to play her Hidden Immunity Idol… AT THE START OF COUNCIL. This, of course, caused mass chaos and with seconds to spare, Jessica decided to play her Individual Immunity Necklace. With half the tribe voting Jessica and the other half voting Flicka and both of them having Immunity, the tribe was sent into a scramble. In the chaos, Rocky and Liliana publicly proclaim they are voting for JP. JP in retaliation says he is voting for Rocky with Jessica. Flicka attempts to push both sides to vote for Anthony as a compromise. Stephannie ignores everyone and says she is sticking with the JP vote forcing a lot of players’ hands. The resulting vote was 3 votes for Rocky and 4 votes for JP making JP the seventh person to leave. The next day, Mykines wins Immunity again sending Svinoy back to Tribal Council. Jessica and Anthony are on the outs with Jessica being the main target. When she needed it most, Jessica pulled out Individual Immunity before Tribal Council forcing the tribe to vote out Anthony. Afterward, Jeff Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs again as they head into the merge.  

The merge kicks off with a mess of jumbled alliances. Stephannie and Jessica continue their feud from Svinoy. With Candice, Cassandra, and Penner having gone through Hestur together and making it to the merge, the three are solid and quickly find themselves in the center of a lot of alliances. Jessica approaches Hestur to vote out Stephannie. Candice and Cassandra find themselves at a crossroads choosing between an original Mykines (Liliana) or an original Svinoy (Stephannie) to get the boot. Cecilia cements herself as a loose cannon and she spends the entire round attempting to sway the target away from Stephannie. Jessica gets her revenge by denying her and taking great joy in voting her out as Stephannie begs her for a vote. Tribal Council erupts as Stephannie calls everyone out. Liliana attacks Jessica for spreading shit about her. Cecilia then attacks Liliana and Stacey for being inactive and socially incapable of doing well in the game. After another dramatic Tribal Council, Jessica finally got her revenge as Stephannie became the first member of the jury. With Stephannie gone, it’s obvious that Flicka and Liliana are on the outs. When the loose cannon, Cecilia wins Immunity, their fates are nearly sealed. Despite her Immunity, both Liliana and Flicka attack Cecilia for being untrustworthy and horrible. Flicka calls out the majority alliance of Candice, Penner, Cassandra, Stacy, Jessica, Nate and Cecilia; but it’s not enough to save her as she becomes the second member of the jury. The next round Cecilia confides in Cassandra by telling her that she has told everyone that she (Cass) has an alliance with Liliana. Cecilia berates Liliana at Tribal Council calling her a worthless goat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to sway the tribe as Cecilia is unanimously voted out. 

Cassandra is becoming more and more confident and in control of things. Making matters worse, she finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. She devises a plan to get Liliana out, something that Candice is unhappy about. Candice has grown less trusting of Cassandra lately and notices that a lot of players are beginning to see her threat. Stacy solidifies the plan to get Cassandra out by sharing with Jessica and Candice that Cassandra wanted to vote them out. Feeling more confident than ever, Cassandra fell victim to the biggest blindside of the season leaving with both an Individual Immunity Necklace and a Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket. After Cassandra is voted out, Candice and Penner find themselves in between the two factions of Nate / Stacy / Jessica and Rebecca / Rocky / Liliana. Knowing that she is becoming a target, Candice teams up with Jessica. Penner and Candice decide to join Nate / Stacy and Jessica to vote out Liliana. Things become more complicated the next round as Candice desperately wants Jessica to stay in the game. However, when she tries to get Rebecca voted off, Nate and Penner are having none of it. Nate pushes hard for a Jessica boot and suspects Jessica and Candice of having an alliance. Meanwhile, Nate’s frustration and eagerness to get rid of the threats has made Stacy uncomfortable. She hatches a plan to use Rocky to blindside Nate and take out Rebecca, the biggest goat remaining in the game. Despite their efforts, Jessica lost Individual Immunity and became the sixth member of the Jury.

Candice and Stacy are demoralized heading into the next round as their plan to save Jessica fails. However, Penner is becoming annoyed that he has been labeled Nate’s goat and is itching to do something about it. Meanwhile, Stacy is annoyed that Penner is becoming too big of a threat and tries to convince Nate of his growing threat. Nate does not buy into Penner’s threat and believes he could beat him in the final. This frustrates Stacy enough to go along with Penner and Candice and they agree to vote out Nate. Rocky is furious with Penner who has turned on Nate after JUST promising his allegiance to them. Rocky contemplates giving his Immunity to Nate. Rocky and Nate stay strong and vote for Stacy, but with Rebecca no-showing, the other three are enough votes for Nate to become the seventh member of the jury.

Heading into the final five, Rebecca has not voted for a number of Councils. Jeff Probst and other players have berated her relentlessly for her inactivity. When the challenge rolls around, Jeff announces to the final five that he is giving Rebecca until Tribal Council to arrive. If she does not, she will be automatically eliminated and this challenge will be for an advantage in the final Immunity Challenge. Rebecca does not show up in time for Tribal Council and becomes the eighth member of the jury. Candice wins the challenge and wins a huge advantage in the Final Immunity Challenge. Heading into the final 4, the biggest jury threat and the obvious target was Candice. She knew that she had to win Individual Immunity or would be the ninth juror. Unfortunately for Candice, after a close battle with Penner, she lost the final Immunity Challenge and became the final member of the jury.

After a hard-fought Tribal Council between three worthy players, it came down to Penner and Rocky. Both worthy underdogs fighting their way from the bottom. Both played solid games throughout. In the end, it ended up being a tie vote: 4 votes for Rocky, 4 votes for Penner and 1 vote for Stacy. When Stacy’s tie-breaking vote was revealed, Penner became the winner of Stranded in Faroe Islands.





2nd Place

Subtly Mona

3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place

Blubber Nuggets

6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place

Luis Agreda

10th Place


11th Place

Uglier Betty

12th Place


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14th Place

Hurricane Harbough


Lefthanded Librarian

16th Place

Fixthe_ Fernback

17th Place


18th Place

That Friendly Asshole





EPISODE # EP. 6 EP. 7 EP. 8 EP. 9 EP. 10 EP. 11 EP. 12 EP. 13 EP. 14
VOTE COUNT 5 – 4 – 2 9 – 1 9 – 1 8 – 1 6 – 2 6 – 1 3 – 2 3 – 1 4 – 4 – 1
Penner Stephannie Flicka Cecilia Cassandra Liliana Jessica Nate Candice Winner
Rocky —- Flicka cici Cass Lil Jessica Stacy Canned Ice 2nd Place
Stacy Lil Flicka CiCi Cassandra Lil Rebecca Nate Candice 3rd Place
Candice Stephannie Flicka Cecilia Cass Liliana Jessica Nate Rocky Penner
Rebecca Stacy —- Cecilia Cassandra Nate Jessica —- Penner
Nate Stephannie Flicka Cecilia Cassandra Liliana Jessica Stacy Rocky
Jessica Liliana Flicka Cecilia Cassandra Liliana Jessica Stacy
Liliana Stacy Flicka Cecilia Cassandra Nate Penner
Cassandra Stephannie Flicka CiCi Lil Rocky
Cecilia Stephannie Flicka Liliana Rocky
Flicka Stacy Cassandra Rocky
Stephannie Stacy Penner

EPISODE # EP. 1 EP. 2 EP. 3 EP. 4 EP. 5
VOTE COUNT 4 – 1 3 – 2 4 – 1 – 1 4 – 3 3 – 2
Penner Adam Candice
Rocky JP —-
Stacy Nate
Candice Adam Mookie
Nate Papa Smurf
Jessica Papa Rocky Liliana
Liliana JP Anthony
Cassandra Adam Mookie
Cecilia Papa S
Flicka JP Anthony
Stephannie JP Anthony
Anthony Adam Mookie Rocky Liliana
JP Papa Smurf Rocky
Yau Man
Papa Smurf JP
Mookie Adam Candice
Adam Anthony