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Stranded with Legends

SEASON 20 – Legends

(October 17th, 2013 – November 21st, 2013)

After 19 seasons and countless contestants, Stranded headed into its 20th season with some of the greatest Legends to play the game. As an homage to the series, it not only featured legendary players, but revisited some of the greatest twists in Stranded history. With twelve legends and twelve all-stars, the stage was set for an epic season where new legends would be born and history would repeat itself. The game began with three tribes each comprised of four legends and four all-stars. The first twist of the season came in form of Stranded with All-stars (Season 4)’s Exile Arena. Two tribes would lose Immunity and vote off a player, one would return to the game joining the tribe that won the next Immunity Challenge. While each tribe had their fair share of gameplay and drama, none was as dramatic as Masilaca. The purple tribe would go on to lose three out of the four pre-swap challenges. On Masilaca, Frank was confident coming off of his first season in Venezuela. He assumed he would bully his way through the tribe with ease. However, Frank had not played with Legends before. Teresa, the series most notorious Legend came into the game adopting a softer more social strategy, albeit still as domineering. When Brenda teamed up with Frank and Gina, they assumed that taking out the hot-headed Erica would be an easy first boot. Teresa had other plans. She formed an alliance comprised of some of the biggest Legends in Stranded history with Taj, Ami, Erica and Katie. The alliance blindsided who Teresa perceived as her biggest competition in Brenda and she became the first person from Masilaca to be voted into Exile. For the first time, Frank was blindsided. This would be the first of many times that Frank learned how Stranded was really played from Teresa.

When Masilaca lost Immunity yet again, Frank pulled a Hail Mary and created a fake Immunity Idol. His bluff worked and Teresa’s alliance split the votes between Gina and Frank. Sean broke the tie sending Gina into Exile. While everything seemed doomed for Frank, he had earned the respect of Teresa and when the majority alliance fractured, Masilaca went into chaos. All of the Legends had finally turned on one another as Teresa was out for blood and Katie was in her crosshairs. Frank had mounted a counter alliance against Teresa, but unbeknownst to the tribe, Teresa had found a real Hidden Immunity Idol, once again teaching Frank how the game is played. When she played her idol, the three votes cast against her were nullified and she sent Katie packing to Exile. The game had seen plenty of players come and go on Exile up until this point, but a lot of Masilaca’s casualties returned to the game. Both Brenda and Gina joined Rudy and Cirie, from seasons one and two, in returning to the game.

When they returned, it was time for a swap. In the swap, Frank and Christy had earned Individually Immunity and would choose the tribes. In doing so they would choose partners in the game (a twist returning from Stranded in Peru, season 3). As luck would have it, a majority of Teresa’s alliance stayed intact and when Mia, Christy and Patricia attempted to take her out, they would fail by narrow margins each time. Teresa had managed, against all odds, to make the merge with a strong alliance intact. Unbeknownst to her, other strong alliances were forming. Gregg and Cirie were the closest of allies and would bounce back and forth between alliances in the merge. There, Cirie reunited the “exile alliance” where she, gina, rudy and Brenda teamed up. Brenda and Sarah made themselves targets by flipping on their alliances and causing scenes on their ways out. Finally the day came when Frank sought his revenge on Teresa after learning all he could and becoming a legend himself. Teresa was finally voted out of the game at the final 7. It wasn’t until the final 4 that the exile alliance of Cirie, Rudy and Gina took out Frank after he had gone on an Immunity run and was the biggest threat to win the game. Cirie, the player that had virtually disappeared since playing in Stranded in Aruba 18 seasons earlier, had won the game. Legends were made and Legends were solidified as this epic season of Stranded came to a conclusion.



Scarlet Spider

1st Place

Aruba (2), All-stars (4)


2nd Place

Bolivia (1), All-stars (4), Rivals (12)

Springfield Monorail

3rd Place

Venezuela (19)


4th Place

Venezuela (19)

Twisted 1982

5th Place

Zambia (10), Malaysia (14), Refuge (16)


6th Place

India (7), Australia (8), Rivals (12)

Aras from Exile

7th Place

Mongolia (5), Australia (8), Rivals (12)


8th Place

Venezuela (19)


9th Place

Malaysia (14), Refuge (16)


10th Place

Malaysia (14), Refuge (16)


11th Place

Costa Rica (17)


12th Place

Zambia (10), Rivals (12), Malaysia (14), Refuge (16)


13th Place

Costa Rica (17)

Mark O

14th Place

Costa Rica (17), Patagonia (18)


15th Place

Venezuela (19)

Vocal Fry

16th Place

Costa Rica (17)


17th Place

Madagascar (11), Patagonia (18)

Morris Bored

18th Place

Greece (15)

Kucha Kyle

19th Place

Venezuela (19)
Dave Ball


20th Place

Cambodia (13)


21st Place

India (7), Trindad & T. (9), Rivals (12), Refuge (16)

Nation Power

22nd Place

Cambodia (13)

Midnight Problay

23rd Place

Zambia (10), Refuge (16)

Emcee Batley

24th Place

Peru (3), All-stars (4), Trinidad & T. (9), Rivals (12)

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Voting history

EPISODE # EP. 11 EP. 12 EP. 13 EP. 14 EP. 15 EP. 16 EP. 17 EP. 18
Cirie Taj Gregg Sarah Naonka Sarah Teresa Frank Paloma Frank Winner
Rudy Taj Gregg Brenda Naonka Sarah Teresa Willard Paloma Frank 2nd Place
Gina Sarah Gregg Brenda Naonka Sarah Teresa Cirie Paloma Frank 3rd Place
Frank Taj Rudy Rudy Naonka Sarah Teresa Willard Gina Rudy Cirie
Paloma Taj Gregg Sarah Naonka Sarah Teresa Willard Gina Rudy
Willard Taj Rudy Rudy Naonka Rudy Teresa Rudy Cirie
Teresa Sarah Brenda Brenda Naonka Sarah Willard Cirie
Sarah Taj Rudy Brenda Naonka Rudy Cirie
Naonka Sarah Brenda Brenda —– Cirie
Brenda Taj Gregg Rudy Cirie
Gregg Cirie Rudy Rudy
Taj Sarah Rudy