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Stranded in Trinidad & Tobago

Season 9 – Redemption

(October 13th, 2009 – November 8th, 2009)

Stranded in Trinidad & Tobago marks the third partner’s season and the first to feature a tribe of returning players vs. a tribe of all new players. Partners were selected based on pre-season interviews. The last partnership remaining in the game receives a hidden immunity idol each. While the returning players had wildcards in Michael, ‘Evel’ Dave and Stephanie; the new players shined as the more dramatic of the two tribes. With huge characters and alliances forming instantly, the game was on from the get-go on Castara. Chet stepped up and began to form alliances with everyone and quickly turned everyone off becoming the biggest game player to ever be booted first. In his place, his alliance-mate Jason stepped up and was the next victim of the majority alliance. Tracy, Natalie, Erik and Mikey B teamed up and called the shots on the tribe with Tracy being the mastermind. They became known as the Castrate 4 as they openly bullied and demoralized the members of their tribes as they picked them off one by one. However, in the merger the tables had turned and Tracy/Natalie were the first targets.

Natalie quickly fell by the wayside and Tracy for the first time in the game had her back against the wall. Fortunately for Natalie, the Mayaro tribe had some of the best schemers the game has seen. With Jessie quietly hiding in the shadows and calling the shots in a subtle way, she started to get rid of her threats instead of the obvious target, Tracy. Evel Dave and Tracy found common ground as the most outspoken and in-your-face players in the game. Meanwhile, Jessie betrayed her allies Leann, Danielle, and Tammy one at a time on her way to the top. Meanwhile, she kept Michael, the first person to ever be voted out in Stranded history, closely by her side. Michael rubbed everyone the wrong way with his constant waffling and refusal to commit to any plans. Tracy ultimately made the final 5, with Evel Dave following closely behind. In the finals, it was a tie between Jessie, the one who actively betrayed members of the jury, and Jamie, the one who was social and friendly to everyone. The tie was broken in favor of Jessie and she went down as one of the most strategically dominant winners to date.





2nd Place

KimBobThe Magnificent

2nd Place

Emcee Batley

4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place


11th Place


12th Place

Just Tru Fax

13th Place

Ultra Debbalicious

14th Place

Organic Veggies

15th Place


16th Place


17th Place


18th Place

GoHome and EatYoRice

19th Place


20th Place


Contestant Ep. 8 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 11 Ep. 12 Ep. 13 Ep. 13 Ep. 13
Jessie Mikey B. Tracy Leann Erik Joel Danielle Tammy Tracy Dave Winner
Jamie Mikey B. Natalie Leann Erik Joel Danielle Tammy Tracy Dave 2nd Place
Michael Mikey B. Natalie Leann Erik Joel Danielle Tammy Tracy Dave 3rd Place
Dave Mikey B. Natalie Leann Joel Joel Tracy Tammy Tracy Jessie Jamie
Tracy Joel Natalie Leann Erik Dave Danielle Tammy Dave Jamie
Tammy Mikey B. Tracy Leann Joel Joel Michael Jessie Jessie
Danielle Mikey B. Natalie Leann Joel Joel Michael Jessie
Joel Mikey B. Natalie Leann Erik Dave Jamie
Erik Joel Tracy Leann Joel Jessie
Leann Mikey B. Tracy Erik Michael
Natalie Joel —-
Mikey B. Joel

Contestants Ep 1 Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7
Jessie Katie Tanya Stephenie
Jamie Katie Tanya Stephenie
Michael Katie —- Stephenie
Dave Stephenie Michael Stephenie
Tracy Chet Jason Alexis Kathy Mary
Tammy Katie Tanya Stephenie
Danielle Katie Tanya Stephenie
Joel Chet Jason Alexis Kathy Mary
Erik Chet Jason Alexis Mary Natalie
Leann Katie Tanya Jessie
Natalie Chet Jason Alexis Mary Mary
Mikey B Chet Jason Alexis Kathy Mary
Mary Chet Jason Alexis Kathy Joel
Kathy Chet Jason Alexis Mary
Alexis Chet Jason Tracy
Jason Chet Kathy
Stephenie Katie Tanya Danielle
Tanya Katie Michael
Chet Mary
Katie —-