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Stranded in Indonesia

Season 27

(April 14th, 2016 – May 16th, 2016)

The 27th season of Stranded saw 18 new players join the world’s greatest game. They would become some of the series’ most controversial, strategic, and dominant players. The Yali tribe, with its dynamic players, became the heart of the drama.

With his sharp intellect and uncanny ability to read people, Drew emerged as a strategic mastermind. His moves were calculated, keeping him several steps ahead of his competitors. However, his brilliance was often overshadowed by the season’s most notorious player, Dan. Known as one of the most villainous trolls in Stranded history, Dan’s antics and provocations led to countless arguments, turning allies into enemies overnight.

The game’s intensity skyrocketed post-merge, with players like Dale and Val steering the ship of fate for many. Reed, with his cunning ways, soon found himself on the outs, leading to his ouster. But it was Nadiya’s audacious moves that kept everyone on their toes. Her decision to give away immunity and her revelation of possessing two Individual Immunity Necklaces were the stuff of legends. 

But amidst the strategy, the explosive confrontations, many instigated by Dan, became the season’s hallmark. Almost no tribal council was free from heated exchanges, with players like So and Dale often at the center of the storm.

Joaquin, another mastermind, met an unexpected end, blindsided by those he trusted. So, despite her fierce spirit, couldn’t escape the tribe’s wrath. But it was the final four: Jaclyn, Nadiya, Dale, and Val, where the game reached its zenith. Val’s immunity win set the stage for Nadiya’s exit, leading to a final tribal council that was as much about gameplay as it was about settling personal scores.

The jury’s interrogation was intense. Dan’s past actions were scrutinized, Drew’s strategic brilliance acknowledged, and Val’s resilience praised. Amidst the chaos, Val’s defense of her gameplay stood out.

When the votes were counted, Val was crowned the Sole Survivor of “Stranded in Indonesia.” Her victory was not just a testament to her gameplay but also her ability to navigate through one of the most tumultuous seasons in Stranded history.


Tuna Wesson


Survivor Prison Mike

2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place


6th place


7th place

Chronic Messiah

8th place

The Demonic Emperor

9th Place

The Great Man

10th place


11th place

Shane’s Thinking Seat

12th place


13th place

Drew R.

14th place

Landen Panda

15th Place


16th place


17th place


18th place

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DaleKellyOld ValJennDrewReedJoaquinSoNadiya2nd Place
JaclynKellyDanJennDrewReedJoaquinSoNadiya3rd Place
SoJaclynReedValDrewJaclyn JaclynDale Mama Val
JoaquinKellyValJennDrewReed Jaclyn  Val
ReedKellyDanValDaleSo   Val
DrewDaleDanValDale    Val
JennKellyDaleVal     Val
DanJennVal      Dale
KellySo       —-

Episode 2701


In the 27th season of the online game Stranded, set in the exotic landscapes of Indonesia, two tribes, Asmat and Yali, were formed. The Asmat tribe was composed of Shirin, Max, Sierra, Joaquin, Dan, Joe, So, Kelly, and Jenn. The Yali tribe consisted of John Rocker, Missy, Keith, Reed, Jaclyn, Nadiya, Drew, Val, and Dale.

The game began with a tribe vote for the leader. The Asmat tribe was torn between So and Kelly, but after a tie, So emerged as the leader. Over at the Yali tribe, Jaclyn was voted the leader. As leaders, both So and Jaclyn were given the power to bestow a Public Immunity Idol. Both leaders decided to keep the idol for themselves, a move that could potentially shield them from being voted out at a future Tribal Council.

Each member of the Asmat tribe had their own approach to the game, their own alliances, and their own targets. Joe and Jenn began to discuss their impressions of the other players. Joe, with his golden boy charm, was playing a social game, building bonds with most of his tribemates, particularly Dan, Kelly, So, and Joaquin. Jenn, on the other hand, was more cautious, observing her tribemates and considering aligning with Joaquin and Max, who seemed inexperienced.

Kelly and Sierra, meanwhile, were discussing potential tribe leadership and unity. Kelly, a strong social player, was confident in her ability to win the game and planned to play hard and fast. Sierra, on the other hand, was more strategic, planning to ride the middle between being noticeable and not too obvious. Max and Jenn expressed interest in working together and forming alliances. Max was confident he could do well in the game and was forming social bonds while staying under the radar. Jenn, however, was frustrated with her tribe’s “tribe unity” approach and disliked the lack of strategic initiative from some members.

As the game progressed, the tribe faced challenges and twists. The tribe faced the challenge of a member threatening self-harm, Shirin, who was struggling with the game and was eventually replaced due to rule violations.

Meanwhile, the Yali tribe was off to a thrilling start. The tribe members, each embodying a unique character from the original show, were eager to form alliances, strategize, and navigate the twists and turns of the game. Nadiya, embodying her namesake from the original show, was the first to introduce herself to her fellow tribemates Drew, Jaclyn, John Rocker, and Val. Her excitement for the game was palpable, and she hoped to form strong alliances early on. Drew and Val reciprocated her enthusiasm, exchanging positive messages and expressing their excitement for the game.

As the game progressed, the tribe members continued to strategize and form alliances. Jaclyn, who had volunteered to be the leader, received support from the group. Val, Reed, and Nadiya expressed positive feelings toward Drew and considered him a potential ally. However, some players were worried about the lack of activity and strategizing, especially with Tribal Council approaching.

Dale, despite being sick, was trying to be social and clicked well with Drew. He was hoping to create a split between John and Val and target Val instead. Val, on the other hand, was feeling exhausted trying to fit in and find a group. She liked Reed but doubted his naivety claim. Drew was fairly confident but not arrogant about winning. He was solidifying unspoken alliances with tribe members and adopting an adaptable strategy to respond to evolving dynamics.

The first challenge of the season arrived, and the Yali tribe emerged victorious, winning immunity. This victory meant that the Asmat tribe would be sent to the first Tribal Council of the season. The Asmat tribe, still reeling from the loss of Shirin, was forced to vote out a member. So decided to burn the Public Idol by playing it on Sierra. In a unanimous decision, Shirin, who had already been replaced, was officially voted out at Tribal Council.

Episode 2702

The Indonesian sun blazed down on the two tribes, Asmat and Yali, as they prepared for their second round of challenges in the game of “Stranded in Indonesia.” The tribes had already faced their fair share of drama, alliances, and betrayals, and the game was only just beginning.

On the Asmat tribe, Max and Sierra, in particular, had formed a close bond, often seen discussing strategies and potential alliances. Jenn voiced her suspicions about Max’s vote, suggesting it wasn’t just a throwaway. She believed the guys, especially Joe, Dan, and Joaquin, were plotting to take control of the tribe. Max, feeling vulnerable, appreciated Jenn’s reassurance.

Meanwhile, So was in turmoil. She regretted playing her idol, feeling she had been bullied into it by Joe, Joaquin, and Dan. Kelly, always the supportive ally, comforted So, suggesting they form a counter-alliance with the girls and Max. The two women, along with Jenn, began discussing the formation of a strong coalition, which they playfully named “HazmatAsmat,” comparing their potential strength to legendary Survivor alliances.

Joe, Dan, and Joaquin were in high spirits, celebrating their majority alliance. They even considered forming a core trio, excluding others. But Joe’s trustworthiness was in question. He had thrown a stray vote towards Max, a move that puzzled many, including Dan. When confronted, Joe confessed, explaining he feared So might play an idol for Shirin. This revelation created ripples of distrust, especially with Max, who now felt like a marked man.

Sierra, on the other hand, was playing a careful game. Her confessional revealed her strategy of mending fences and steering votes. She was wary of So’s intentions and was trying to position herself favorably for a potential tribe swap. She also had concerns about Kelly, who seemed to be forming a close bond with So.

Max’s confessional painted a picture of a man on the edge. He felt targeted, especially by Joe, Dan, and Joaquin. He respected So’s decision to play the idol but was wary of the emerging alliances. He planned to strategize and turn the boys against each other.

As the tribe dynamics shifted, Kelly and So hatched a plan to form a girls’ alliance, hoping to counter the majority alliance of the boys. They also considered adding Max to their group chat, solidifying their bond. Kelly and Max also expressed mutual support, with Kelly revealing in her confessional her trust in So, Jenn, and Sierra.

On the other side of the island, the Yali tribe was a cauldron of tension and intrigue. John Rocker, Missy, Keith, Reed, Jaclyn, Nadiya, Drew, Val, and Dale made up this diverse group. While they had their strengths, their internal dynamics were complicated. Drew had taken on a leadership role, but not everyone was on board with his strategies. He had approached Nadiya with a plan to vote off John Rocker if they lost the challenge, a move that set the stage for a series of covert conversations and alliances.

Reed, a strategic player, felt the five-person alliance within Yali was not communicating effectively. He approached Missy and Dale, discussing potential backup plans. Dale shared his excitement for the upcoming challenge but also expressed his nervousness about the potential tribal council. Nadiya, sensing the tribe’s dynamics, approached Dale. She shared her observations about Missy’s growing closeness with Jaclyn and Drew’s attempts to build alliances with almost everyone. Dale nodded, absorbing the information.

As the challenge approached, the tribes gathered at the designated area. The challenge was intense, with each tribe member giving their all. In the end, Asmat’s unity and teamwork paid off, winning them immunity and sending Yali to their first tribal council.

The Yali tribe was in turmoil. John Rocker, sensing his precarious position, tried to form alliances. Val, trying to be helpful, reassured John and encouraged him to build relationships with others. However, in private conversations, Val expressed her concerns about John Rocker’s potential alliance with Drew.

The tribe’s dynamics were shifting rapidly. Val, Nadiya, and Jaclyn discussed a plan to target John Rocker, and the group seemed to agree. Reed suggested organizing better and discussing the plans for the next vote with Nadiya and Jaclyn.

As the tribal council approached, the tribe members discussed their strategies and alliances. Missy warned Reed about Drew potentially betraying their alliance, while Keith confirmed his alliance with Drew and Dale. Nadiya, although disappointed about not participating in the challenge, assured she would vote in tribal council.

The tribal council was intense, with accusations flying and alliances being tested. In the end, the tribe’s decision was unanimous. John Rocker’s torch was snuffed out, making him the second person to be voted out of “Stranded in Indonesia.” The Yali tribe left the council area, their faces a mix of relief and apprehension, knowing that the game was far from over.

Episode 2703 – The Swap

As they prepared for another day of challenges, alliances, and betrayals, the Asmat tribe, consisting of Max, Sierra, Joaquin, Dan, Joe, So, Kelly, and Jenn, had a strong bond. They had faced many challenges together and had come out stronger each time. On the other hand, the Yali tribe, with members Missy, Keith, Reed, Jaclyn, Nadiya, Drew, Val, and Dale, had its own dynamics, with some members being more dominant than others.

The day started with Joe from Asmat complimenting Kelly on her performance in the recent challenge. Kelly, always humble, mentioned that Jenn had performed even better. Joe, trying to boost her morale, mentioned that it was her kindness that truly made her stand out. Sierra and Joe discuss the possibility of a tribe swap and plan for potential scenarios. Sierra and Dan speculate about the outcomes and agree to prepare for any situation. Kelly reassures Sierra of her loyalty while Dan and Joe analyze the puzzle challenge and speculate about So’s interactions.

Meanwhile, in Yali, Reed, feeling confident in his gameplay, didn’t mind the early excitement. He didn’t trust Missy, viewing her as a cancer in the tribe. He was determined to take her out and even suspected Nad of being a potential ringleader. To cripple Missy’s chances, he shared information about her plans with others.

Missy, on the other hand, felt her alliance was loyal and unified. She was plotting to blindside Dale, but she was also wary of the other tribe’s high post count, viewing them as more cohesive. She had a complex web of relationships within her tribe, and she knew some were less trustworthy than others.

Drew, having successfully orchestrated John’s elimination, was now gunning for Missy. He felt that his tribe wasn’t as unified as it seemed and was concerned about Missy’s manipulations. He was also keenly observing the dynamics of the other tribe, planning to exploit potential cracks. In a surprising revelation, Drew admitted to intentionally throwing the challenge to eliminate John.

Val realized she needed to be more assertive. She voted for Missy to hide the alliance of 5 but wished they had more time to plan. She felt closer to Drew now and wanted to maintain control. She was also worried about gender alliances forming and wanted to avoid standing out as a target.

As the day progressed, the tribes received a message that shook the very core of their alliances: a tribe swap. Tensions flared as members were shuffled around. The new Yali tribe now consisted of Jaclyn, Dan, Nadiya, Joaquin, Dale, Sierra, Val, and Max. The new Asmat tribe was made up of So, Missy, Joe, Keith, Jenn, Drew, Kelly, and Reed. During the tribe swap, tensions flared. Jaclyn says “Bye Missy,” and Dale laughs. Missy responds, “thanks hun, love you too,” but adds a sarcastic comment about “extra rice” as she leaves the group. Drew comments on the tribe feeling like a whole new group, and Dale replies with a remark about not ending up with Missy.

Missy calls Dale “shady as fuck” and accuses him of being a liar. Dale fires back, mentioning how Missy threw others under the bus. The argument escalates, with Drew and Dale confronting Missy about her conflicting messages and manipulations. Dale mentions having messages as proof of Missy’s behavior, but they can’t be shared due to message restrictions. The conflict continues, with Missy trying to defend herself and explain her intentions, while Dale and others doubt her honesty and motives. The fight ends with heated exchanges and accusations between Missy, Dale, and the other tribe members.

The new Yali tribe seemed to gel well, with Dan and Joaquin forming a close bond. Sierra, on the other hand, was glad to be with some of her original tribe members but was wary of the new dynamics. Sierra didn’t feel great about being with Max but was comfortable with her relationships with Dan and Joaquin. She was concerned about Jaclyn’s idol and was keen to figure out who had it. She believed her old tribemates would do well on Asmat and wondered if Joe would make a big move against them.

Jaclyn was frustrated after Missy stirred up drama. She was worried about alliances and felt left out in the decision-making process. She was also concerned about being targeted by the “male alliance.” Dan was openly critical of Max, viewing him as useless in challenges. He wanted to build an alliance with Sierra and target Max for elimination.

Over at the new Asmat tribe, things were heating up. Joe and Kelly discussed their previous performances and the upcoming challenges. Missy, feeling the pressure, reached out to multiple tribe members, seeking support. Reed and Keith discussed building trust with the others and finding more cracks in the tribe’s dynamics.

The immunity challenge was intense. The new Yali tribe, with their combined strengths, managed to clinch victory, sending the new Asmat tribe to the dreaded Tribal Council. The discussions leading up to the council were heated. Missy was the obvious target for many due to her previous manipulations. The swap also brings chaos. Missy reaches out to multiple tribe members, seeking support to avoid elimination. Reed expresses his intense dislike for Missy, and the players discuss the plan to vote her out. The former Asmats agree to be in sync with their votes, and the tension builds. However, Keith’s name also came up multiple times. Joe and Drew discussed Missy’s chaotic behavior, with Drew emphasizing the need for unity. Kelly and So, on the other hand, were frustrated with Joe’s stubbornness and considered voting against his wishes.

As the tribe gathered around the fire at Tribal Council, the tension was palpable. Jeff Probst, the host, probed the tribe members about their feelings and alliances. When the votes were cast, it was a close call. Keith received five votes, while Missy received only three. With a heavy heart, Keith’s torch was snuffed out, and he became the third person voted out.

The remaining members of the Asmat tribe returned to their camp, knowing that the game had truly begun. Alliances would be tested, and only the strongest would survive.

Episode 2704

Missy, with a gleam in her eyes, expressed her excitement about achieving something significant in the game. However, the game was about to take an unexpected turn.

Jeff Probst, the host, made a surprise visit to the camp, presenting a tantalizing offer: a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. But there was a catch. Accepting the clue would come with penalties in the next Immunity Challenge. The tribe was abuzz with speculation. Dale suggested that only one person should take the clue to minimize penalties. But Val had a different idea. She proposed that everyone take the clue to avoid any mistrust within the tribe.

On Asmat, So stepped up, believing that as the tribe leader, she should be the one to take the risk. She accepted the clue, incurring two penalties for the tribe. Later, she shared the clue with her alliance, which included Jenn, Missy, Reed, and others. The alliance seemed strong, with members expressing trust and love for each other. But the game’s unpredictable nature meant that nothing was set in stone.

Over on Yali, the tribe was in high spirits after their recent Immunity win. Val, Nadiya, Jaclyn, and Dale gathered to discuss their strategy. They were wary of Missy, who seemed to be playing both sides. Jaclyn, trying to build relationships outside her core alliance, engaged in a light-hearted conversation with Max about their shared interests.

Back at Asmat, the clue to the Immunity Idol became the center of attention. Missy, not wanting to be left out, shared clues she had received earlier. The tribe was abuzz with discussions, speculations, and strategies. Drew and Jenn, in a quiet corner, reassured each other of their loyalty. Despite the gameplay conflict, Missy expressed genuine feelings for Reed.

On Yali, the game’s dynamics shifted rapidly when Nadiya, after meticulously searching, found the Hidden Immunity Idol. This revelation sent shockwaves through the tribe. With the idol in her possession and a final two deal with Jaclyn, Nadiya’s position in the game seemed stronger than ever.

As the Immunity Challenge approached, the Asmat tribe, already burdened with penalties, felt the pressure. The challenge was intense, testing both physical prowess and mental agility. Despite their best efforts, Asmat couldn’t overcome their penalties, and Yali emerged victorious once again.

With Tribal Council looming, whispers spread through the Asmat tribe. Missy’s name was on everyone’s lips. Reed and Jenn, seeing an opportunity, planned to flip to Drew and Joe’s alliance to vote out Missy. The tribe members also speculated about the possibility of fake idol clues, adding another layer of intrigue to the game.

At Tribal Council, the tension was palpable. Jeff delved into the tribe’s dynamics, bringing to light the cracks in the alliance. As the votes were cast, the tribe made a unanimous decision. Missy, with five votes against her, became the fourth person voted out of “Stranded in Indonesia.”

Episode 2705

The sun rose over the Indonesian islands, casting a golden hue over the two tribes, Yali and Asmat. On Asmat, the group was visibly pleased with Missy’s departure. Drew, with a smirk, mentioned how the game had just become a bit more predictable. The conversation quickly shifted to alliances. Joe brought up the importance of trust in the game. He subtly hinted at his unease with some tribe members, especially with the looming threat of a tribe swap.

Kelly, always observant, noted the undercurrents of tension. She whispered to Reed about the possibility of targeting Joe in the next tribal council. As the day progressed, the tribe’s dynamics became more complex. Kelly considered aligning with Reed, but Jenn warned her about the repercussions of voting out Drew. She believed that such a move would alienate Reed and make future collaborations difficult.

Drew discovers the Hidden Immunity Idol, a significant advantage in the game. His find was a well-guarded secret, but the weight of the idol in his pocket was a constant reminder of the power he now held. Drew and Jenn, feeling the need to solidify their alliance, planned to vote together against Joe. They believed that by blindsiding Joe, they could take control of the tribe’s dynamics.

The tribes gathered for the Immunity Challenge, where Jeff Probst, the host, introduced a twist. He presented a Prisoner’s Dilemma to the contestants. Each player had the option to claim Individual Immunity, but doing so would send their tribe to Tribal Council. If no one took the offer, both tribes would face the council, raising the stakes even higher.

The tension was palpable. Whispers and glances were exchanged as each player weighed the pros and cons of the decision. In a bold move, Joaquin from Yali stepped forward, claiming Individual Immunity for himself. This decision sent shockwaves through the Yali tribe as they realized they were now heading to Tribal Council.

Back at the Yali camp, the atmosphere was thick with strategy and alliances. Nadiya and Dale, having previously discussed the game’s dynamics, were concerned about Max’s unpredictable behavior. They believed he had become a wildcard, and his actions could jeopardize the tribe’s unity. Val, Sierra, and Dan echoed these sentiments, expressing their concerns about Max’s loyalty.

Max, in a surprising move, shared idol clues with the tribe. The group gathered around, discussing potential locations. Sierra and Jaclyn, taking a break from the idol hunt, discussed their difficulties in finding it. They also speculated about Max’s erratic behavior. Sierra shared a theory about the password being related to the Kelimutu lakes and discussed it with Joaquin and Dan. The trio seemed to be onto something.

Max, sensing the tribe’s unease, approached Joaquin, hoping to form a last-minute alliance. However, Joaquin, confident in his immunity, was non-committal. Max, in a desperate move, even considered voting for himself, hoping to gain sympathy from his tribe members.

As night fell, the Yali tribe gathered around the Tribal Council fire. Jeff Probst initiated the voting process. One by one, the tribe members cast their votes, the weight of their decisions evident in their expressions. Jaclyn played her Public Idon on herself.

When the votes were tallied, the result was clear. Max was voted out with a staggering 7 to 1 vote, with one of the votes against being his own. As he left the council area, the tribe’s mixed emotions were evident. Some felt relief, while others pondered the implications of their decision.

Episode 2706

The sun had barely risen, but the Yali and Asmat tribes were already buzzing with anticipation. The recent events left both tribes in a state of unrest. Max’s self-vote from Yali was still the talk of the camp, and the looming merge added another layer of complexity to the game.

The Yali tribe, consisting of Jaclyn, Dan, Nadiya, Joaquin, Dale, Sierra, and Val, had its own internal dynamics. Dale and Nadiya had formed a close bond, often strategizing together. Nadiya and Dale devised a secret code using phrases and words to communicate discreetly during the game. Sierra, on the other hand, was seen as a strategic player, emphasizing the importance of the hidden immunity idol.

Over at the Asmat camp, So, Joe, Jenn, Drew, Kelly, and Reed were dealing with their own set of challenges. Joe’s strong personality often clashed with others, especially Dan from the opposing tribe. Reed, having previously been on the Yali tribe, was perceived as a potential threat due to his shifting allegiances.

On Asmat, Jenn, with a hint of guilt in her eyes, confessed to the group that she might have inadvertently played a role in Max’s elimination by revealing some information about him. Reed and Drew, sensing an opportunity, quickly reassured her of their loyalty. They expressed their desire to work closely with Jenn, seeing her as a valuable ally in the game.

The day’s Immunity Challenge brought a new twist. Jeff Probst announced that individual immunity was up for grabs again, with one member from each tribe having the chance to secure their safety. The challenge was intense, with every tribe member giving it their all. However, tensions reached a boiling point when a heated exchange erupte.

Dan became frustrated when So kept questioning the rules, to which he replied, “Jesus fucken Christ it’s one of the words he’s going to post FFS.” So responded, “Dan literally calm your shit. I understand the rules, I’m just asking if the box is case sensitive?”

However, the situation escalated when Dan used offensive language towards So, saying, “Suck my balls you dumb retard.” This prompted Kelly to intervene, stating, “And this is where the line is crossed. Way to call someone a retard asshole.” Joe also confronted Dan, telling him to “Shut the fuck up” and expressing his disapproval of Dan’s derogatory language. In response, Dan mocked Joe, saying, “Such a prude now Joey” and continued to use offensive language, calling Joe a “boring retard.”

The situation worsened as Kelly defended So and Joe, stating that Dan’s behavior was inappropriate. So also criticized Dan, calling him a “sexist pig” and accusing him of discrimination against disabled people, using the hashtag #WorsethanRocker. Dan’s response to the criticism was to tell someone to slap So, and he continued using offensive language, dismissing Kelly’s plea to stop using the word “retard” by saying, “Somebody slap this woman.”

Kelly then revealed that she has a brother with autism, and found Dan’s language deeply offensive. The exchange left the players tense and upset due to Dan’s offensive remarks and refusal to stop using derogatory language. Accusations flew, alliances were tested, but in the end, Joaquin from Yali and Kelly from Asmat emerged victorious, winning individual immunity.

As the tribes returned to their respective camps, the strategy talks began in earnest. At Yali, the majority seemed to be leaning towards voting out Jaclyn due to her perceived inactivity. However, Dale, Nadiya, and Val had other plans. They saw Sierra as a bigger threat and began to rally votes against her. Sierra, feeling confident in her alliance with Dan and Joaquin, was oblivious to the plot against her. Joaquin, with his recent win of individual immunity, felt a surge of confidence, while Dan’s confrontational nature had made him both allies and enemies.

At Asmat, the dynamics were equally complex. Joe, having made enemies with his confrontational nature, was the primary target for many. However, Drew’s name was also thrown around as a potential vote. Reed, being the wild card, was unsure of where to place his vote.

As the group strategized for the upcoming Tribal Council, a plan emerged: they would split the votes between Joe and either Drew or Reed. Drew and Jenn, having formed a close bond, discussed their alliance’s future. They envisioned themselves dominating the game, reaching the end together, and being perceived as strong players by the jury.

Drew, always the strategist, discussed potential plans with Kelly, Joe, and So. They considered splitting votes and even using an idol to manipulate the vote. Kelly, however, was concerned about their numbers going into the merge and wondered if they could persuade Dale to join their side. Reed and Drew, despite their alliance, felt the weight of the upcoming Tribal Council. They speculated whether Jenn might betray them and even considered using an idol bluff to create chaos if they felt threatened.

Nightfall brought with it the dreaded Tribal Council. The Yali tribe went first. One by one, they cast their votes. When Jeff read the votes, Sierra was left in shock. With four votes against her, she was blindsided, leaving the Tribal Council area with a mix of sadness and disbelief. Jaclyn, who had received three votes, breathed a sigh of relief.

Next up was the Asmat tribe. The tension was palpable as the votes were read. Joe, with three votes against him, was sent packing. Drew, having received two votes, and Reed, with one vote, remained safe for another day.

The blindsides of Sierra and Joe sent shockwaves through the remaining players. Alliances were tested, and the game’s unpredictability was once again highlighted. As the tribes returned to their camps, they knew that the game was far from over but were unaware that the merge was upon them.

Episode 2707 – The Merge

Having successfully blindsided Joe, Jenn, Reed, and Drew were in high spirits. They discussed their plans, with Jenn particularly wary of Joaquin’s influence. She saw him as a threat, especially with his ties to Dan and Dale. On the other hand, Drew was more concerned about maintaining numbers and ensuring they stayed in the majority. They both agreed that Reed might become expendable if it benefited their game.

On the other side, Nadiya, Jaclyn, Dale, and Val were still reeling from their decision to vote out Sierra. They knew they had ruffled feathers, especially with Dan and Joaquin. Nadiya tried to mend fences with Joaquin, explaining their decision, but the tension was palpable. Dale, ever the strategist, proposed a group chat to discuss their strategy for the merger. He felt that targeting players connected to So and Kelly would be their best move.

The sun barely rose over the tribe’s campsite when Jeff Probst announced the newly merged Korowai Tribe. The merge brought together a diverse group of individuals, each with their own stories, strengths, and weaknesses. The air was thick with tension, anticipation, and the ever-present undercurrent of deception.

Reed and Drew, having survived the pre-merge game, were already plotting their next moves. They saw Joaq and Dan as immediate threats and considered contacting old Yali members to flip the numbers in their favor.

Dale’s Confessional revealed the intricate web of alliances and mistrust. He saw five different alliances at play and trusted Nadiya the most. He viewed Val and Jac as allies but doubted their strategic abilities. Dale was wary of Reed and Drew, especially Drew, whom he wanted out.

Nadiya, the art enthusiast with a love for musicals and languages, finds solace amidst the game’s chaos. Her conversations with Val about their shared interests and Jaclyn about the tribe’s dynamics were becoming crucial to her gameplay. Nadiya’s Confessional revealed her mistrust towards Drew, calling him a snake. She was also holding onto public and hidden immunity idols, feeling the pressure of being targeted due to the public idol.

Kelly, the theater student, was in a precarious position. Kelly’s Confessional highlighted her strategy of using Dan as a goat and her trust in So. She felt on the outs with the Yali tribe and was trying to maneuver into a majority alliance. She recognized competition from Reed, Jenn, and Joaquin. She was hurt by Dan’s offensive remarks but was determined to stay positive and build new friendships.

Dan’s behavior was becoming a significant concern. His offensive remarks about Kelly and others were causing rifts in the tribe. Val, in particular, was vocal about her disdain for Dan’s comments. So and Kelly, feeling on the outs, were desperate to change the tribe’s dynamics. They contacted various tribe members to gather information and form new alliances.

Dan’s Confessional painted a picture of a player causing chaos. He admitted to stirring up trouble and contemplated playing a more aggressive game. He identified Jenn as his target and discussed allying with Joaquin. Dan also mentioned using a fake idol to shake things up.

Jenn, meanwhile, was growing increasingly frustrated with Dan. She compared his game strategy to Phillip Sheppard, a previous Survivor contestant known for his erratic behavior. She was also wary of Joaquin, who seemed too willing to follow others’ votes.

As the days went by, the tribe’s dynamics continued to shift. Reed and Drew were solidifying their alliance, while Val, Jenn, and Nadiya were trying to figure out where they stood. Dan and Joaq, despite their differences, were planning their next moves, targeting either Kelly or So. Drew, ever the strategist, was gleefully watching the Asmat members, hoping they’d turn on each other.

Jenn, the sharp-eyed observer, was at the center of many discussions. Jenn’s Confessional revealed her independent nature and her mistrust towards Joaquin. She was forming connections with Nadiya and Val but needed to figure out Dale’s loyalty. She had plans with Drew to flip-flop between alliances. Jenn saw the potential in aligning with Reed and Drew. The trio then set their sights on Dan, who became increasingly isolated due to his behavior.

The game’s tension was palpable. Kelly felt isolated, believing Drew was targeting her. Drew, however, was building alliances left and right, notably with Dan, Joaq, and Dale. He assured Jenn that Jaclyn would follow his lead, but Jenn had doubts.

Reed, Val, and Drew contemplated rekindling their old Yali alliance to strengthen their position. Val, a strategic player with a keen sense of the game’s dynamics, was deeply concerned about Drew. Rumors were circulating, and she suspected Drew was the source. She approached Kelly, seeking reassurance and understanding. Kelly, ever the diplomat, listened intently and assured Val of her comprehension.

Nadiya was growing increasingly suspicious. She had caught wind of a potential unanimous vote and was not convinced. In a hushed conversation with Joaquin, they discussed potential targets. Always with an ear to the ground, Joaquin shared his insights, but the two needed to be more cautious about making any hasty decisions.

Jenn, a sharp-eyed observer, approached Nadiya with concerning news. Dan, she revealed, was spreading rumors about Nadiya. This revelation set off a chain reaction. Val, always protective of her allies, warned Nadiya about Dan’s intentions, particularly his attempts to dismantle the Yali girls’ alliance.

Val, Jaclyn, and So convened to discuss their voting strategy. The consensus was to target Kelly, but Drew’s role in this plan was to remain a secret. So believed that Joaquin’s relationship with Dan was deteriorating, suggesting that Joaquin might be ready to sever ties with his ally.

As the days passed, the tribe’s dynamics became even more complex. So, another key player informed Nadiya about Dan’s latest target. This information was corroborated when Jenn revealed to Drew that she would be the extra vote for Yali, siding with the majority.

Jaclyn, however, was growing increasingly anxious. She was concerned about potential targets, especially given the shifting loyalties of tribe members like Drew, Reed, and Jenn. Her worries were not unfounded. So informed Drew that Dan was pushing to target either him or Jenn. The game was becoming a maze of strategies and counter-strategies.

Amidst this chaos, Drew and Jenn found solace in their alliance. They discussed their strategy to gain the trust of the Yali girls, with the ultimate goal of blindsiding Jaclyn after voting out Dan. Drew discussed the possibility of breaking up the powerful duo of Joaquin and Dan to strengthen the Yali group. Meanwhile, So and Kelly were also in talks, discussing their options and potential targets.

However, as the days went by, the tribe’s dynamics continued to shift. Alliances were tested, trust was broken, and the looming tribal council was on everyone’s mind. Speculations were rife about potential vote splits, double agents, and who was in control. Reed, with his love for sports and a peculiar sense of humor, and Drew, the music enthusiast, was becoming a force to be reckoned with. Their recent win at the Individual Immunity, alongside Nadiya, had solidified their position in the game.

The tribal council was tumultuous. Arguments broke out, accusations were hurled, and trust was shattered. Safe with their immunity, Reed, Drew, and Nadiya watched as the drama unfolded. Dan calls out Nadiya for not giving him immunity, playfully mentioning she already has an idol. Jenn acknowledges her vulnerability due to Dan’s vendetta against her for voting out his ally, Joe.

The situation escalates when Jaclyn accuses So of trying to play manipulative games, which So fiercely denies, claiming she has evidence against Jaclyn. The two engage in a heated exchange, each defending their position with passion. Jaclyn jabs, “Dale, I couldn’t message you in time before the PMs cut off, but So is a fucking liar, and I wouldn’t throw your name to someone obviously trying to flip the votes at the last second. So, So: don’t try to play games with me, booboo. I see right through your transparent, high school bullshit.” So responds, “Bitch I have so much evidence stacked against you.”

Jeff Probst steps in, asking Dan about the disqualifications during the challenge. Dan criticizes the disqualified players for lacking reading skills, stirring the pot even further. Val defends herself for unintentionally revealing information to others, claiming it was a mere communication mishap. Dan responds, “Shut the fuck up. How dare you question me. You & Jaclyn are obviously tight as a nun’s cunt.”

Jaclyn and So continue their fiery confrontation, questioning the other’s trustworthiness and honesty. The atmosphere becomes tense, with emotions running high. So replies, “So. “You ignored me the entire weekend and then messaged me after the challenge telling me to vote Dale. True story bro. I think Missy was right about you, Dale.” Feeling caught in the middle, Dale asks So about the claim that someone from his alliance is voting for him, adding more fuel to the fire. Jenn digs at Dan’s bravado, accusing him of talking about a big game without backing it up. So makes a bold move, pinning her votes on Jaclyn, hinting at suspicions of Dale holding an idol based on what she heard from his tribe.

Val defends Dale, calling the situation ridiculous, and Jaclyn assures him of his safety. As the night progresses, Reed observes the tension between the two tribe leaders, Dan and So, noting their rivalry’s significance during this Tribal Council. The atmosphere remains charged as players scramble to secure their positions in the game, making the merge more unpredictable than ever before. And when the votes were counted, Kelly was voted out in a 7 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 vote. She became the first member of the jury, her dreams of victory crushed.

Episode 2708

In the aftermath of a particularly chaotic tribal council, the tribe was abuzz with discussions, speculations, and strategies. So was visibly confused about the votes, trying to piece together the mystery behind them. Drew, on the other hand, found humor in the chaos but was also wary of a potential blindside. He discussed the possibility of a significant move in the game. He loved the tribal council and the drama, as it exposed cracks and paranoia among the players. The vote went as he expected, with Kelly being voted out.

Jenn, having managed to gain the trust of Jaclyn and Nadiya, was also trying to make sense of the aftermath. She and So spent time dissecting the votes, especially the conflict that arose between Jaclyn and So.

Jaclyn got heated with So not because she was targeted in a last-minute plan, but because she believes So executed the plan poorly. She thinks So chose the wrong target (Dale) and lacked social awareness. She confirms that the original plan was for Kelly to go home, as Kelly was good in challenges and kept to herself, making her a threat. Jaclyn, feeling the weight of her actions, apologized for the offensive comments she made during the tribal council. She also questioned So’s claims about her, hinting at a lie that had been spread.

Val, always the strategist, shared a clue for a hidden immunity idol, adding another layer of intrigue to the game. She believes the vote went mostly as she expected, but there was a mystery vote, likely from Kelly. Val acknowledges that people are aware of her presence in the game. Nadiya seemed content with how the tribal council went, but she too was puzzled by the votes.

Dan, ever the pot-stirrer, reveled in the chaos, while Joaquin tried to console a paranoid Dale. Amidst the strategizing, there were moments of camaraderie and personal discussions. Val and Nadiya exchanged friendly messages, and Jaclyn reached out to Nadiya to discuss Dale’s portrayal in the game. She also took the opportunity to apologize for her behavior.

The game’s dynamics were ever-shifting. Val expressed her support for Reed and discussed the game’s intricacies. She also talked about shaking things up and forming new alliances. Dan and So had intense discussions about the game’s nature, with So contemplating taking a step back from the forefront.

Jenn voted out Kelly at tribal council to eliminate chaos and panic caused by Kelly and So. Managed to ingratiate herself with Yali by fighting with Dan and dissociating from the drama. Thinks Nadiya and Drew are playing mastermind games behind the scenes. Sees Nadiya as the real strategist in control. Jaclyn and Nadiya pondered the idea of targeting Drew instead of Jenn, while Drew and Val discussed potential alliances and targets.

The game was heating up, with alliances being formed, broken, and reformed. The tribe was gearing up for another tribal council, and the discussions intensified. Drew and Reed strategized about potential targets, considering So’s elimination. They also contemplated forming alliances with Jenn and So.

Val, the fierce competitor with a sharp mind, was planning to vote for Joaq. She had caught wind of a potential trio alliance between Joaq, Dale, and Dan, which threatened her position in the game. She confided in Drew, the tribe’s strategist, about her concerns. Drew, always one step ahead, considered the Joaq vote as a strategic move to break up the trio. He believed that Dan and Jenn might target each other, ensuring safety for their alliance.

Joaq, on the other hand, felt like a marked man. Rumors swirled that he possessed an idol, but in reality, he was defenseless. He considered flipping to the other side, but the uncertainty of such a move weighed heavily on him. He confided in Jenn and So about Drew’s plan to blindside Nadiya, urging them to keep the information under wraps.

Nadiya was open to voting for Joaq but had reservations about Jenn’s loyalty. She and Jenn had a heart-to-heart, discussing their lack of communication and the possibility of joining forces. However, Nadiya was caught in a whirlwind of conflicting information. Joaq told her that Drew was targeting her, while Drew insisted they were gunning for Joaq.

So, the tribe’s wildcard, was growing increasingly frustrated with the ever-changing plans. She had multiple conversations with Drew, trying to pin down a solid plan. At one point, she even insisted on voting for Val, adding another layer of complexity to the already convoluted strategy.

Jenn, the tribe’s free spirit, was caught in the crossfire. She contemplated whether to side with Val’s plan to target Dan or stick with Joaq’s plan to target her. She was in constant communication with Drew, trying to decipher the true intentions behind the shifting plans.

Drew was working overtime. He was in talks with almost every tribe member, trying to secure numbers for the upcoming vote. He was confident in his plan to vote for Joaq and believed that Nadiya wouldn’t risk playing her idol.

Reed, the tribe’s voice of reason, was trying to navigate the chaos. He suggested splitting the votes to avoid an idol play and was in constant discussions with Drew about the best course of action. Reed believes he has been building jury votes since the beginning of the game. He is focused on making it to the end with Drew or So.

In a surprising turn of events, Joaquin won Individual Immunity, solving the maze the fastest. This added another layer of complexity to the already intricate game. As the hours ticked by, the camp was buzzing with activity. Drew and Joaq had multiple clarifying conversations, trying to understand each other’s intentions. Nadiya, feeling the pressure, was unsure of whom to trust, especially with Drew’s ever-evolving plans.

The tribal council loomed large, promising a showdown of epic proportions. With idols, secret plans, and potential blindsides in play, the tribe was on edge. The only certainty was that the upcoming vote would change the course of the game forever.

As the tribe members made their way to the council, whispers and last-minute strategies were exchanged. The torches were lit, and Jeff Probst, the host, welcomed them. The stage was set for a night of revelations, betrayals, and game-changing decisions. At Tribal Council, the atmosphere was tense as the players gathered to vote. Trashley, the host, asked the crucial question: “Who is going home?” Dan immediately replied, “Val.” Val acknowledged Dan’s feelings for her, stating, “He’s doing what he believes is best.”

Jeff Probst turned to Nadiya, who held the Public Immunity Idol, and asked if she would play it tonight. Nadiya responded, “I haven’t decided yet… I get to choose after votes are due, correct?” Jenn made her stance clear, saying, “My thoughts haven’t changed since last tribal. There’s no love lost between me and Dan.” Dale questioned Jenn about why she didn’t mention Dan as a potential target. So jumped in, calling Dale a “blabber mouth” and suggesting that he talks too much.

Dan tried to create a distraction by posting his fake idol with a message copied from Probst. Val reacted, “Oh boy!” but Jenn didn’t buy it, saying, “Looks fake to me.” Despite the drama, Nadiya decided to play her Public Immunity Idol.

Jenn continued to express her distaste for Dan’s behavior, calling him a “massive troll” who craves attention. Nadiya revealed that she had flushed her idol, but Dan disagreed, claiming he was the one who flushed it.

Their heated exchange continued, with Dan resorting to offensive language, going out telling So, “You’re gonna get r*** at FTC ya dumb goat c**t” Dan, despite his confidence, was voted out with 5 votes to Val’s 3.

Episode 2709

In the midst of a strategic game, tensions ran high among the players. Dale suspects that either So or Kelly voted for him in the previous vote. He feels like he’s on the bottom of the alliance. So felt the weight of betrayal after a vote, feeling outplayed and out of the loop. He confronted his fellow players, seeking answers about who had voted against him. Val, always one to comment on the game’s twists and turns, remarked on the unexpected vote and the mystery surrounding someone’s vote for So. Val believes she was seen as a leader by her tribe, which might be making her a target now.

Reed, trying to navigate the treacherous waters of the game, revealed that Dan’s idol bluff had caused concern among the players. Reed’s feels the pressure after the last vote. “I need to step up my game.” They were worried about what Joaquin might do next. Joaquin, for his part, confirmed that he had voted for Val, and he speculated about the actions of a player named Asmat. Joaquin is sad about losing Dan and wishes he had spoken up earlier to save him.

Drew, ever the peacemaker, congratulated everyone on their gameplay and sent a heart emoticon, signaling his affection for the group. Drew’s been lying to Joaquin, Dan, and Dale to make them think he’s with them. But So was not easily placated. So’s confessional: “I feel like an outcast in the tribe. Jenn is the only sincere person I trust.” He pressed Reed, wanting to know who had flipped during the vote. Reed, always calculating, discussed his strategy, mentioning that he had used Dan as a suggestion to protect himself.

The game’s dynamics shifted rapidly. Drew confirmed that Dale was angry, and they needed to tread carefully. Dale’s confessional: “I’m not aligned with anyone right now. Reed and Nadiya are trying to regain my trust, but I have plans to align with Nad and the Yali tribe.” So, trying to piece together the puzzle, told Joaquin that someone else had flipped during the vote. He even quoted something Dale had said in a previous episode, trying to make sense of the situation.

Nadiya, feeling the pressure, was unsure who had flipped. Nadiya’s confessional: “I’m unsure about trusting anyone right now. Dale is upset with me, and it hurts because I wanted to work with him.” She suspected either So or Jenn and was frustrated by the names she was being called. Reed, perhaps feeling the tension, lightened the mood by jokingly asking if he could eat lunch. But So’s sarcasm was evident when he remarked that they should have voted him out, clearly annoyed with the unfolding situation.

The game was a whirlwind of accusations, strategies, and shifting alliances. Val denied voting for Reed and shared her voting experience, while Reed tried to control the damage, bluffing Drew about influencing the girls’ votes. Val’s confessional: “I’m paranoid about votes that weren’t cast against our alliance. I have doubts about Drew, Reed, and Dale.” Joaquin believed he had sent a message earlier and discussed Asmat’s gameplay. Jenn, on the other hand, was relieved that a troublesome player had been voted out and expressed her concerns about Dale’s intentions.

As the game progressed, alliances were tested. So and Nadiya had a disagreement, but So expressed a willingness to work together again. Nadiya finds herself in a position of trust with Jaclyn, but doubts her gameplay. Val and So joked about his “shady behavior,” and Nadiya mentioned someone calling her a name. Val’s confessional: “I’m confused by some players’ actions. I’m considering voting for Drew in the upcoming tribal council.” Joaquin defended his decision to vote for Dan, and So reassured him that they weren’t targeting him.

Drew, feeling the heat, regretted not voting for Dan and mentioned wanting to pull Dale back into the fold. Drew wants to work with Jenn and So against Yali. The dynamics continued to shift, with players like Val, Nadiya, and Joaquin discussing their positions, alliances, and strategies. Reed, always strategizing, advised So to consider the implications of voting Drew out, especially with the Yali girls’ alliance still intact.

The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with players like Nadiya expressing frustration and considering quitting. In contrast, others like Drew and Joaquin reflected on their decisions and expressed readiness to work with everyone. Nadiya’s confessional: “I regret using the second idol. I feel vulnerable.” The players constantly strategized, discussing hidden immunity idols, potential targets, and shifting alliances.

The recent individual immunity challenge had just concluded, with So emerging as the victor, securing her safety from the impending tribal council.

Drew, another prominent player, was often seen strategizing with Jenn. They discussed using Dale’s emotions to their advantage, with Drew expressing a preference to target Joaquin first. However, Jenn had her reservations about Dale’s trustworthiness and Joaquin’s potential as an ally.

Nadiya, on the other hand, had different concerns. She confided in Val about her struggles with challenges and her aspirations outside the game, particularly her interest in government jobs. Nadiya’s relationship with So was also noteworthy. So had advised Nadiya to convince Val to vote for Drew, hinting at the complex web of alliances and betrayals.

The game wasn’t without its share of drama. Drew had plans to convince the Yali girls that he wasn’t aligned with So, Jenn, and Reed. Meanwhile, Nadiya discovered Reed’s negative comments about her, leading to tension within the tribe.

As tribal council approached, the players were abuzz with strategy and speculation. Joaquin felt like a free agent, willing to work with anyone who could offer him safety. Val, on the other hand, seemed to be flip-flopping between alliances, making her a wild card in the upcoming vote.

The dynamics between So and Drew were particularly tense. While So considered Dale and Joaq her closest allies, she also entertained the idea of an all-girls alliance targeting the boys. Jenn, always looking for an angle, considered blindsiding Drew.

The tribal council culminated all the whispers, strategies, and alliances. The tension was palpable as Jeff Probst, the virtual host, began the proceedings. Votes were cast, and the tribe made its decision. In a close vote, Jenn was voted out with 5 votes, narrowly beating Val’s 4.

Episode 2710

The Yali tribe was a beacon of hope for many. Jaclyn, an enthusiastic member, couldn’t contain her excitement and frequently used the hashtag #Yali4Lyfe to express her allegiance. Dale preferred aligning with Jaclyn and Nadiya over Reed, Drew, Jenn, and So. But not everyone was as thrilled. Val, known for her wit, often masked her frustrations with humor, making light of the intense situations they found themselves in.

Reed, a keen observer, was skeptical of Joaquin’s intentions. He couldn’t wrap his head around why Joaquin would vote for Jenn. Drew, on the other hand, was full of praise for both So and Joaquin’s gameplay, admiring their strategic moves. He admitted to erring in aligning with Joaquin and Dale’s plan but saw potential opportunities in the current scenario. Nadiya, feeling triumphant, congratulated everyone on their decision to vote out Jenn.

Joaquin took a moment to explain his strategy, revealing how they had successfully deceived the others with a plan to vote for Val. He identified Nadiya and Val as the most significant threats in the game. Reed, ever the diplomat, sought to reassure Drew that their alliance with So was still strong. So herself clarified her reasons for voting against Jenn, while Nadiya found So’s antics during the vote amusing.

Apologies were in order as Joaquin reached out to Drew, expressing regret for voting Jenn out but emphasizing their continued alliance. Val, amidst the chaos, took a moment to appreciate the camaraderie among the group. The dynamics of the game were ever-changing, with players like So and Reed discussing their strategies and alliances, while others like Nadiya felt left out, questioning the loyalty of the Yali girls’ alliance.

Drew, realizing he might have misunderstood Val’s message, clarified his position and loyalty. Val, however, was wary, expressing her concerns about Drew’s trustworthiness and suggesting they collaborate with others. Val expressed her frustrations with the trajectory of her game post-merge. While she trusted her girls, she felt she was making more strategic moves and suggestions than them. She felt sidelined but was determined not to be passive. Val was in a dilemma, trying to determine the best course of action and whom to align with. Nadiya, feeling misunderstood, voiced her annoyance with the Yali girls’ assumptions about her alliances.

As the game progressed, players like So and Val discussed the intricate dynamics of the game, with alliances like the Yali girls and the 4 Asmats coming into play. Val, ever the strategist, even suggested “cannibalizing” the Yali girls and raised questions about Reed’s activities.

Personal matters also found their way into the game. Reed took a moment to discuss personal matters, expressing his admiration for Nadiya. Nadiya, on the other hand, was plotting her next move, considering targeting either Drew or Reed to dismantle the all-guys alliance.

The game’s pace quickened as the next tribal council approached. Players like Drew and Val discussed their strategies, while others like Jaclyn and Nadiya shared their suspicions and plans. The tribe was abuzz with speculations, strategies, and potential blindsides.

Amid this, So won Individual Immunity, ensuring her safety for the upcoming tribal council. This win added another layer of complexity to the tribe’s dynamics as players scrambled to adjust their strategies.

Val, feeling vulnerable, reached out to So for clarity on the next vote target. Drew, always a step ahead, suggested a plan to solidify their alliance and handle Joaquin’s potential idol. As the tribe prepared for the impending tribal council, discussions about potential vote splits, idols, and targets dominated the conversation.

The tribe’s dynamics were a rollercoaster of emotions and strategies. Players like Nadiya and Val discussed their concerns and plans, while others like Drew and Reed strategized about potential blindsides. The game was a whirlwind of alliances, betrayals, and shifting loyalties.

As the tribal council loomed, the players made their final pitches, discussed their strategies, and prepared for the vote. The tribe was on edge, with everyone trying to ensure their safety. The outcome of the tribal council was uncertain, with alliances being tested and players second-guessing their decisions.

In the end, the tribe made its decision. Drew was voted out with 5 votes to 2 to 1, leaving the remaining players to navigate the treacherous waters of the game and prepare for the next tribal council. The game of Stranded was in full swing, with alliances, betrayals, and strategies shaping the fate of the players.

Episode 2711

The tribe was a mix of alliances, strategies, and personal stories that intertwined to create a complex web of relationships. Val, feeling the weight of her decisions, approached her tribe mates, asking if they had voted for Drew in the past tribal council. Reed, taking a moment from the game, shared about his elderly grandma and mentioned he would be busy the next day, hinting at a potential absence from the game. Nadiya, ever the strategist, wondered aloud who had cast their vote for So in the previous tribal council. So, sensing the need for unity, proposed that they all work together to end the season on a high note.

Val, ever observant, suggested that the boys might be trying to play the girls against each other. She proposed forming an alliance to counteract this. Jaclyn praised the concept of the final three and expressed her excitement for it. However, Nadiya found it peculiar that Val seemed to have thrown her vote away in a past tribal council. When confronted, Val explained her reasons, leaving some satisfied and others skeptical.

Dale, in his confessional, opened up about his personal life. He had been absent from the game due to visiting his girlfriend, whom he met online through Town of Salem. He spoke of the game as a distraction from his stressful days and even considered participating in an all-star season in the future. Dale’s past was marred with challenges, including abuse from his father, drug abuse, and suicide attempts, but he believed these experiences made him stronger.

Back in the game, Nadiya questioned Dale about why he had voted for So, seeking clarity on his strategy. Jaclyn, ever the team player, celebrated the fact that everyone was still in the game and reiterated her excitement for the final three. So, feeling the need to clarify her position, discussed her vote for Drew and her intentions moving forward. Jaclyn, however, was growing wary of Val’s loyalty and began considering a potential final three alliance with Dale.

Val, in a bid to mend bridges, apologized to Joaquin for voting against him and tried to explain her reasoning. Nadiya, always thinking ahead, began planning to solidify a final four alliance with Joaquin and Dale. Val, feeling the pressure, opened up about her feelings of being a target and her voting record. Joaquin, ever the strategist, discussed the intricacies of the tribal council and his voting record.

As the game progressed, alliances began to shift. Nadiya and Jaclyn discussed their plans to work with Dale and Joaquin. Nadiya and Val, sensing a bond, discussed how So might trust Val the most. Val, always one to build connections, complimented Nadiya’s avatar and expressed interest in forming a final three alliance. Jaclyn, however, was growing more concerned about the potential final three scenarios.

Reed, taking a moment to reflect, talked about his family situation and his upcoming voting plans. He and Nadiya discussed voting strategies and their respective election situations. So, always one to build bridges, thanked Joaquin for his support and assured Val of her loyalty moving forward.

As the game’s pace quickened, So expressed interest in working with others and regretted missing the past tribal council. She even proposed voting out Val in the next tribal council, which would shake the game’s dynamics. However, in a twist of fate, Val won individual immunity, ensuring her safety for the upcoming tribal council.

Depending on the immunity challenge results, plans began to form to target either Reed or Val. Nadiya, Val, and So discussed Reed’s manipulative behavior and potential voting plans. Dale, ever the observer, expressed concern about Reed’s behavior and discussed possible voting options.

As the tribal council loomed, the tribe made its final pitches. Val shared a gif expressing excitement for the vote, and the group discussed potential targets. The consensus was clear: Reed was the target. The tribe cast their votes, and Reed was voted out with a tally of 5 votes to 1 to 1.

Episode 2712

The game had reached a critical juncture, and every conversation was tense and uncertain. Val and Nadiya sat by the beach, discussing their control over the game and the possibility of voting for Jaclyn. Ever the strategist, Nadiya apologized for missing a message earlier and mentioned her idol. Val, on the other hand, was more concerned about her vote and the looming Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, So approached Joaquin, inquiring about his vote. Joaquin, always one to keep his cards close to his chest, was non-committal. Trying to lighten the mood, Nadiya talked about using gifs in their chats, eliciting a chuckle from those around.

Jaclyn and Nadiya, having formed a close bond, celebrated their journey in the game. They had faced numerous challenges but managed to navigate Survivor’s treacherous waters together. However, the game was far from over. Val, Nadiya, and So huddled, discussing their alliance and potential targets. Jaclyn and Nadiya, on the other hand, were more concerned about who had voted for Jaclyn in the previous Tribal Council.

In his confessional, Dale expressed his uncertainty about his chances of winning. He analyzed each remaining player’s strengths and weaknesses, considering their potential to win the game. He believed Nadiya had a strong case for being in control of the Yali girls’ alliance and being well-liked by the jury. He also saw Joaq as an underdog story and a strategic threat without making enemies.

Back at camp, So and Joaquin were deep in conversation, discussing their plans for the next vote. Nadiya and So, having formed a tight bond, talked about their trust and potential final 3. Val and Nadiya, however, were growing wary of Joaquin’s gameplay. They discussed the possibility of him having an idol and the implications it could have on the game.

As the day wore on, the conversations grew more intense. Jaclyn and Val discussed the next Tribal Council and potential targets. Nadiya, always one step ahead, talked to Joaquin about potential threats and final 3 options. Val and Nadiya, sensing their vulnerability, discussed their position in the game.

The game took a dramatic turn when Nadiya won individual immunity. The tribe was abuzz with speculation about the upcoming Tribal Council. Joaquin tried to form an alliance with Val to target Nadiya, but Nadiya was one step ahead. She revealed to So her strategy to deceive Joaquin and Val.

As Tribal Council approached, the tribe was in turmoil. Val confronted Jaclyn, So, and Nadiya, claiming she knew they were targeting her. So informed Joaquin that he had convinced Nadiya and Jaclyn to vote against him, and they should stick to that plan.

But the biggest shock was yet to come. At Tribal Council, Dale and So began arguing over who was a bigger final three goat. Nadiya told the girls which plan to go forward with. Nadiya, in a move that would go down in Stranded history, gave her immunity to Dale. The tribe gasped in surprise. But Nadiya wasn’t done. She then revealed that she had not one, but two Individual Immunity Necklaces. She played one for herself and one for Jaclyn, ensuring their safety. The tribe was in shock, the air thick with disbelief. The votes were cast, and when Jeff Probst read them out, Joaquin, the master strategist, was voted out with 4 votes to 2 canceled Jaclyn votes.

Episode 2713 – The Finale

The game had reached its climax, with alliances tested, strategies reconsidered, and every conversation laced with tension. Val, in a private message to So and Jaclyn, praised Nadiya’s gameplay, acknowledging her strength and strategy. Val was wary of Nadiya’s dominance in the game. She felt the need to make big moves and was willing to vote in favor of So to create a majority, hoping to target Nadiya later. Nadiya, ever playful, sent a light-hearted message to So, joking about being the next target and adding some humor to the intense atmosphere.

As the conversations continued, Val revealed to Nadiya and Jaclyn that she had been misled by Joaq’s convincing lies earlier in the game. She wondered aloud why she had received so many votes during the merge. Nadiya, in an attempt to solidify their alliance, explained that she had saved both Val and Jaclyn to prove her loyalty, fearing the prospect of being in the final three with “goats” or weaker players.

Nadiya, wins Individual Immunity, making her the center of attention. So, always gracious, complimented Nadiya on her victory seal, a mark of her prowess in the game.

So, sensing the shifting dynamics, acknowledged Val’s alliance with Jaclyn and warned her not to underestimate Nadiya’s chances of winning the jury vote. She also discussed with Nadiya their plan to target Dale, hinting at a challenge-related strategy they had in mind. But as the game progressed, So’s trust in Val wavered. She accused Val of not being upfront throughout the game, leading to a heartfelt conversation where Val expressed regret for not trusting So sooner.

Dale, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly controversial. In a heated exchange, So called him out for spreading lies and even went as far as labeling him a “sexist pig.” This sentiment was echoed in her conversations with Joaquin, whom she called “fake” and accused of using derogatory language.

Amidst the strategy talks, there were moments of levity. So felt that Val had been more willing to work with others than with her, leading to further discussions about trust and alliances. The confessionals provided a deeper insight into the players’ minds:

Jaclyn was torn between her alliance with Nadiya and the realization that Nadiya’s strong gameplay might overshadow her own. She contemplated voting out Dale or So, weighing her options carefully.

Nadiya, despite her strong position, felt the pressure. She wanted So and Val out, aiming for a final three with her trusted allies, Dale and Jaclyn. So was frustrated with Dale and felt cornered. She also expressed her concerns about Val’s trustworthiness and her intentions in the game.

As the tribal council approached, the conversations intensified. Nadiya and Jaclyn confirmed their plan to vote So out. Val and Jaclyn solidified their alliance, planning to stick together till the end. So, feeling the pressure, contemplated quitting. The dynamics were ever-changing, with alliances shifting and strategies being reconsidered.

In a dramatic tribal council, despite Nadiya’s immunity and the intense strategizing, it was So who was voted out with 3 votes to Dale’s 2.

The final four: Jaclyn, Nadiya, Dale and Val prepared for the final immunity challenge. Jaclyn was thrilled about being close to the final three. She believed she had a shot against Dale and Val but not Nadiya. She had even prepared her final tribal speech and considered throwing a vote for herself to gain Nadiya’s jury vote. Nadiya was confident in her gameplay but was focused on the next challenge.

The final immunity challenge had just concluded, and Val emerged as the victor, guaranteeing her a spot in the coveted final three. Val was ecstatic about her immunity win and was focused on the endgame. She was concerned about Dale possibly keeping Nadiya in the game. The weight of the impending tribal council bore down on the remaining contestants, as they knew that one more would be voted out before the final showdown. Nadiya expressed disappointment at the possibility of being voted out and hoped for a tie vote to stay in the game.

At tribal council, the tension was palpable. Dale, in a moment of reflection, said, “Tonight I’m voting against a person that I’ve grown to truly like. It deeply hurts me, but it’s my only shot at winning. Sitting next to Nad would be handing the win.” His words echoed the sentiments of many. Val, still wearing her immunity necklace, added, “Nad has been lauded by many, and her moves have been noticeable and impressive. Voting out such a threat is, in my mind, strategically necessary.”

Nadiya, ever hopeful, remarked to Jeff, “There’s always hope at tribal… I’m just hoping I wasn’t given some false hope.” She was aware of the whispers, the side glances, and the strategy talks that were happening without her. Val, reflecting on her immunity win, stated, “Yes, because if I hadn’t won, Nad would have (typical scenario). If Nad had won, Dale had already stated that he would vote for me. It would have been messy not to follow suit.”

The conversations grew more intense as tribal council approached. Jaclyn, in a moment of honesty, confessed to Nadiya, “Okay Nadiya, I was going to just not tell you until the votes are revealed, but I did vote for you tonight and I’m not changing it. I feel that I owe you that much since we were such close allies in this entire game.” Nadiya, visibly hurt, responded, “Just wish you told me when I asked you instead of lying out of your asshole. But my vote is going to Val, and I’m assuming most of the jury will be voting the same way.”

Dale and Val continued their back-and-forth, with Dale reminding Val, “You’re only here because I voted for Jenn and not you.” Val retorted, “You voted for Jenn for a reason. Because I didn’t cut our relation then and there because I was mad that you voted me last time. I never broke relations.”

As Jeff read out the votes, it became clear that the tribe had spoken. Nadiya was voted out with 3 votes to Dale’s 1. As she picked up her torch, she remarked, “I carried you here,” a final nod to her gameplay and alliances. Jeff, extinguishing her torch, said, “The tribe has spoken.” The final three – Val, Dale, and Jaclyn – were left to face the jury and make their case for the title of Sole Survivor.

The Final Tribal Council of Stranded in Indonesia was filled with tension and emotion as the three finalists faced scrutiny from the jury, who sought answers to their burning questions.

Nadiya, frustrated with the lackluster FTC, directly addressed Dale. Dale responded, “Something random that hasn’t been said yet? That I’m the most likable person in this game.” Jaclyn, accused of being a goat by Nadiya, defended herself passionately. She expressed her disappointment at being underestimated, saying, “A goat is simply someone who had not done shit in this game. I was 100% loyal to my alliances.” She also revealed her biggest mistake, admitting, “The biggest mistake was overestimating you as a player Nadiya.”

Val, who faced criticism from Dale for not making big moves, asserted, “The 3 Girl Alliance was my plan. I always wanted you with me and that will be proven in my confessionals.” She also revealed a challenge she faced, saying, “The biggest challenge I faced was trying to prove to everyone that I am not a goat based on my inactivity.”

Tempers flared during the Tribal Council when Nadiya and Jaclyn engaged in a heated exchange. Jaclyn lashed out, “Honestly, Nadiya, fuck you. You sound like a petty little bitch that is bitter as fuck. Grow up, it’s a game.” Nadiya responded, “I’m not bitter, you just don’t deserve to win.”

As the finalists made their closing statements, Dale expressed frustration at his likelihood of not receiving many votes due to his active gameplay, saying, “I’m gonna get zero votes because people would rather award someone that stayed quiet and didn’t stir the waters.” Val defended herself against accusations of being passive, stating, “I dealt with everything and I never complained or made excuses once.”

The anticipation built as the finalists and the jury awaited the final outcome. In a stunning victory, Val emerged as the winner of Stranded in Indonesia, securing an impressive five votes from the jury. Her strategic gameplay, resilience, and ability to navigate through difficult situations had earned her the title of Sole Survivor.

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