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Stranded in Australia

Season 8 – All-Stars

(June 20, 2009 – July 21st, 2009)

In the sequel to the first, (All-stars) Stranded in Australia featured returning players from the previous three seasons. Each season was designated its own tribe of 7 players. The set up was the same as the first All-stars: Two tribes would face Tribal Council and would both banish one member each from the tribe. The tribe that won the next Immunity Challenge would then decide which of the two would join their tribe; the other person would be voted out of the game. In a small twist on the original, the first night featured a vote where each season voted off one person from their tribe and onto another. Ultimately, the season suffered from the lack of all-stars willing to return, missing some heavy hitters in Katie, Leann, Jessie, Ghandia, and others. Luckily, what they lacked… Scout made up for in spades. From the very beginning she ruled India with an iron fist. Not wanting to have a repeat of their other season, the Indians rallied around their charismatic leader. In what quickly became a running joke, Scout threatened to quit the game every step of the way.

What started out as genuine became part of her strategy. Her alliance members wanted to keep her in the game so badly that they agreed to vote out whomever she wanted to. The India alliance, led by Scout, dominated the entire game. Superstar players like Carl, Teresa, and Heidi fell by the wayside trying to change their games from the first time they played. Some highlights included Kathy being voted out four times, the most interesting being the first time when she fought with tribe leader, Carl, instead of fighting for her life; Jenna’s fight for her life and very nearly succeeding; Hunter’s idol play and the ousting of majority member, Willard; and the ousting of Burton and Rob based solely on their pre-game alliance across seasons. In the most shocking and poetic moment of the season, Scout’s alliance members voted her out in the final 4 opting to keep the jury’s favorite underdog, Alex. Alex’s temper often went head to head against India’s equally feisty alliance. In the end, the underdog story of Alex surviving until the end and fighting with India every step of the way afforded him the win in a nearly unanimous victory. 





2nd Place


2nd Place

Cuauhtemoc Gilmore

4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place

Foulmouthed Leon

8th Place

srvivrfreak evelrich

9th Place


10th Place

Karkadam Mirror

11th Place

Franklin Bluth

12th Place


13th Place

Aras from Exile

14th Place


15th Place

monique 90210

16th Place


17th Place


18th Place

Reality Chopper

19th Place

Fart Party

20th Place


21st Place


Contestants Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14 Ep. 15 Ep. 16 Ep. 16 Ep. 16
Alex —- Robb Rory Willard Willard Ian Scout Winner
Rory Carl Robb Burton Ethan Hunter Hunter Alex 2nd Place
Ian Carl Robb Burton Ethan Hunter Hunter Scout 3rd Place
Scout Carl Robb Burton Ethan Willard Hunter Rory Rory
Hunter Carl Robb Burton Willard Willard Ian Alex
Willard Carl Robb Alex Ethan Hunter Alex
Ethan Carl Robb Burton Willard Alex
Burton Carl Robb Alex —-
Robb Carl Burton Alex
Carl Alex Alex

Contestants Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10
Alex Bubba —- Neleh Darrah Kathy Rob
Rory Neleh Coby Kathy Kathy Rob
Ian Neleh Kathy Kathy Heidi Teresa Jenna Darrah
Scout Neleh Coby —- Heidi Jenna Jenna Darrah
Hunter Kathy Lill Coby Kathy Robb
Willard Neleh Coby Kathy Heidi Teresa Jenna Darrah
Ethan Kathy Lill Coby Kathy Robb
Burton Kathy Lill Coby Heidi Jenna Jenna Darrah
Robb Bubba Bubba Neleh Darrah Kathy Rob
Carl Kathy Lill Coby Kathy Robb
Darrah —- Bubba Neleh Robb Willard Teresa Willard Willard
Rob Kathy Lil Coby Kathy Rory
Jenna Bubba Bubba Neleh Robb Willard Teresa Burton
Teresa Kathy Lill Coby Heidi Jenna
Heidi Bubba Bubba Neleh Darrah Willard
Kathy Burton —- —- —-
Coby Neleh Willard Rob
Neleh —- —-
Lill Bubba Hunter
James Neleh
Bubba Lill —-