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Stranded with All-Stars

Season 4 – All-Stars

(June 16th, 2008 – July 16th, 2008)

Stranded with All-stars is the first full-all-stars season in Stranded. It featured players from the first three seasons all separated onto three tribes. The three tribes were separated by their respective season: a tribe consisting of all Bolivia members, one of all Aruba members and one of all Peru members. In a twist, only one tribe won Immunity and the other two faced tribal council. However, the two people voted off were not out of the game, they went into banishment. The leader of the tribe that won the very next Immunity Challenge would choose which of the two would be voted off, and which one would then join their tribe. This resulted in saving a majority of the easy targets and the huge characters of their previous seasons. Namely, Lill, who was hated by her original season was unanimously voted off and subsequently chosen to return, much to her archrival Amanda’s chagrin. In a twist, Bolivia was lacking their most notorious member, Joel, the winner. As a replacement, Colleen, the most popular winner from pre-stranded days was cast in his place. From day one, Colleen was both beloved and feared; as everyone knew her likability could result in yet another win.

Still, she found a close ally in Rudy who protected her. In a twist on what was expected, Gretchen was rational and Rudy’s hatred for her began to show cracks. Shane and Judd were closer than ever as they neared the merge and found a new ally in Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly and Judd became early targets leaving the popular Shane to fend for his self. Rudy along with his allies Misty and Colleen furthered themselves. Shortly Rudy established himself as King when he was calling the shots on who left and when. Since everyone trusted King Rudy, he used that to his advantage and quickly cut the throats of Colleen and Misty who trusted him fully. Christa made an impressive run in the game with her Hidden Immunity Idol and managed to make the final five despite having few allies. In the end, Rudy finally got his comeuppance after stabbing everyone in the back when Courtney, Shane and Melinda voted him off just before the finals. In the end, the curmudgeon Courtney outwitted and outlasted everyone to become the last person Stranded with All-stars.


The Marquesan Godfather



2nd Place

Packers Fan15

2nd Place


4th Place

Kitty Pryde1

5th Place


6th Place

Mad Hackr Viper

7th Place

Colleen Lover

8th Place

Palua Tiga

9th Place

Survivor Jordan Contestant

10th Place


11th Place

Scarlet Spider

12th Place


13th Place


14th Place


15th Place


15th Place

Cindi Dindi76

17th Place

Dr Will Hatch 2.0

18th Place

Rochester Mateo

19th Place

Emcee Batley

20th Place

I Love Greeneyes

21st Place


Episode 401 - "Paranoia"
Episode 402 - "Miss Me"
Episode 403 - "Concerns of Loyalty and Fairness Don't Apply"
Episode 404 - "Evil Will Always Triumph"
Episode 405 - "Twist... and Shout!"


Contestants Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14 Ep. 15 Ep. 16 Ep. 16 Ep. 16
Courtney Kelly Judd Colleen Ryan Christa Christa Rudy Winner
Melinda Kelly Judd Shane Ryan Christa Christa Rudy 2nd Place
Shane Courtney Melinda Colleen Misty Christa Jesus Rudy 2nd Place
Rudy Kelly Misty Colleen Ryan Misty Christa Courtney Melinda
Christa Shane Judd Colleen Misty Misty Rudy Courtney
Misty Kelly Judd Shane Ryan Christa Melinda
Ryan Shane Judd Colleen Misty Courtney
Colleen Kelly Judd Shane Shane
Judd Melinda Melinda Shane
Kelly Courtney

Contestants Ep 1 Ep 2  Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9  Ep 10
Courtney Lill Dave Gretchen
Melinda Rafe Bob Dawg Gretchen
Shane Rafe Bob Dawg Lill
Rudy Susan Alicia Gretchen
Christa Lill Dave Lill
Misty Bob Dawg Gretchen
Ryan Lill Dave Gretchen
Colleen Susan Alicia Gretchen
Judd Rafe Bob Dawg Lill
Kelly Susan Alicia Lill
Greg Susan Alicia Lill
Cirie Rafe Bob Dawg Gretchen
James Lill Christa Lill
Amanda Ryan Alicia Lill
Lill Lill Dave Amanda
Gretchen Susan Alicia Rudy
Rafe Melinda
Bob Dawg Melinda Melinda
Alicia Kelly Gretchen
Evel Dave Lill James