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Welcome to Tribal Council

Tribal Council Intro
First Vote
Second Vote
Third Vote
Fourth Vote
Fifth Vote
Sixth Vote
Seventh Vote
Eighth Vote
Ninth Vote
Tenth Vote
Eleventh Vote
Twelfth Vote
The Person Voted Off is...

Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First Vote...


Aubry |
not really sure what is happening here but I was told last minute it is you. I am probably being blindsided but oh well.

Second Vote...


Ziggy |
Aubry |
I think you’re a great guy, but this is the smartest move right now for my game. Sorry.

Third Vote...


Ziggy ||
Aubry |

I don’t need halfway friends, sorry

Fourth Vote...


Ziggy |||
Aubry |

You seem like a great kid. Best of luck to you in life and in all future endeavors.

Fifth Vote...


Ziggy ||||
Aubry |

So beat, sorry kid.

Sixth Vote...


Ziggy ||||
Aubry |

I’m sorry, but I have to go with the numbers.

Seventh Vote...


Ziggy |||| |
Aubry |

The creek was made narrow by little green trees that grew too close together. The creek was like 12,845 telephone booths in a row with high Victorian ceilings and all the doors taken off and all the backs of the booths knocked out. Sometimes when I went fishing in there, I felt just like a telephone repairman, even though I did not look like one. I was only a kid covered with fishing tackle, but in some strange way by going in there and catching a few trout, I kept the telephone in service. I was an asset to society.

Eighth Vote...


Ziggy |||| ||
Aubry |


Ninth Vote...


Ziggy |||| |||
Aubry |

You zigged, when you should have zagged.

The Final Vote...
and the third person voted off of Stranded for Victory is...


Ziggy |||| ||||
Aubry |