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Stranded in Greece

Season 15

(January 2nd, 2012 – January 26th, 2012)

Stranded in Greece started out with 16 new contestants. They were divided into two tribes, Helios (wearing brown) and Asteria (wearing blue). From there they were introduced to the twist. Just as the greek culture often had traitors, the contestants were given the opportunity to betray their tribe. Before each Immunity Challenge, one contestant was allowed to volunteer to be moved to the opposing tribe. This was done on a first come, first, serve basis. In addition, the contestants were given another opportunity to betray their tribes in the form of Hidden Immunity Idol clues. They could privately decide to take a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, but in exchange, they would give their tribe a disadvantage. Each person who took the clue would incur a penalty for their tribe, however, it was all done behind the scenes so anyone could take a penalty and lie about it. We saw this take place throughout the game as various contestants betrayed their tribes in an attempt to get further in the game. Most infamously, Rob and Ted switched tribes twice.

Ted and Rob both became epic Stranded villains as a result of their betrayals. Their flip-flopping didn’t end at the merge. Rob most infamously refused to ask his question at the Final Tribal Council unless he was the last juror. He was promptly removed from the jury. There was no shortage of intrigue as literally every member of the game offered a different story. From the loveable members of the pre-merge to the under-the-radar players, everyone had something to offer. Joanna and Christy formed a tight bond early in the game and continued it throughout. Their feistiness shined through as they constantly fought with members of the tribe. Ultimately, they fought their way to the final 6. Penny was always a vocal force throughout the game with her snarky personality shining amongst other tribe members. Particularly against her alliance members Brian and Helen, who were extremely strategic and insightful. In the end, the jury respected Penny’s vocal attitude over her alliance members’ under-the-radar gameplay. She was awarded the win.


Shark Park



2nd place

Brant Steele

3rd place

A Fine Frenzy

4th place


5th place


6th place


7th place


8th place

Burning Sceptre

9th Place


10th place


11th place


12th place

Simon LOFT

13th place

Gigica 123

14th place


15th Place

Joeschmo 447

16th place

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Contestants Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 14
Penny Shawna Rob Ted Rob Rob Christy Joanna Winner
Helen Shawna Daniel Ted Christy Rob Christy Joanna 2nd Place
Brian Shawna Daniel Ted Christy Rob Christy Joanna 3rd Place
Joanna Penny Daniel Erinn Erinn Brian Brian Brian Penny
Christy Penny Daniel Erinn Erinn Brian Brian Penny
Rob Penny Daniel Penny Erinn Christy
Erinn Shawna Rob Ted Christy Penny
Ted Shawna Daniel Erinn Helen
Daniel Shawna Rob Penny
Shawna Penny Penny

Episode 1501


In the virtual world of an Online Survivor-style game, two tribes, Asteria and Helios, were formed. Asteria comprised Jeanne, Joanna, Christy, Rob, Shawna, Daniel, Butch, and Ryan. In contrast, Helios contained Helen, Brian, Penny, Jake, Jan, Ken, Erin, and Ted. The game was set to unfold with a flurry of alliances, strategies, and suspicions.

On the Asteria tribe, Joanna and Christy were the first to arrive. They greeted each other warmly and discussed the game’s setup, including using multiple boards and challenges. They were excited about the first challenge and hoped for more tribe members to join before it began. The possibility of an immunity idol hint on the main board was brought up by Christy, causing a ripple of concern that someone might find it.

As more tribe members, including Ryan, Jeanne, and Rob, joined the conversation, the tribe’s dynamics began to take shape. They greeted each other and shared their experiences with the game setup. Joanna and Christy, having bonded early, shared thoughts about their favorite Survivor seasons, specifically Amazon, and discussed potential voting strategies based on tribe members’ traits. They also made light-hearted jokes about past Survivor characters and their own experiences in the game.

Amid the game, private chats and alliances began to form. Christy mentioned her frustration with a player named Jeanne and expressed interest in allying with Rob. Joanna shared her interactions with various tribe members, discussing their responses and activity levels. Butch apologized for missing the first day and asked about the tribe’s plans for Tribal Council. Christy and Rob discussed the potential boot targets and expressed their desire to work together as a strong alliance.

On the Helios tribe, the game was also unfolding with its own dynamics. Helen, Brian, and Penny were the first to form a core alliance, planning to bring in Erin and Jake to establish a solid 5-person partnership. They discussed the potential advantages and disadvantages of volunteering for roles in the challenge. There was speculation about who might have taken the offered clue to the hidden immunity idol and its potential impact on the game. Brian and Helen expressed interest in forming an alliance and watching each other’s backs.

As the tribes prepared for the first challenge, they shared their preparation efforts, including practicing image posting. Christy and Rob on Asteria and Brian and Penny on Helios discussed the initial confusion with the multiple boards and challenges. The tribe members expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming challenge and hoped for a win.

The first challenge arrived, and the Helios tribe emerged victorious, securing immunity for their tribe. This victory led to a sense of relief and unity within the Helios tribe, with members like Brian, Ted, and Helen discussing the challenge and their comfort over the victory. On the other hand, the Asteria tribe was left to face the upcoming Tribal Council.

Confessionals revealed the true feelings of the players. On Asteria, Joanna expressed frustration with the game and the tribe. She felt like her social life was being impacted negatively by the game. She disliked her tribemates and felt left out. She needed more confidence in her chances of winning and thought she might be outnumbered.

On the other hand, in Helios, Brian emphasized the importance of faith in the game. He wanted to perform well and do better in this game to reignite his passion for ORGs. He didn’t have strong opinions about his tribemates yet and planned to pretend it was his first game to avoid being perceived as a threat and subtly manipulate others.

As the game progressed, the tribe members continued to strategize, form alliances, and navigate the complex dynamics of the game, their true feelings and strategies revealed in their confessionals. The first Tribal Council arrived, and the Asteria tribe was forced to vote out one of their own. In a 7-1 vote, Butch was voted out, marking the first elimination of the game. The tribes were left to reflect on the events of the Tribal Council and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Episode 1502


In the Asteria tribe, Shawna and Christy agreed to form a “GirlPower” alliance and planned to bring in Joanna. Rob, who was aligned with Christy, also considered Joanna for an alliance but intensely disliked Jeanne. The tribe discussed the Hidden Immunity Idol (HII) clue and its distribution. Some hesitated to ask for it, while others planned to go for it to gain an advantage. The tribe planned to vote off Butch and, later, Daniel due to their inactivity and lack of contribution to the challenges. Shawna, Christy, and Joanna considered forming a secret alliance without Rob’s knowledge. The players discussed their strengths in challenges and strategized on how to win. Some players expressed concern about the lack of activity from certain tribe members and their focus on the challenges.

Meanwhile, in the Helios tribe, the dynamics were equally complex. Ted expressed confidence in his abilities in the game and hoped to make it to the merge. Brian discussed allying with Jake and Ted and talked about possible tribe twists. Helen shared her suspicions about Ken and Jan, suggesting they should be the first two targets. The group discussed potential plans for the first Tribal Council vote and considered targeting Jan or Ken. They agreed on a plan to post about the idol on the public forum to get everyone on the same page. Erin initiated a three-way alliance with Brian and Penny, and they discussed potential targets for elimination. They agreed to go after Ken first but kept it discreet in case he had the idol.

In the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst offered one person the opportunity to switch tribes. However, no one took the offer. Asteria won their first challenge, sending Helios to Tribal Council. The Helios tribe had to face the harsh reality of voting someone out. After much discussion and strategizing, Ken was voted out in a 5 1 1 to 1 vote.

As the game progressed, the tribe members continued to strategize, form alliances, and navigate the complex dynamics of the game. Their true feelings and strategies were revealed in their confessionals. For instance, Helen devised a plan to have one person ask for the idol clue and share it with the whole tribe to avoid individual selfishness. She suspected Ken was one of the two who opted for the clue last time. Helen contemplated blindsiding Ken by having someone befriend him and then telling him to play the idol to flush it out.

On the other hand, Brian felt confident about the upcoming challenge and believed his tribe had strong players in challenges. He strategized about the possible targets if they went to Tribal Council, considering Ken, Jan, and Ted. Brian was concerned about Helen’s intelligence and potential threat but decided to trust her and Penny. He had multiple side alliances and was trying to balance their interests in the first vote.

The tribes were left to reflect on the events and prepare for the challenges ahead, knowing that every decision could drastically change the course of the game.

Episode 1503


The Asteria tribe, consisting of Jeanne, Joanna, Christy, Rob, Shawna, Daniel, and Ryan, dealt with internal dynamics. Shawna and Ryan discussed voting out Jeanne in the next tribal council, while Rob expressed frustration with Jeanne’s behavior. Joanna was unsure about who to vote out and wanted to see how things unfolded during the challenge.

In a confessional, Rob expressed confidence in the tribe’s ability to do well in challenges as long as everyone showed up. He attributed their challenge win partly to luck and criticized Jeanne for her wrong answers during the challenge. Rob believed jealousy might factor in the other tribe’s animosity toward them. He thought the twist was a good idea but doubted it would be employed. Rob dismissed Shawna’s attempt to give him orders and wasn’t worried about Jeanne going for the idol.

Shawna tried to keep Daniel on their side by making him believe he was the leader of an alliance with her, Joanna, and Christy. She thought Ryan was also against Daniel and planned to align with Jeanne if Rob and Daniel turned against her. Ryan mentioned grilling out for his brother’s birthday. Jeanne confirmed she hadn’t talked with Daniel or anyone else via PM. Christy warned Shawna not to fully trust Daniel. She suggested letting him think he was in control to avoid the idol and mutiny. Christy revealed that Jeanne annoyed many people in the tribe, and Dan had been a liability due to his random posting. Joanna and Christy discussed who should be the target for the next tribal council. Joanna leaned towards Daniel and Christy, suggesting Jeanne might be a better choice due to her unpredictability.

Meanwhile, Helios, Helen, Brian, Penny, Jake, Jan, Erin, and Ted were dealing with their own issues. There were speculations about the identity of the voters and suspicions about whether the idol clue was genuine. Helen and Penny suggested a plan to get Ted to use or give up the idol, possibly intending to blindside Rob. Helen and Brian considered lying to Jake about the target to ensure a smooth vote. Jake and Ted discussed the plan, and Jake suggested Ted should try to steal the other tribe’s idol while he was there.

In a confessional, Penny expressed her happiness with the vote outcome and planned to use the mutiny twist to her advantage. She considered different scenarios involving the idol, mutiny, and potential blindsides. She strategized to eliminate Rob, maintain control, and make moves for the future. She talked about her dominance and leadership within her tribe, manipulating others’ perceptions.

The game took a dramatic turn when Jeff Probst, the host, offered one person the opportunity to switch tribes during the Immunity Challenge. Ted, from Helios, decided to mutiny and join Asteria. The challenge was initially called for Asteria to win. Still, after Helen caught a mistake, they had a redo challenge, which Asteria won again. 

In a confessional, Ted revealed his feelings about the mutiny. He felt vulnerable but was comforted by having an idol. He wanted to work with Joanna and was pleased with how they got along. He had mixed opinions about the other tribe members. He found Christy cool and Rob a potential ally with effort. He disliked Daniel for causing challenges to fail and thought Ryan was excellent but hadn’t interacted much.

After the challenge, Helios went to Tribal Council, where Jan was voted out 6-1. The tribes were now unbalanced, with Asteria having a numerical advantage. The players were focused on neutralizing the idol’s power and strategizing for future votes. The game was in full swing, and the players were ready to do whatever it took to stay in the game.

In a confessional, Helen discussed her excitement about being an alumnus and having the opportunity to read PMs and act as an all-knowing Big Brother in future seasons. She reflected on the fallout after the last tribal council, with Jan displaying a lack of understanding of the game and getting into arguments. She analyzed the voting patterns and alliances within the tribe and expressed concern about Ted’s idol.

Episode 1504


The dynamics within both tribes shifted, with alliances forming and potential targets being identified.

In Asteria, Daniel was seen discussing her relationship with Ted with Christy. Daniel, who in his confessional claimed to have a Final Four deal with Joanna, Christy, and Shawna, suggested Ryan or Jeanne as potential targets if they lost the challenge. Joanna, who found Ted’s arrival complicating the social dynamics of Asteria, agreed with Daniel’s suggestion. However, Christy praised Ted’s loyalty and considered Ryan a potential boot option. In her confessional, Christy worried about what would happen if someone broke into the HII forum and discovered the Hidden Immunity Idol (HII) clues. She felt safe in the tribe and saw Ted as valuable in the game.

Meanwhile, Jeanne messaged Ryan about him being on her radar, advising him to plead his case to stay since some were upset with his absence. In her confessional, Jeanne believed Ted was not at the bottom of the tribe. She credited Rob and herself for the recent tribe organization. She was suspicious of Rob and thought he saw her at the bottom, but she acknowledged his value to the tribe. Jeanne was excited about the tribe’s unity and was learning from her previous mistakes. She planned to focus on targeting Rob for elimination if they won the next challenge and gained a majority.

In Helios, Brian was nursing hurt feelings after the recent vote and hoping for Ted’s loyalty. He was seen in deep conversation with Jake, strategizing for future tribal council with scenarios and discussing Ted’s possible return. In his confessional, Brian expressed contentment with Jan voting for him, making him look more vulnerable than he actually was. He believed Jake would be the next target if they lost the next round and was frustrated with the challenge results. He decided not to mutiny as he felt comfortable in his current position with Helios.

Helen was seen apologizing for any stress caused and promised to follow the challenge rules. She had a lengthy conversation with Brian discussing challenge strategies, past decisions, and Ted’s possible return. They planned a Ted support thread and voting scenarios. In her confessional, Helen acknowledged that she tends to be wordy and explained her tendency to provide detailed explanations. She compared herself to Naonka from Survivor: Nicaragua, stating that she was complicated in her own way. Helen dissected the dynamics within the Helios tribe, discussing each member’s strengths and weaknesses. She considered the possibility of someone mutinying back to Helios and discussed various scenarios with Brian. She reflected on her performance in the challenges and expressed remorse for not performing well in the last one.

Penny, another member of Helios, appreciated the support and looked forward to relying on Ted. She expressed concern that Ted may have the Asteria Immunity Idol and should be voted out when he returns. Penny highlighted the need for a lucky break from the challenges in her confessional and mentioned the controversy surrounding their losses. She discussed the possibility of Ted’s loyalty or a potential blindside if he returned. Penny took responsibility for creating the rivalry between the tribes to gain an advantage in numbers at the merge. She shared her thoughts on her tribe members, considering Helen her closest ally and someone she enjoys messaging. Penny felt like she let the tribe down in the previous challenge and expressed concern about her position in the tribe.

On the other hand, Jake sought reassurance after being voted out and discussed the uncertain situation with Ted. He expressed concern about losing and targeting Penny. In his confessional, Jake expressed his optimism about the “love tribe” despite recent morale setbacks like immunity challenge losses and the Ted situation. He believed the tribe needed a strong leader, suggesting Helen as a suitable candidate. Jake acknowledged the lack of love between Helios and Asteria, fearing that he might be targeted if they merged with fewer numbers.

As the tribes prepared for the upcoming Immunity Challenge, the tension was palpable. Unfortunately, Helios lost again, leading them to Tribal Council. The tribe members retreated to their shelters, each lost in their thoughts and strategies. The game was far from over, and as the days passed, the strategy and alliances would continue to shift in unexpected ways. The night was filled with whispers of strategy and the flickering glow of the fire, a symbol of the game that was still alive.

At the Tribal Council, the tribe members cast their votes. The tension was high as each vote was read out. Ultimately, Jake was voted out 4-1, leaving Helen, Brian, Penny, and Erin in Helios. The tribes were Asteria, with Jeanne, Joanna, Christy, Rob, Shawna, Daniel, Ryan, and Ted, and Helios consisting of Helen, Brian, Penny, and Erin. The game was still alive, with each player strategizing their next move.

Episode 1505


Asteria, composed of Jeanne, Shawna, Joanna, Ted, Ryan, Daniel, Rob, and Christy, was a melting pot of personalities and strategies. Jeanne, a cautious player, was the first to voice her concerns about two members, Ryan and Daniel, who she felt were not pulling their weight. In her confessional, Jeanne revealed her cautious approach to the game, preferring not to move too early to avoid becoming a target. She leaned towards Daniel as a potential boot target if they were to lose the immunity challenge and face the dreaded tribal council.

Shawna, a strategic player, was already looking ahead, discussing potential alliance options with Ted. They considered Jeanne and a member of the rival tribe, Helios, as potential allies. Shawna’s plans were ambitious; she intended to form a strong alliance of 5 to 6 members after the merge, a move that could potentially secure her a spot in the final rounds of the game. In her confessional, Shawna emphasized the importance of keeping everyone feeling safe within the tribe and identified players with low contributions as apparent targets for elimination. 

Meanwhile, Ted, a seasoned player, suggested reaching out to Helios members and even considered keeping Daniel after the merge. He advised Shawna to talk to any mutineers from Helios if they occurred, a strategy that could shake up the game’s dynamics. In his confessional, Ted admitted he initially tried to find the Asteria idol but hasn’t thought much about it lately, assuming someone else may have found it.

In a surprising turn of events, Rob, a player known for his competitive spirit, expressed frustration about their disadvantage in the challenge. He appreciated Christy’s performance but shared a suspicion that the clues they received might be for Helios’s idol, not Asteria’s. This led him to consider a daring move: mutinying with Helios to test his theory about their idol and its password. In his confessional, Rob shared his suspicions about the other players, particularly Christy and Joanna, and revealed his intentions to mutiny Helios to test the clues for their idol’s password, risking his position on Asteria. 

Joanna, a player known for her social game, suggested that the four of them – herself, Christy, Shawna, and Rob – should look for the idol together. This move could strengthen their alliance and secure their safety in the game. In her confessional, Joanna appeared frustrated with the current dynamics of the game. She felt that some players targeted for their perceived “flighty” behavior were getting a free pass, which could lead to potential disloyalty in the future.

As the days passed, the tribe dynamics continued to evolve. Daniel, a player known for his laid-back attitude, mentioned enjoying a McDonald’s food combination and discussed their plan to dominate Helios and potentially work together post-merge. Daniel expressed trust in his allies in his confessional and a desire to devastate Helios. He suspected Rob had the idol and doubted Rob’s claim of not having an endgame alliance.

The game took a dramatic turn when Rob decided to act on his plan. In the Immunity Challenge, Rob mutinied Helios, who won the challenge. This move shocked the tribe and led to intense discussions about the game’s future. Shawna, always the strategist, shared her concerns over the clues and password for the idol. She reassured Joanna and planned to maintain control over Daniel in their alliance.

As the game continued, alliances were formed and broken, plans were made and discarded, and the tribe members navigated the treacherous waters of Stranded. They discussed potential voting options, planned to vote off certain members, and strategized about the idol. The game was a whirlwind of strategy, alliances, and betrayals, with each player trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others.

In her confessional, Christy expressed her concerns about having too many members in their group. She discussed the need to manage the numbers effectively. She speculated about who might have taken the clue, eliminating some players as possibilities. Christy revealed the alliances she was part of, including one with Rob, another with Shawna and Joanna, and a fake alliance with Daniel to keep him in control.

In his confessional, Ryan contemplated the potential disadvantages of having too many numbers in the tribe. He noted that some players perceived as less committed may survive longer, which could create challenges in maintaining loyalty within the tribe. He expressed interest in the Immunity Idol and considered the possibility of someone from their tribe being the clue-taker.

As the game progressed, the tribe members faced challenges, formed alliances, and strategized about their next moves. They discussed potential voting options, planned to vote off certain members, and strategized about the idol. The game was a whirlwind of strategy, alliances, and betrayals, with each player trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others.

Ultimately, the game of Stranded was a test of endurance, strategy, and social skills. The tribe of Asteria was a microcosm of the game itself, with each player bringing their unique strategy and personality to the table. As the game progressed, the tribe members faced challenges, formed alliances, and strategized about their next moves. The game was a whirlwind of strategy, alliances, and betrayals, with each player trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others.

Finally, the day of reckoning arrived. Asteria, having lost the immunity challenge, was forced to go to Tribal Council. The tribe unanimously voted out Ryan, a player seen as not pulling his weight and a potential liability to the tribe. This decision marked the end of one chapter in the game of Stranded, but the game was far from over. The remaining tribe members, each with their own strategies and alliances, prepared to face the next round of challenges in the game of survival.

Episode 1506


Before the challenge could even begin, a bombshell was dropped. Rob, who had previously left Asteria to join Helios, made the shocking decision to mutiny back to his original tribe. The move was a strategic one, as revealed in Rob’s confessional. He had made a complex alliance deal with Helen, aiming to reach the Final 4 with her, Brian, Joanna, and Erin or Penny. His plan was to blindside Erin, who held an idol, solidifying his position in the game.

Helen, another member of Helios, informed Penny about a plan involving Rob, Christy, and Joanna to form an alliance to take control of the merger. Helen and Brian, another Helios member, strategized to inform Penny and Erin about the plan without revealing too much and risking Rob’s suspicions.

Penny, a member of Helios, was feeling the pressure of the game. She reached out to Rob, who had recently mutinied from Asteria to Helios, expressing her concerns about her position in the tribe. She suspected Rob might be a Trojan horse, intending to sabotage Helios or use an idol against them. Penny apologized for being too personal in her previous confessional and discussed her strategy regarding Ted’s mutiny in her confessional.

Back at the Asteria camp, Ted and Shawna celebrated their recent success. They had managed to navigate the treacherous waters of the game, and their alliance was strong. They decided to bring Jeanne into their fold, discussing their partnership with Daniel. Shawna proposed a 4-person alliance with Ted, Jeanne, and Daniel. Seeing the benefit of this alliance, Jeanne agreed, suggesting they keep a close watch on Joanna and Christy as potential threats.

In her confessional, Jeanne expressed her confidence in this new alliance. She revealed that she had orchestrated Ryan’s blindside, which kept her alliance safe. She was playing the game strategically, planning to vote out either Joanna, Christy or a potential mutineer in the next vote.

Joanna and Ted discussed the possibility of Rob returning and becoming a double agent. Joanna talked about the satisfaction of orchestrating the first blindside in her confessional. Still, she admitted to feeling nervous and paranoid in the game. She was relieved that Christy finally told her about the hidden idol, as she struggled with lying. Joanna pondered her future plans with Rob and was open to working with him if he mutinied back.

On Helios, the mood was tense. Brian was feeling the pressure of the upcoming challenge. He speculated about the potential consequences if Helios lost, including the possibility of another mutiny. To navigate this situation, Brian and Helen hatched a complex plan to deceive Rob. They presented a fake deal to Rob, promising him safety. Still, they had no intention of following through with it.

Erin, meanwhile, was focused on winning the challenges. She held the hidden idol and hoped Rob’s mutiny and potential throwing of the challenge would ensure their safety. She was confident that the original Helios alliance of four would make it to the merge intact.

The Immunity Challenge was a fierce competition, but Helios, fueled by their desire to avoid Tribal Council, emerged victorious. The loss hit Asteria hard. They were forced to face the reality of voting one of their own out. The tribe was divided, with Shawna, Ted, and Daniel considering voting out Jeanne, while Jeanne and Joanna were targeting Ted.

In her confessional, Shawna expressed her uncertainty about the next target. She was considering targeting Ted due to his intelligence and challenge abilities. She reflected on her position in the tribe, aiming to be the most trustworthy ally for others, and acknowledged the potential risks associated with the hidden idol.

At the Tribal Council, the tribe cast their votes. In a 5 to 2 vote, Jeanne was voted out. The loss of Jeanne was a blow to the tribe, but they had little time to mourn as they were informed that the two tribes would now merge.

The game was about to enter a new phase, and the remaining players knew that the stakes were higher than ever. The alliances formed and broken would be tested, and only the strongest would survive.

Episode 1507 – The Merge


The merge had just happened, and the tribes of Asteria and Helios were now one. The air was filled with excitement and tension as the contestants navigated their new reality.

Ted and Helen, old friends from the start of the game, were thrilled to see each other again. They caught up on the game’s progress, sharing stories of their respective tribes and their challenges. Meanwhile, Joanna and Christy were deep in strategic discussions. They were considering a voting plan that involved Rob, Brian, and Helen and the possibility of using an idol to gain the majority.

Penny, a strategic player, was at the center of it all. She planned to vote off Rob, a formidable opponent, in a 5-4-1 vote. She was so committed to her alliance with Daniel that she even offered him her (fake) idol if needed. Their excitement about working together was evident, and they agreed to keep Joanna around, strengthening their alliance.

Meanwhile, Ted expressed interest in voting off Shawna and discussed avatar changes. He thanked Penny for her compliment on his avatar, showing a friendly rapport between them. However, he warned Penny that Asteria was voting for her. Still, they wanted her to think it was Erin and suggested voting for Shawna. In his confessional, Ted felt uncertain about his next move and believed he might get screwed by the jury. He suspected Shawna voted for him, leading him to consider targeting Rob. He saw himself as a bridge between the two tribes and was relieved he survived the previous round. 

Rob, on the other hand, was trying to convince the group to vote for Penny. They planned to make Erin believe she was the target to make her play her supposed idol. He also informed Christy and Brian about their reservations about sticking with them, showing a lack of trust.

Joanna, a player who seemed to be in the middle of the game, reached out to Shawna to talk. She had spoken to some people, and Christy seemed willing to vote with them, but they were unsure about Dan and Shawna. Joanna and Ted agreed to vote out Brian or Helen to protect their alliance. In her confessional, Joanna was stressed and excited about making the merge. She planned to talk with Christy about various options and gauge the loyalty of Ted, Shawna, and Daniel. She wanted to solidify trust with the five players and create a master plan to eliminate Helios and Rob.

Erin planned to vote for Rob and hoped he would play his idol. In her confessional, Erin was happy to have made the merge and intended to improve her social game by talking to the Asteria tribe. She spoke of the mental capacities of Asteria members, viewing them as easily influenced.

Helen was discussing strategy with Brian, Penny, and Erin. They considered telling Ted to play his idol if an Asteria member won immunity. She also reassured Penny that they were voting for Rob and Ted was with them. In her confessional, Helen was frustrated with Penny trying to control the game and create unnecessary plans. She felt overwhelmed with the chaos Penny had caused and was angry at her for including Joanna in a plan to target Rob.

On the other hand, Christy was uncomfortable with voting for a Helios member and considered Helen as an alternative. She also discussed her initial impressions of some players and their potential boot order. In her confessional, Christy briefly mentioned the flood of private messages she was receiving and expressed annoyance. She claimed responsibility for Jeanne’s elimination and talked about the shaky plan for the current vote. 

As the game progressed, the players were becoming more strategic and cautious. Penny advised against rushing to tell Ted their plans and suggested waiting until after the challenge. She was worried about being the target, but Helen reassured her that they were voting for Rob, and Ted was with them.

Joanna and Shawna expressed excitement and secrecy about their alliance. Shawna suggested going for Brian in the vote. Joanna discussed not having talked to Erin or Penny and feared it may seem suspicious. In her confessional, Shawna was saddened by someone leaving and wanted to lay low post-merge. Her strategy was to follow her allies’ lead and potentially gun for immunity threats. She felt close to Joanna and Christy and wanted attention off herself at the next Tribal Council. 

Ted won immunity and was excited about the vote. He also planned to play his idol Penny in front of everyone at the Tribal Council. This was a bold move that would surely shake up the game.

In a surprising turn of events, Penny played a fake idol at Tribal Council, causing a stir among the players. This was a strategic move on her part to throw off the other players and control the game. In her confessional, Penny was excited about making the merge and felt confident in her strategic abilities. She initiated conversations with Ted, Joanna, and Daniel, adopting different approaches with each. She planned to make it to the final and aligned herself with Erin and Brian.

The Tribal Council was a tense affair, with everyone on edge. In the end, Shawna was voted out 6-4, with Ted and Daniel voting with Helios.

Episode 1508


In the aftermath of a tense Tribal Council, the game was in full swing, alliances were shifting, and trust was scarce. Joanna and Christy discussed trust issues, speculating about who had flipped their votes. Joanna discussed her concerns and lack of options to turn things around. She was in a tough spot but was not ready to give up. On the other hand, Helen contemplated whether to reveal that Daniel had flipped and sold out Asteria. The betrayal was a bitter pill, but she knew disclosing this information could have far-reaching consequences.

Helen, always strategic, was already thinking about the final three. She mentioned a 7-person jury and communicated with Brian, Penny, and Erin. The end was in sight, and she was planning her moves carefully. Rob, however, could have been happier. He revealed his vote against Penny and called out those who had lied to them. The game was getting personal, and the tension was mounting.

Penny and Rob exchanged messages about the idol and Shawna’s vote. The idol was a powerful tool; they both knew its potential to change the game. Helen, feeling grateful, thanked Daniel for saving them. Despite the cutthroat nature of the game, moments of genuine appreciation were not uncommon. 

Christy, feeling hurt, confronted Ted about their relationship. She felt betrayed, and she was not afraid to express her feelings. Ted and Christy talked about their connection and discussed future plans. They were trying to rebuild their relationship and plan their next move.

A web of alliances, betrayals, and plans was woven into the heart of a strategic game. Christy and Helen were in a delicate situation, with Rob viewing their limited communication as a betrayal. However, Christy suggested they keep their options open, hinting at the possibility of a future alliance. Meanwhile, Christy and Joanna planned to meet and discuss their strategy, which involved working with Rob and possibly reuniting the Asteria alliance.

Erin supported Christy’s strategy and asked who she wanted to vote against in the upcoming round. Appreciating the support, Christy remained vague, stating she would do whatever it took to survive. She then informed Joanna about Helios’ plan to split the vote between her and Rob in case Rob had an idol. Ted was willing to vote with them, giving them a 4-3-2 advantage. However, Joanna expressed distrust towards Ted, viewing him as unreliable.

Meanwhile, Daniel offered Joanna a deal to take out Rob and Christy and work together until the final four. He updated Helen about his conversation with Joanna and their plans for the vote split. Helen, however, suggested they discuss future plans after the next two rounds, showing a cautious approach to Daniel’s proposal.

Rob, on the other hand, was feeling the heat. He confirmed with Ted about voting with Asteria and asked about his preference for the vote out. Helen explained to Rob why she couldn’t rejoin their alliance immediately and the reasons behind her previous actions. Rob expressed frustration, feeling used, and suggested targeting Daniel to show loyalty.

As the game progressed, the players continued to strategize and form alliances. Helen and Brian discussed approaching the vote without isolating Christy, Rob, and Joanna. They also considered approaching Penny about voting out Ted. On the other hand, Christy talked to Erin about a potential plan to target Helen. However, she was still determining if it would work.

In a twist, Rob discussed a plan to target Penny, Helen, and Brian, then Penny, Erin, and Joanna in the upcoming vote. Christy apologized for not wanting Rob gone and mentioned Penny’s plan to target Helen. Frustrated with Penny’s behavior, Helen considered going to the Final 5 with Ted, Rob, and Christy.

As the tension rose, players began to reveal their cards. Ted showed his position in the game and mentioned having an idol. Helen proposed a plan to vote Rob and idol out Daniel to secure Penny’s loyalty. However, Helen also expressed concerns about Penny potentially forming her endgame plan.

Ultimately, the group was left with a tense atmosphere filled with uncertainty and anticipation. The players wished each other luck in the upcoming Tribal Council, hoping their strategies would play out as planned. The game was in full swing, with alliances being tested, plans being executed, and the players’ true colors beginning to show.

Ted won Individual Immunity for the second time in a row, securing his safety. Brian, in his confessional, expressed his desire to target Christy, Joanna, or Rob in the next vote to solidify his alliance against idols. He also considered taking Ted to the final three and expressed his worries about Dan’s loyalty. Meanwhile, in her confessional, Christy said her desire to take down Helen and considered throwing dirt at her if needed.

In her confessional, Erin expressed her desire to target Christy, Joanna, and Rob, viewing them as dangerous. She also expressed her concerns about Ted’s immunity idol. In her confessional, Helen said her frustrations with her current alliance members, especially Penny and Erin, whom she found challenging to work with. She preferred an alliance of herself, Brian, Rob, Christy, and Ted.

At the Tribal Council, the players cast their votes. The tension was palpable as the votes were read. In the end, Daniel was voted out with a 6 to 3 vote, marking the end of his journey in the game. The remaining players were left to contemplate their positions in the game and strategize for the upcoming rounds.

Episode 1509


The sun rose on another day in the Stranded camp, casting long shadows over the tense faces of the remaining contestants. The previous night’s tribal council had seen Daniel blindsided, a move that had sent shockwaves through the tribe. The game was in flux, alliances were shifting, and everyone was trying to figure out their next move.

Brian, the winner of the last individual immunity challenge, was deep in thought. He had voted with Rob despite their disagreements, a decision that had surprised many. He was now considering his next moves, his mind filled with the confessionals of his fellow contestants. He remembered Ted’s words about playing strategically and using his idol to blindside a Helios member. Brian was also aware of Ted’s dislike for Daniel’s flip and his plans to join the Inherent Blades to vote out Daniel. Brian knew he had to be careful around Ted, who was proving to be a wild card in the game.

Meanwhile, Christy was having a conversation with Joanna about the recent vote outcome. Christy was not concerned about the “Competency Alliance” name and was focused on her gameplay. She had tried to change the target to avoid getting idoled but ended up going along with Rob’s plan to vote out Penny. Now, she was in the minority but planned to work on flipping Penny and potentially Erin against Helen and Brian. She was aware of the possibility that Ted might flip again and was trying to manage the situation.

Joanna, on the other hand, was feeling less invested in the game. She found her strategy easier by following what a “dumbass Asian man” told her to do. She was happy about not having tribal council and wanted to spend time with friends. Erin also strategized for the future, considering various scenarios and possible outcomes. She believed Christy, Joanna, and Rob were dangerous and wanted to target them soon. She also knew of Ted’s immunity idol and saw him as a threat. Erin thought she had a decent shot of winning if everything went according to her plan but she was also ready to adapt if needed. She acknowledged the importance of jury management and believed she could win over jurors even if she backstabbed them.

On the other hand, Helen was frustrated with her current alliance members, especially Penny and Erin, whom she found difficult to work with. She felt that Penny’s strategic ideas were reckless and selfish, making her hard to trust. Helen preferred an alliance of herself, Brian, Rob, Christy, and Ted. She knew the dangers of taking Rob and Christy to the end due to their potential to get all the Asteria votes. Helen was also contemplating the jury votes and believed she could have a chance of winning if she made it to the end with certain players.

The contestants continued strategizing and planning their next moves as the day wore on. Rob asked Helen about her decision to vote for Daniel instead of Joanna. Helen clarified her decision, explaining that it was part of a plan to justify it to Erin and Penny. Erin, however, needed clarification and wanted to know what happened. Joanna reassured Erin about her intentions and willingness to work together.

Penny, who had been on the right side of the numbers after a tense tribal council, was now feeling the heat. She expressed disappointment in the vote and Rob’s behavior. Penny blamed Ted for the vote confusion, and Ted defended his motives. Penny was frustrated with the situation and thought it was a poorly thought-out move. Despite her frustrations, Penny was determined to keep fighting hard. She strategized about alliances and potential vote-outs, including targeting Rob and Christy.

Rob, meanwhile, was feeling the pressure. He believed Christy wanted him gone and felt he might be the next target. He saw Ted as crucial to his survival and was frustrated with the game’s dynamics. He mentioned possibly getting blindsided due to Daniel’s flip and expressed his desire to win challenges.

As the day drew to a close, the contestants prepared for the upcoming tribal council. Brian, who had won individual immunity, felt secure but knew the game was far from over. The contestants cast their votes, and the tension was palpable as the host read the results. Ted, a significant player in the game, was voted out with four votes against Erin’s three and Penny’s one vote.

The tribe was left in shock as Ted’s torch was snuffed out, marking the end of his journey in the game. The remaining contestants were left to contemplate the consequences of their decisions and prepare for the challenges ahead. 

Episode 1510


The air was thick with tension, the calm before the storm that was the impending tribal council. The day had been filled with whispered conversations, secret alliances, and hidden agendas.

Helen, the winner of the individual immunity challenge winner, wore the immunity necklace with a sense of relief and pride. She had been in the hot seat, her gameplay under scrutiny from all sides. Rob had questioned her about the split vote that didn’t happen in the previous tribal council, his frustration evident. Helen and Brian had discussed whether to be honest with Rob about the current alliance dynamics, but they decided not to reveal the existence of the hidden immunity idol. They were walking a tightrope, trying to maintain their alliances while keeping their strategies hidden.

Christy, on the other hand, had her sights set on Helen and Brian. She believed they played everyone and would win if they made it to the final three. She wanted to split them up but knew it wouldn’t be easy. Erin was cautious about flipping sides, fearing retaliation from the majority alliance. Joanna and Christy had discussed their slim chances of surviving if they didn’t win immunity and the need to split up the opposing alliance.

Rob was frustrated with Helen and Brian’s constant lies. He wanted to know the truth, but they were reluctant to reveal their plans. Christy had revealed to Erin that Helen and Brian were the ones who instructed her to vote for Erin because they believed she had the hidden immunity idol. This revelation had shaken Erin but also given her a new perspective on the game.

Helen had described Ted’s deceptive gameplay and how he played both sides to secure a spot in the middle. This made him a dangerous player to keep around, leading to his blindside. There were discussions about voting out Asteria members and potential alliances. Rob felt hurt and betrayed by Helen for not being included in the vote against Ted. Erin, Penny, Brian, and Helen had discussed their options and potential moves.

Brian and Helen had considered being honest with Rob about the Pagonging plan but were worried about the idol. Erin and Joanna had personal issues due to past votes but had positive merge night talks. There were concerns about fake deals, and idol plays going forward.

Joanna had suggested to Christy that she should tell Rob about the hidden idol. Erin and Joanna had exchanged messages about trust and likability in the game. Helen suggested to Brian that they should start being more truthful and independent. Erin had asked Joanna about the ownership of the hidden idol, and Joanna had confirmed that Rob had it.

As the day wore on, the contestants continued strategizing and planning for the upcoming tribal council. Helen had shared her confessional from Tribal Council with Erin, praising her acting skills. Brian and Helen had discussed their options and the loyalty of the Helios 4 alliance. Erin had informed Helen and Penny that Joanna confirmed Rob had the hidden idol.

Penny had logged in and caught up on the conversations and strategizing. She had suggested voting out Christy and splitting votes between Rob and Joanna to counter the idol. Penny had sent a message to Rob without any content, possibly a mistake. She had apologized to Christy for lying about the last vote and proposed targeting Helen.

Christy had proposed a plan to attract votes for her, play the idol, and eliminate Helen. She had talked to Penny about voting with them to eliminate Helen but acknowledged the timing could have been better. Christy and Joanna had discussed a plan to vote out Rob with Penny’s help. Penny had considered aligning with Christy and Erin to vote out Rob.

Erin had shared information with Penny about Rob and Christy’s plans. Joanna had agreed to find out more about Rob and Christy’s plans. Penny had suggested a split vote to target Rob and later Helen. Christy had told Rob she had the hidden immunity idol and proposed a plan to save him. Rob was upset that Christy didn’t trust him earlier but agreed to work with her.

As night fell, the contestants gathered for the tribal council. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation as they cast their votes. Christy, sensing danger, played her idol on herself. As the host read out the votes, it was revealed that Christy had made a wise decision, canceling three votes against her. The tribe watched in shock as Erin was voted out with three votes while Rob received one vote.

The contestants were left in a state of shock as Erin’s torch was snuffed out. The game had taken another unexpected turn, and they were left to contemplate the consequences of their decisions. The road to becoming the winner of Stranded proved to be more challenging than they had ever imagined.

Episode 1511


In the aftermath of a tribal council that saw Christy playing her hidden immunity idol and surviving the vote, the game of Survivor was thrown into a whirlwind of strategy and deception. Helen, Brian, and Penny, a trio that had managed to stick together through thick and thin, found themselves in the eye of the storm. They knew they had to solidify their alliance to avoid being picked off one by one.

Meanwhile, Rob, who had been playing a cunning game, was in talks with Penny about the possibility of teaming up to reach the finals together. He was aware of the threat Helen posed and was keen on eliminating her. However, Helen and Brian were also on their toes, planning to find another idol to strengthen their alliance.

In the midst of all this, Christy, who had just survived a vote by playing her idol, was sharing smiley images with Rob, discussing game strategy. It was a light moment in a game that was becoming increasingly intense.

As the game progressed, Helen won her second individual immunity in a row, a feat that put a target on her back. However, it also gave her a sense of security, allowing her to strategize more freely. She revealed to Brian that she had acted like she didn’t like Penny to make someone admit to lying to her. This move was a testament to Helen’s strategic prowess and her ability to manipulate situations to her advantage.

Rob, on the other hand, was growing frustrated with Helen and Brian’s constant lies. He wanted to know the truth and was questioning Helen about the split vote that didn’t happen in the previous tribal council. Helen and Brian were contemplating whether to tell Rob about the split vote and how to handle their relationship with him moving forward.

Meanwhile, Christy was planning to split up Helen and Brian. She believed they were playing everyone and would win if they made it to the final three. She revealed to Penny that Helen and Brian were the ones who instructed her to vote for Erin because they believed she had the hidden immunity idol.

As the game continued, alliances were tested, and loyalties were questioned. Rob was trying to convince Penny to flip, but she seemed reluctant. He was considering whether to trust Penny and was worried about potential idols. Helen warned Brian that Rob and Penny were lying and strategizing against them.

At the same time, Christy and Joanna were discussing whom to vote for. They were unsure if they could trust Penny and suggested waiting to see what happens at the challenge. Joanna reiterates her concerns about Penny and advises voting Brian out to avoid idol risks.

As the tribal council approached, the players were strategizing about the upcoming vote. Penny urged others to vote for Rob to avoid an idol play. Helen and Brian agreed to vote for Joanna, while Penny insisted on voting for Rob. Rob and Brian agreed to vote for Christy.

At the tribal council, the votes were revealed. Rob was voted out with 3 votes, Brian received 2 votes, and Christy received 1. The game had taken another unexpected turn, and the remaining players were left to navigate the aftermath.

Episode 1512


Penny, who had successfully convinced Rob to vote for Christy instead of her, found herself in a position of power. Meanwhile, Christy, who Penny’s strategic move had saved, was grateful for the lifeline. She was open to working with Penny, who had proven herself to be a formidable player. On the other hand, Helen was grappling with the new dynamics of the game. She discussed potential strategies with Brian, considering Penny’s possible flip and the need to target Helen at Final 4.

Amid all this, Helen won her third individual immunity in a row, a feat that put a target on her back. However, it also gave her a sense of security, allowing her to strategize more freely. She revealed to Brian that she had acted like she didn’t like Penny to make someone admit to lying to her. This move was a testament to Helen’s strategic prowess and ability to manipulate situations to her advantage.

As the game progressed, alliances were tested, and loyalties were questioned. Joann.a and Christy discussed Rob’s poor gameplay and his attempts to manipulate the votes. Helen shared information about Rob’s behavior and manipulation with Christy, reflecting on his overplaying and immaturity.

At the same time, Christy was planning to blackmail Penny with her jury vote to get her to vote out Helen. Helen, Penny, and Brian continued coordinating their votes to ensure a smooth Tribal Council. The group discussed past conversations and potential outcomes for the upcoming vote.

As the tribal council approached, the players strategized about the upcoming vote. Helen, Penny, and Brian agreed to vote out Christy if she didn’t win Immunity, as she was a bigger FIC threat. Christy, on the other hand, was worried about being voted out and asked Penny if she was willing to vote off Brian.

At the tribal council, the votes were revealed. Christy was voted out with three votes, and Brian received two votes. The game had taken another unexpected turn, and the remaining players were left to navigate the aftermath.

Episode 1513 – The Finale


​​In the aftermath of Christy’s elimination, Helen, who had just won her fourth individual immunity in a row, found herself in a position of power, but also with a target on her back.

In their confessionals, the players reflected on their gameplay and strategized for the future. Brian expressed frustration about his limited time for the game and contemplated how to win against Helen or Penny. Helen, on the other hand, was focused on the challenge and dismissed the idea of using an immunity necklace for barter. Joanna expressed disappointment and fear about her position in the game, while Penny was determined to win the challenge and reach the Final 3 with Brian and Helen.

Helen and Joanna had a discussion about voting strategy. Joanna suggested that Helen should consider voting Penny out due to Penny’s potential to win votes at the finals. This advice, however, was met with skepticism from Helen, who had been working closely with Penny.

Meanwhile, Penny and Helen were discussing the upcoming challenge and the possibility of staying up late to catch up on posts. Helen and Brian also had a conversation about Joanna’s claims that Penny had approached her about voting Helen out. This revelation caused a stir among the alliance, leading to further discussions and strategizing.

Despite the uncertainty, Penny and Helen agreed to stick with the Helios Final 3 plan and target Joanna for elimination. Helen, however, expressed uncertainty about Penny’s plans and the truth behind the strategies attributed to her. She acknowledged that Penny had come up with both successful and failed plans, just like herself and Brian.

As the tribal council approached, Joanna warned Helen not to let blind loyalty to Penny cost her the game and urged her to consider the jury votes. Helen, however, was confident in her gameplay. She said she was prepared to face the jury and explain her decisions.

At the tribal council, the votes were revealed. Joanna was voted out with 3 votes, and Brian received 1 vote. 

At the final tribal council of “Stranded in Greece,” the three remaining players, Penny, Helen, and Brian, had a heated and intense discussion as they vied for the title of the ultimate winner. Each player defended their gameplay and tried to convince the jury members to vote in their favor.

Penny started by expressing frustration with the jury’s perception of her and claimed that she played a strong strategic and social game. Helen responded by highlighting her own strategic moves and efforts to secure her position in the game. Brian, on the other hand, acknowledged that he wasn’t always honest and loyal but emphasized that he strategically aligned himself with Penny and Helen to advance further in the game.

The jury then got the chance to question the finalists. Erin questioned Helen about why Brian shouldn’t win. Helen pointed out Brian’s lack of strong connections and limited involvement in making strategic plans. Brian defended himself by comparing his gameplay to that of Survivor contestant Aras, implying that his social skills were a valuable asset. Helen responded to Erin’s question by comparing her gameplay to that of Survivor contestant Tom Westman, highlighting her strategic positioning and prowess in challenges.

As the discussion continued, tensions escalated, and the finalists engaged in arguments over past moves and alliances. Penny accused Helen and Brian of being afraid of her strategic prowess and trying to prevent her from winning.

In the end, the finalists expressed their gratitude to the hosts, jury, and other players for the memorable experience. They eagerly awaited the upcoming results, eager to see who the jury would crown as the deserving winner of “Stranded in Greece.”

In a stunning conclusion to the thrilling reality game “Stranded in Greece,” Penny emerged as the triumphant winner, securing a remarkable victory with an overwhelming 6 votes to Helen’s 1. Throughout the intense final tribal council, Penny showcased her strategic brilliance and undeniable charisma, earning the respect and admiration of the jury. With a compelling performance and unwavering determination, Penny’s gameplay proved unmatched, making her a true survivor in every sense of the word.