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Stranded In Namibia

SEASON 22 – Redemption

(June 26th, 2014 – July 24th, 2014)

After three partners seasons involving minor tweaks to the format, Stranded in Portugal saw a complete overhauling while adding different elements from the television series. The 22nd season mixed the original partners twist with blood vs. water by allowing the second chance contestants to enter the game with a friend of their choosing. Much to the castaways’ surprise, they weren’t partnered with the friend they entered the game with. Instead, their friendships would remain a secret and they were randomly assigned a public partner. The last partnerships standing in the game would receive two Immunity Talismans. The cast of characters was one of the most eclectic to date.

The stage was set for another classic Stranded season. Pairing up some of Stranded’s most quirky returnees who failed the first time around with brand new friends, everyone was determined to make their mark on the series. A large part of the entertainment from the season was seeing the second chance players reinvent themselves to become huge characters and all-stars in their own rights. It featured players like Coby, Becky and Skinny Ryan who haven’t played the game in years itching for their chance to return. Mixing veteran returnees with new contestants fresh out of Namibia, who went out early, saw an early divide on the returning player tribe.  Cochran began the game by playing both sides of the fence aligning with both new second chancers and old. He also had alliances with his friend Vytas and secret partner Katie. It wasn’t until the early challenge forced his hand that the players in the game began to realize Cochran was all over the place. When he switched, he just so happened to end up on a tribe with his friend Vytas.Unfortunately, Bracari went down as one of the worst tribes in Stranded history. Cochran’s reputation as a rat just grew and grew as he continually flipped on his alliance members and even wanted to vote out his own friend Vytas. Marissa slipped through the cracks on early Bracari to be one of the last contestants remaining on the tribe along with Cochran and Vytas, seeing Kim P, Peter, and John all going home pre-merge.

On Tapoli a feud between Hayden and Rachel that had been brewing since day 1 finally came to a head when Rachel gleefully voted out her rival and the sassy underdog Hayden met his premature end. When the merge came around it wasn’t without controversy. Katie, who up until this point had been a sentimental favorite to win, was quickly ejected from the game after a conversation with Caryn hinted at her real identity. The merge continued to deliver with several blindsides and even more character development. With Coby going home after calling everyone out only to win immunity the next round and survive another elimination becoming a big threat. Rachel and Ralph going back to back. Marissa becoming a threat and quickly leaving, followed by Semhar. It eventually came down to Vytas, Cochran, Ibrehem and Shawn left remaining.

When Cochran finally completed his goal of eliminating his friend Vytas at the final four, it came back to bite him with the jury decided that was the dumbest decision of the game. Ibrehem’s relationships and social prowess warranted him the win. The unique aspect of the season came from each character offering something different and equally compelling to the cast. From Vytas who was an in-your-face confrontational bulldozer, to the quieter strategists in Semhar and Becky, to the sassy new players like Marissa and Rachel, whose personalities out-shined the vets. While the returning players like Caryn, Coby and Ralph gave memorable all-star performances, some of the new players gave them a run for their money eclipsing their story. From sweethearts like John to strategic underdogs like Katie, the season was chocked full of grade-A characters.With one of the most bitter juries in the games history, every character making a huge impact and delivering some major controversy and intrigue, Stranded in Portugal managed to made its mark on the series after 22 seasons.




1st Place

Costa Rica (17)


2nd Place

Namibia (21)

Shad0w Knight

3rd Place

Friends w. Caryn

Marty Yurkowski

4th Place

Friends w. Cochran


5th Place

Namibia (21)


6th Place

Friends w. Skinny Ryan

SC15 Fan

7th Place

India (7), Australia (8)

Bowser Boy129

8th Place

Friends w. Ibrehem

Very Cool Cat

9th Place

Namibia (19)

Pushing Jate

10th Place

Madagascar (11)

The One Survivor

11th Place

Costa Rica (17)

Trojan Soldier


Friends w. Coby


13th Place

Friends w. Ralph


14th Place

Friends w. Becky

Mad Hackr Viper

15th Place

Peru (3), All-stars (4)


16th Place

Venezuela (19)


17th Place

Friends w. Semhar

Chris Clay

18th Place

Venezuela (19)

The Bamm Boozler

19th Place

Friends w. Peter
Psycho ARB

Psycho ARB

20th Place

Friends w. Kim P

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Voting history

Contestants Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14
Ibrehem Caryn Becky Ralph Coby Coby Marissa Semhar Vytas Shawn Winner
Cochran Caryn Becky Shawn Rachel Coby Marissa Semhar Vytas Runner Up
Shawn Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel Coby Cochran Cochran Ibrehem Ibrehem
Vytas Caryn Becky Ralph Rachel Coby Marissa Semhar Ibrehem Cochran
Semhar Caryn Becky Shawn Rachel Coby Cochran Vytas Ibrehem
Marissa Caryn Becky Ralph Coby Coby Cochran Ibrehem
Coby Caryn Rachel Ralph Rachel Vytas Ibrehem
Rachel Caryn Caryn Ralph Coby Cochran
Ralph Caryn Rachel Shawn Ibrehem
Becky Caryn Rachel Ibrehem
Caryn Rachel Ibrehem
Katie Ejected