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Stranded in Peru

Season 3 – Partners

(March 30, 2008 – April 21st, 2008)

Stranded in Peru (originally titled Partners Stranded in Peru) is the third season of Stranded and the first to introduce a partnership twist. Eight pairs of two were selected with pre-existing relationships. Some were former enemies, some were best friends. Right off the bat the partnerships were blindsided when they were split apart and put on opposing tribes. For the pairs of enemies, this was a relief. As they later found out, they would be able to communicate with one another via a secret forum that only the pairs could access. In another dimension to the game, no one was aware of who was partnered with whom. Immediately you saw some of the biggest characters in Stranded History emerge. You had Christa who was driving her tribe nuts by creating all sorts of alliances. Meanwhile Lill is sitting there laughing at her, whilst being her number one ally. Then you had Courtney who was genuinely the most miserable person in the cast’s history. Pissed off that I convinced her to actually play. She bonded with Amanda who would become one of Stranded’s most epic bitches. Then you had Skinny Ryan, or Ryan the Rat as he’s more infamously known, who could not make a single live event. Yet he still managed to weasel his way throughout the game and betray EVERYONE along the way.

Of course, no one could forget Evel Dave who early on tried to lead a rebellion and take out Amanda only to get quickly put in his place when the goddess herself countered it and took him out. This dynamic became more and more complicated as time went on and culminated in one of the most tumultuous and unpredictable merges that anyone has seen. The first huge development was a secret alliance formed between three partnerships: Courtney and Lill, Amanda and Tijuana, and James and Osten. This kicked off the merge in a big way when Christa was obviously on the run and ended up winning individual Immunity, much to the chagrin of Amanda. Lill began undermining her alliance when she teamed up with Christa and from there the epic feud between Amanda and Lill was born. These two had and still have more hatred for one another than any single rivalry in the history of stranded. The beauty of it: They both made the final four each with a hidden Immunity Idol. Unable to play them both, it became a shoot-out and Lill finally got the best of Amanda when she played her idol first. Courtney and Amanda, being best friends and allies were beyond furious with Lill, as were most of the players on the jury. When she ended up in the final two with Andrew, he easily won in a landslide with one of the most bitter juries of all time. In a season of friends and enemies, one thing was for sure, it was personal. 


Crappy Sucks


Reality Chopper

2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place

BobbyJon Goes Apeshit

5th Place

Mad Hackr Viper

6th Place


7th Place

troy nuncducit

8th Place

The Marquesan Godfather

9th Place


10th Place


11th Place

getting real

12th Place

Belligerent Ghoul

13th Place


14th Place

Emcee Batley

15th Place


16th Place


Episode 301 - "Queen Bee"
Episode 302 - "Traitors Anonymous"
Episode 303 - "Hands In!"
Episode 304.1 - "Pecking Order (Part 1)"
Episode 304.2 - "Pecking Order (Part 2)"
Episode 305.1 - "Battle of the Bitches (Part 1)"
Episode 305.2 - "Battle of the Bitches (Part 2)"
Episode 306 - "Ratfink Bastards"
Episode 307 - "The Car Wreck"
Episode 308 - "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Evil"
Episode 309 - "Monkey Wrench"
Episode 310 - "Et tu, Osten?"
Episode 311 - "The Final Showdown (Unfinished)"


Contestant Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13
Andrew Chicken Amanda Brianna Courtney Todd James Ryan Osten Lill    Winner
Lill Chicken Christa Brianna Courtney Todd James Ryan Osten Amanda Tijuana 2nd Place
Tijuana Chicken Christa Brianna Kortni Todd James Ryan Amanda Amanda    —-
Amanda Andrew Christa Bri —- Todd Lill Tijuana Osten Lill Andrew
Osten Chicken Amanda Brianna Courtney Todd James Lill  —- Lill
Ryan Chicken Christa Brianna Courtney todd Andrew Tijuana Andrew
James Andrew Christa Brianna Osten Todd Andrew Lill
Todd —- Christa Brianna Osten —- —-
Courtney —- Christa Brianna Osten Andrew
Brianna Andru Ryan Osten Andrew
Christa —- Amanda Lilly
Chicken Courtney