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Stranded in Venezuela

Season 19

(June 13th, 2013 – July 15th, 2013)

Stranded in Venezuela is the 19th season of Stranded and the widest range of casting so far. With over 40 applicants the stage was set for some of the most dramatic and eclectic cast members yet and no one disappointed. The tone for the season was established during the first Tribal Council when the tribe flipped the vote last minute on the king pin, John, making for one of the most influential first boots in Stranded history. As the spiritual sequel to Mongolia, Venezuela saw the return of the “Khaan” twist this time renamed as the Cacique. The Cacique was voted on in a special council the first night and was granted Immunity throughout the merge. In return for Immunity, they had to complete missions designed to pit them against their tribe mates. Fortunately for the series we saw two distinct leaders chosen from the beginning: Sarah and Kim J.

In the first Immunity Challenge, it asked for Caciques to throw the challenge, and while Kim J quickly integrated herself with her tribe, Sarah seemed to do everything wrong. Kim J claimed there was a family emergency and her tribe mates forgave her, while Sarah said she had to go swimming and from that point forward turned her tribe against her. In true Sarah fashion, it didn’t faze her as her tribe mates demanded she give up Cacique. On Tamanco, Diane was quickly seen as the outsider for being too talkative and an alliance called “The Big Five” formed and bullied her every chance they got. Kim J was Diane’s #1 ally, but was feeding information to the Big Five. On Mariche, Patricia gained control of the game after flipping the first boot on John in order to save Sean.

Having such a brilliant cast meant that each boot had an impact, even early boots in Peter, Diane, John, and the General made an impact on the game. When the tribes switched, the game was sent into overdrive as Sean made fake Hidden Immunity Idols to bluff his tribe. It worked to such a degree that Kim J was willing to give up her Immunity and title of Cacique to Sean in one of the most shocking game moves of the season. Frank became a huge character in the swap as well attempting to get the other tribe to throw the challenge to save him. Ultimately his arrogance was too transparent and everyone overthrew the king.

In the merge, Sean was able to continue his Idol bluff through the final 8. Meanwhile, Sarah became the prime target as her Immunity was lifted, but fortunately she was able to go on a small Immunity run keeping her safe. Ironically, as Sarah became less and less vulnerable for being unlikable, Kim J became the bigger target for being more likable as Cacique and was voted off first. Kim P and Lindsey were sent away from the Big Five in the swap marking the end of their alliance. They soon teamed up with Gina and were able to mend fences with Sarah as they formed a foursome. Gina and Sarah’s relationship went from targeting each other in the first vote to becoming close allies to splitting up again. Gabriel and Patricia played both sides of the fence in an attempt to bounce between the two alliances. Their game was successful as it turned Sarah against Gina and Lindsey, resulting in Sarah’s departure. Sean soon followed her only after finding a real Hidden Immunity Idol but losing a crucial Immunity Challenge. Linda became infamous for her numerous breakdowns as a result of the flip flopping allegiances and Lex became known for being a know-it-all. Despite being generally likable, Lex soon fell by the wayside for his likability. In the finals, Lindsey managed to sneak past all the rest and make it to the final 3 amongst stiff competition in the Lex, Gabriel, and Linda alliance. The jury rewarded her with the win.


Diamond Machine


The Dark Sheppard

2nd Place


3rd Place

Springfield Monorail

4th Place

Kevin E

5th Place

Kucha Kyle

6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place


11th Place


12th Place


13th Place

Orthino Max

14th Place

Paper Thin Arsen

15th Place

Elijah 20100

16th Place

Chan the Man

17th Place


18th Place


Episode 1901 - "Just Keep Swimming"

Stranded in Venezuela. Eighteen contestants from all around the globe came together to build a new world, and subsequently began to destroy it. On night one, both tribes went to Tribal Council to decide their new leaders, or Caciques. The Caciques received a free pass to the merge, but unbeknownst to the rest of the tribe they would have to complete secret missions in exchange for the immunity.

Episode 1902 - "I Almost Hope We Lose"

After the first Tribal Council, Sean and Patricia were firmly cemented at the head of Mariche. With Patricia calling the shots that left the sole vote with John, Peter, on the outs. Gina and Sarah worked towards mending their relationship after a heated Tribal. On Tamanco, the Big Five continued to goad Diane. Kim J was feeling torn on how she treated Diane, but continued to reveal information about her to the Big Five.

Episode 1903 - "The Odd Woman Out"

After a heated Tribal Council, the Mariche tribe had some serious mending to do. Immediately Sarah began to get back into the good graces of everyone. On Tamanaco, Frank and Kim J took the initiative to bring in outsiders, Clarence and Frank, to be apart of an alliance outside of the Big Five. When the Caciques were assigned a new mission, it further alienated Sarah and undid a lot of the work she had done with the tribe

Episode 1904 - "The Strong-Arm"

The Big Five on Tamanaco had finally gotten rid of their target, Diane, and were reveling in their success. Frank and Kim formed a side-alliance with Clarence and Lex. Frank decided to let both alliances know about the other, while telling both that they were his main alliance. On Mariche, the tribe was still reeling from Sarah’s harsh comments that were a result of her latest Cacique task. Back on Tamanaco, Frank went on a witch hunt threatening both outsiders and members of his alliance into revealing whether they let Big Tom in on the vote. Frank came up with a plan to dupe Mariche into throwing the challenge by staging a fight with his tribe members.

Episode 1905 - "The Double Play"

The Caciques, Sarah and Kim J, each sent three tribe members to the other tribe leaving them all feeling cast away and vulnerable. On Mariche, Kim P and Lindsey made quick work to integrate themselves into the new tribe. They found themselves fitting in quite well and glad to be away from Kim J and Frank’s watchful eyes. On the new Tamanaco tribe, Sean, Vecepia and the General had a harder time trying to break through. While they courted Frank and Lex for their votes, they couldn’t fully trust that they were on board with them.

Episode 1906 - "Perfectly Orchestrated"

With Frank having lied to Sean about his vote, he was feeling particularly vulnerable. On Mariche, news of the General’s departure caused original Mariche members to contemplate throwing the challenge. When the Immunity Challenge turned out to be a prisoner’s dilemma, Frank told his alliance not to take Immunity, but when Jeff Probst offered he attempted to grab it and send his tribe to Tribal Council.

Episode 1907 - "Project: Blindside?"

After a shocking turn of events at Tribal Council, the game takes a turn as both tribes merge. With the Caciques vulnerable for the first time in the game, the players of the game are wondering whether to finally take them out or use them to their advantage. With both tribes being muddied by swaps and alliance shifting, no one feels safe.


Contestants Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14 Ep. 14 Ep. 14
Lindsey Sean Clarence Vecepia Vecepia Sarah Patricia Sean Lex Gina Winner
Linda Kim J Kim P Kim P Sarah Sarah Patricia Sean Gina Gina 2nd Place
Gabriel Kim J Clarence Kim P Vecepia Sarah Patricia Sean Lex Gina 3rd Place
Gina Kim J Clarence Vecepia Vecepia Linda Patricia Sean Lex Gabriel Lindsey
Lex Mama Clarence Kim P Lindsey Sarah Patricia Sean Gina Lindsey
Sean Kim J Kim P Kim P Lindsey Gina Patricia Lex Linda
Patricia Kim J Clarence Kim P Vecepia Sarah Lindsey Gabriel
Sarah Sean Clarence Vecepia Lindsey Patricia Lindsey
Vecepia Kim J Clarence Kim P Sarah Linda
Kim P Vecepia Clarence Vecepia Lindsey
Clarence Kim J Kim P Linda
Kim J Vecepia Lindsey

Contestants Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6
Lindsey Diane Big Tom
Linda Diane Big Tom General Frank
Gabriel John Peter
Gina John Peter
Lex Diane Big Tom General Frank
Sean John Peter Linda Frank
Patricia John Peter
Sarah Gina Peter
Vecepia John Peter Linda Frank
Kim P Diane Big Tom
Clarence Diane Big Tom
Kim J Diane Big Tom General Vecepia
Frank Diane Big Tom General Lex
General John Peter Linda
Big Tom Diane Lindsey
Diane Kim P
Peter Sean Vecepia
John Sean