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Stranded in India


(April 11th, 2009 – May 5th, 2009)

Stranded in India is the seventh season of Stranded and is thus far the most explosive of all seasons. It started innocently enough with two tribes of eight. Early on, Shiva was decimated losing a majority of the Immunity Challenges. In a twist, one member of the tribe was kidnapped to the winning tribe every round. They would however still get to vote using only information that was told to them publicly by their tribe. James was kidnapped repeatedly and became very close with Brahma. He caused plenty of drama in his time away. On Shiva, a close alliance formed between Katie and Ian. There, Katie called all the shots and orchestrated the most dramatic tribe mates, Stephenie’s boot. In the merge, the game was kicked up to a completely new level in what was to become the most dramatic merge of any season of Stranded ever. James was the first to go when Brahma decided to vote together as a tribe, but not before Scout made deals with the Shiva tribe members. When it came out that Scout was playing both sides, her Brahma members turned on her and she fully switched over to the Shiva tribe. The Brahma tribe was infamous for being a boring alliance hell-bent on pagonging Shiva. However, it was not an easy waltz to the finals for them. The Brahma panic was born. Before each and every Tribal Council in what should have been an obvious choice as to whom they wanted to vote out, there was mass chaos. There was never a Tribal Council where the majority alliance went in knowing who they wanted to boot. The private messages were turned off and no one knew who to vote for. Thus began players calling each other out, fighting aloud in council to figure out who to boot and most of all… call outs. The call outs soon became an India staple as every council featured an opening post in which there was a dramatic wall of text calling for everyone to vote for someone else. Scout was a common perpetrator but other players soon joined in. Willard stepped into Scout’s shoes as the next Dramatic player to begin calling everyone out. Ian followed him on the way out and became known for being one of the most genuine and likable players the game has seen, if not a dramatic paranoid wreck at times.


He and Katie’s friendship was a joy to watch. Rory being the first majority alliance member to crack, once proclaimed an idol play before the votes were read. Katie ultimately became the final Shiva member remaining and had her back against the wall. In the final seven Immunity Challenge, Katie came out victorious and as such, Brahma had to vote out one of their own. Brady, at the forefront of the Brahma alliance, was furious that he was not allowed to compete since he did not say he wanted to participate within a 10-minute timeline. This caused a dramatic series of arguments resulting in the game being put on hold for a day and a second Immunity being put up for grabs. Leann and Rory, close allies from the beginning and strategic allies, were suddenly put against the ropes. Ultimately, Rory got the boot leaving the cunning Leann on her own. Katie lost the next Immunity and was voted out unanimously followed by Leann. This left Brady, Twila and Bubba as the final three. Two goats dragged to the end by Brady. This meant that each and every juror was an incredibly entertaining player and before the Final Tribal Council they soon realized that all of the entertaining and aggressive players had been booted out one by one. Upset that they had allowed this to happen, the jury devised a plan. They decided that they would vote for the worst player to win and blindside Brady one final time by allowing Twila to win over him. The Final Tribal Council was easily the funniest moment in Stranded history. It began with a comment for Twila. The jury explained to her that she was a non-entity the entire game and did not deserve to speak at the final Tribal Council. They explained that she would not be asked any questions that night, but instead should reply with one single mark of punctuation “.” so that they knew she was actually present and then she should return to silence. And so she did, while each subsequent person ripped into Bubba and Twila and attempted to dupe Brady into thinking he had their vote, Twila stayed silent. When the final votes were read, the jury decided to have one person vote for Brady and congratulate him on the win. This way he would think that he had won when he saw the first vote. However, the rest of the votes all went to Twila and she became the last person to be Stranded in India.




1st place



2nd Place


Finish Them Off

3rd place


Donuts Rule

4th place



5th place



6th place


Cauhtemoc Cosby

7th Place



8th place



9th place


Fart Party

10th place



11th Place



12th Place



13th Place


jumping bum

14th Place



15th Place



16th Place

Voting history

Contestant Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12
Twila James Willard Ian Scout Rory Katie Leann Winner
Brady James Willard Ian Scout Rory Katie Leann 2nd Place
Bubba James Willard!!! Ian Scout Rory Katie Leann 3rd Place
Leann James Willard Ian Scout Brady Katie Bubba Twila
Katie Leann Rory Leann Twila Rory Leann Brady
Rory James Scout Ian Scout Brady Twila
Scout James Rory Leann Leann Twila
Ian James Rory Leann Twila
Willard James Rory Twila
James Leann Twila