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Welcome to Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council Intro
First Vote
Second Vote
Third Vote
Fourth Vote
Fifth Vote
Sixth Vote
Seventh Vote
Eighth Vote
Ninth Vote
The Person Voted Off is...

Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First Vote...


Michelle |
You are literally the only one who deserves this more than me. Well played #FAY

Second Vote...


Michelle ||
Congrats, you rocked!

Third Vote...


Michelle ||
Charlie |

Oh you fuck you really played us all. I was not going to vote you, but you know how to talk. Good shit my dude.

Fourth Vote...


Charlie ||
Michelle ||
I don’t know if the others will agree, but I certainly feel like you played an amazing game and it certainly seems like you knew exactly what you were doing every step of the way and what you needed to do to get to where you are. I’m very happy to cast my vote for you to win!

Fifth Vote...


Michelle |||
Charlie ||
you may not have been my biggest fan, but i’m one of yours. congrats queen

Sixth Vote...


Michelle ||||
Charlie ||
You played a balanced, smart, social, thoughtful, strategic and kind game. While all three of the final three were my allies in the game, I made the choice for winner purely on that basis.

Seventh Vote...


Michelle ||||
Charlie ||
Out of those 3, you played the game i can respect

Eighth Vote...


Michelle |||| |
Charlie ||
I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t vote for you. Despite us having literally zero relationship, you played the hardest, had the best perception and strongest social game. Congrats!

Ninth Vote...


Michelle |||| ||
Charlie ||
You’re a winner, baby.

The Final Vote...
and the WINNER of Stranded in Kuril Islands is...


Michelle |||| |||
Charlie ||